Witch hunt

Moore’s mother-in-law, Jill Stanek

This week Life Legal Defense Foundation attorney Allison Aranda sent a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) because they threatened and questioned pro-life advocate Andrew Moore at his home in Dallas, Texas on Friday, July 13th. The FBI agents talked to Mr. Moore for over an hour about his peaceful free speech activities that routinely take place on the public sidewalks outside of Southwestern Abortion Clinic in Dallas. The letter demands the FBI stop the harassment.

Despite having no evidence that Mr. Moore had ever violated any law, the agents referenced his wife and newly born son, commenting that he would not want to be separated from his family, and suggesting that a felony conviction could get Mr. Moore deported.

“The FBI agents used bullying tactics and intimidated Mr. Moore,” said Dana Cody, executive director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, located in California. “It’s deplorable that they want to silence his constitutionally protected free speech rights.”

The agents also asked Mr. Moore about his employment, how he met his wife, who his friends are, where they attend church, why he has certain political views, and why he engages in particular activities in the community.

“When has it become the business of the government to invade a private citizen’s residence to ask him such personal questions?” Cody added. “It is clear that the FBI is not merely seeking to enforce federal law, but is conducting a witch hunt of anyone who is openly critical of the Obama administration’s pro-abortion position.”

The FBI agents also asked Mr. Moore questions about his mother-in-law Jill Stanek, who is a pro-life speaker, blogger, and writer.

“The Life Legal Defense Foundation is committed to exposing the FBI’s Gestapo tactics and will take immediate action in federal court if the agents’ unconstitutional actions persist,” Cody said.

The LLDF letter to the FBI is available at LLDF web site.


  1. I see now the need to donate to Life Legal Defence … whatever … why do they have to have more than three words in their title … people have lots of things to do besides memorize four word titles. I used to send them a few dollars now and then, but then figured they were lawyers and like three hundred times richer than I. I still think so, but maybe greasing the wheels will help prolife. See how this is the opposite of the bishops, because they take from the govt whereas these prolife foundations give to the govt. The bishops take money and the prolife foundations give law lessons to the govt.

    • @JLS: Boy, have you lost it!! I don’t agree with the USCCB and I believe that it should be disbanded, unless of course, Card. Dolan can get those old boys to wake up and become Men of God once again, but, to imply that they only take and not give is a SIN and no, those lawyers are not your typical money-collecting crooks that are so abundant. We need to fight the enemy, not ourselves, of which the devil loves to see and with Obama declaring war against God and America, we have a huge battle to fight. As you know, being retired has the downsize of not having the income to help as we use too, but, we must do what we can. Don’t forget, we are the now the enemy and we must TRUST IN JESUS at all times. Pray for the Bishops and Priests as Our Blessed Lady keeps telling us. +JMJ+

    • I’ve donated to them for years, JLS. They do tremendous good, and any money you give them will be put to good use. I need to send them a check soon. So many good causes, so little money!

  2. Yes, the government has indeed become the enemy. The FBI used to fight crime; now it is crime.

  3. Maryanne Leonard says:

    The longer Obama runs this country, the more I feel like I live in a nightmare. I know he’s a socialist, but it seems we’re living in more of a Soviet-style regime every day. Anyone who was alive and well in the 1940’s and 1950’s who came back today to see what we’ve become would spend days in shock and disbelief at how much this country has changed . . . and generally speaking, for the worst. Take away computers and other technological advances, and they would say we have gone backward in freedom and common sense and are now headed right straight for the future as predicted in such alarming books as Brave New World and 1984.

    • It’s so true Maryanne. I’ve felt like this since I first saw him on Oprah Winfrey and he was just a senator. I had this premonition. If he comes on the news or someone sends me an email with one of his gaffes, or for any reason, I turn it off. I never listen to his voice. He is wormtongue, and his voice mesmerizes people. That is what Hitler did. I played various speakers throughout American modern history to my Navajo students: Churchill, Kennedy, Martin Luther King…and it was Hitler they liked the most! They couldn’t understand a word but they thought he was really good. Someone I love very much went to one of his earliest speeches before he was considered a candidate, and she became an ardent follower at once. As he gets more assured in his power over people, he will be utterly unstoppable. We’re basically a really gullible nation, and have no experience with suffering, torture or depravation. It didn’t surprise me a bit that Lech Walsea didn’t want to meet with obama. I guess I”ve read too much Solzentizen and Doestoevsky but I do not like the way this country is going, and so fast!

  4. Abeca Christian says:

    OMgosh the FBI is now the enemy of our own people! That is not good! We need to stop this!

    • Abeca, believe me, if you read the history of the FBI and J.Edgar Hoover, you would not be surprised! They’ve never been known as a friend of the people, and in particular there are many strange little inconsistencies in their history that I suppose will always be a mystery. Truth is much stranger than fiction. Fiction in books and television is what makes people think they are such crime fighters and moral and intrepid defenders of the American way. The reality does not support this in any way.

      • We should keep in mind that the FBI consists of individual people. The leadership provides them with the ideas that they have to operate by. The Church is supposed to be teaching the Gospel and discipling the nations. The growing trend of the FBI to more alienate itself from society suggests that there is some reticence in US episcopacy on this issue. I wonder if the clergy is taught to engage the govt as Catholic tradition has done in Europe and third world nations for countless centuries.

  5. Here’s one of those ‘you can’t have it both ways’ things. If Mr. Moore were a supranational judicial official in the European Union trying to ram a leftist court decision down our throats, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be only too happy to accept his dicta as international legal precedent applicable to American law. But as a foreign national engaged in activities disapproved of by the ruling elites, he can be menaced with deportation and loss of family integrity.

  6. Mary Ann Kreitzer says:

    It makes you realize how a police state operates.When a politician can use the military and other agents of force (IRS, FBI, etc.) to intimidate citizens who disagree with his political agenda, we are truly in danger. What’s happening to Chick-Fil-A is a shot across the bow. You don’t see anybody threatening Starbucks because they support same sex sodomy masquerading as “marriage.”

  7. Larry from RI says:

    This letterto the FBI should be printed in every Diocesen newspaper in the country. It gives an idea of what a second term of Potus Obama will be like.The Saul Alinsky twins Barack and Hillary must not be left in charge of our country any longer than necessary.

  8. Obama is a mad man as we all know and he will do anything and every thing to stop the faithful, especially those that are loyal to our flag, the same flag that he seems to hate so very much. Don’t be surprised or shocked when your front door is broken into in the middle of the night (that is the way of these cowards) and you are faced with SWAT teams, American or foreign, holding weapons in your face. We are the enemy of Obama and if God has mercy on us and lets us win in Nov. there could be hell to pay before he is removed from office, the office that he stole. It is about time for the USCCB to demand each and every Church to have a Mass said on the same day for his conversion, before Nov.. Keep Psalm 109:8 (NAB) in our prayers: May his days be few; May another take his office”, Amen. +JMJ+

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      We are having an all night vigil in the Divine Presence on the eve. of the electon, and we are urging others to follow suit.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  9. St. Christopher says:

    Not astonishing, given the evil embraced by Pres. Obama. The world has recently seen this kind of government power before — in National Socialism, in Communism and in other forms of totalitarianism. Little by little the government becomes the source of rights, not the servant of its people. This is what the election should discuss. Hitler stopped inflation and built roads and other infrastructure, Mussolini made trains run on time, etc. The President should step up, fire these Agents and their supervisors, and apologize to the American people. Of course this had everything to do with the pro-life movement and with Jill Stanek. Hopefully, she and her family will consider legal action.

  10. Canisius says:

    To all you “catholics” who voted for Obama this is the direct result of your decision to vote for the criminal in the White House,,

    • Abeca Christian says:

      I don’t think they care Canisius, this is what they wanted in the first place. Sad but true, some may even deny it but words are cheap with those who are traitors to the faith!

  11. Joel Fago says:

    Another example of religious persecution! We must not be intimidated!! We will not be silent!!!

  12. oh my goodness — ANDREW MOORE is the samne name of the young crossroads walker who was killed in indiana while engaged in the pro-life trek from san francisco to washington, d.c.

    his group of young people spoke at our parish and got much applause, support and love, then some financial support on the plaza after mass.

    wow…what a strange coincidence of names…

  13. Laurette Elsberry says:

    Just this past week a friend was telling me that he had heard on an interview show that Obama wants to create a national police force that has twice the numbers as the military. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it, but considering all the bad pro-life people out there and those who insist on their right to bear arrms, not to mention the number of patriots who see where Obama is headed, I can see that he wants to create a US “gestapo” to assure his continued rise to rule the world. Incidentally, the word gestapo, according to Merriam-Webster is “a secret-police organization employing underhanded and terrorist methods against persons suspected of disloyalty”. It’s not just in Germany any more.

  14. Patrick says:

    Moore didn’t have to answer the questions asked by the FBI nor did he have to invite them into either his house or business. He did so voluntarily. So, there is no police state involved. Moore was not taken into custody for interrogation. He should have declined interview and referred the FBI to his lawyer. Period.

    • Stand on the fifth, and offer them a few rounds of it too. Have special networking signals pre-arranged, and when they come to your door, you hit the signal button. Automated messages go out to at least fifty people, who begin showing up at your door.

  15. This all goes back to OBAMA. He appoints (sometimes with Congressional approval) the heads of the Departments in HIS own administration.

    Those who voted for Obama should be ashamed of themselves, for not investigating his background which was and still is available on the internet.

    1. Are you actively and openly supporting pro-life candidates? – Bumper stickers, signs, etc?
    2. Are you assisting pro-life candidates at their campaign office – stuffing envelopes, answering phones, etc?
    3. Are you assisting pro-life candidates by writing letters to editors, sending emails to your friends, making certain that good Catholics are registered to vote, etc?
    4. Are you going to help give good Catholics from your parish rides to the polls if they are unable to get there themselves?
    5. Are you donating to pro-life candidates so they will have the finances to defeat evil candidates?
    * * * * * Or are you merely sitting back and complaining?

    It all starts with pro-life. If any candidate does to respect the basic right of each individual to LIVE, then his/her values will continue in all sorts of evil perpetrated upon the public.

    Over 1 MILLION babies are murdered in the USA each year. There is nothing proportionate in the USA to the killing of these innnocents for convenience.
    On internet see – “WORTHINESS to RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION, General Principles” by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict).

    • Error: Should read:
      “It all starts with pro-life. If any candidate does NOT respect the basic right of each individual to LIVE, then his/her values will continue in all sorts of evil perpetrated upon the public.”

  16. When the F.B.I. or police come to visit you. Ask the reason for their visit. Do NOT answer any questions. Unless they have a warrant, you can refuse to talk to them and tell them to leave. Anything you say in your defense, even the blink of your eyes and your body language gives them information they either didn’t know or weren’t certain of before. Do not lie to them; that in itself is a crime. Immediately tell everyone in your group or parish about their visit to warn them that they may be next. See an attorney for legal advice.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Now Sarah good advice but lets not panic here. We have nothing to be concerned about, when you are innocent, then we must pull strength from that and place ourselves in Christ’s hands! He is the best attorney no money can buy. We must defend ourselves yes but we must also remember that we must not let them intimidate us, for the presence of Christ in us, is real love and peace. Another thing we can do is unite our resources to defend all who are persecuted for their morals, and pray!

    • Anne T. says:

      And preferably a pro-life attorney. Thanks for the tips, Sarah.

    • Or else you can make up meaningless nonstop stories until they go away completely confused and asking one another about the meaning of life.

  17. Catherine says:

    The FBI’s reputation will be even more marred for these Gestapo tactics. The FBI is becoming known as the bungling Keystone Cops. Google the name Scott Lee Kimball and read how Kimball (who murdered four known victims) was released from prison to become a paid informant for the FBI. Read how the FBI completely shrugged off the two different heartbroken fathers of two murdered daughters while the FBI was paying this serial killer to be an informant. Kimball also used the alias “Hannibal”. This is not an isolated incident either.

    Families of the four known murder victims criticized the FBI for not keeping a better eye on their newly released paid informant.

    So here we have a case of Obama using the FBI to harass Christians for defending life and to exact revenge on Jill Stanek for exposing Obama’s record of voting to not give any medical aid or comfort to the babies who survived an abortion.

    The FBI certainly has egg all over their face when it comes to truly recognizing evil or catching their own paid serial killer informants like Scott Lee Kimball. It is no irony that they are now complicit with assisting Obama as well as the abortion baby killing industry who is currently the largest promoter of the genocide of defenseless human beings in the womb.

    These latest foul ups of giving $$$ to serial killer informants and then using bullying tactics geared at exacting revenge towards pro-life people brings even more dishonor to the FBI.

    • Rick DeLano says:

      As I read this profoundly disturbing story, I am reminded once again of the simplest, most important, absolutely primary thing that every Catholic simply *must* remember, now that the DOJ is conducting investigations with the intention of prosecuting Catholics and pro life activists:

      Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances at all, ever, talk to the police or Federal investigators.

      Politely decline to answer their questions, unless granted full immunity in writing in advance.

      It does not matter whether you are innocent or guilty.

      This will matter not in the slightest.

      Politely refuse to talk to them at all in the absence of a full written grant of immunity, and they will either leave, or arrest you.

      If they arrest you, then you get a lawyer, whose first piece of advice will be:

      Never, ever, ever talk to the police or investigators.


      Fair warning.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Thank you Rick for giving this great advice. God bless you

        • Abeca Christian says:

          I think that sometimes I am in denial that these things can occur but forget that when it does that the innocent folks suffering this persecution not only need to pray, but they also need protection. I prayed last night for God to give us plenty of resources to protect the faithful from spiritual attacks of the secular!

    • While in college I served in the Marine Corps Reserve with another student and reservist. He pulled straight A’s and was hired by the FBI before his graduation. “Keystone cops”: On one of our Marine reserve training days, while practicing infantry landings off landing craft onto the beautiful shore at Silver Strand, San Diego, he dropped his M60 machinegun in the surf. The bigger deal was that they could not find that machine gun. Maybe surfers found it years later, who knows?

  18. One might question the fact that his association with Jill Stanek has put a bullseye on his back. It seems Miss Stanek has the goods on the otherwise sealed Illinios State Legislative record of the POTUS where he voted not once, not twice, but three times to kill children born alive after an abortion. Naturally, he would like to take out the friends and family of anyone who coud attest to the terrorism that he advocates.

  19. Anton L. Seidl says:

    This godless regime must end. Oust Obama in November.

  20. John McGervey says:

    Individual officers who violate civil rights or violate the constitution that they are sworn to uphold must be held accountable.If they are not, they will obey illegal orders and act with impunity The culture of the organization will rot.

  21. For: Rick DeLano, Catherine, Sarah, Patrick, etc: Wake up, people! While you and most Americans were celebrating the holidays on December 31, 2011, President Barack Obama quietly signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), otherwise known as the “Indefinite Detention Act.” That bill authorizes the US military to seize and incarcerate US citizens without warrant, due process, trial, etc. This was the most traitorous executive signing ever committed against the American people.

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