Will Scouts cave because of judges?

Totalitarian California courts
"I'm proud to see the California Supreme Court following the moral example of the Walt Disney Co."

“I’m proud to see the California Supreme Court following the moral example of the Walt Disney Co.”

The following comes from a Jan. 24 story in the L.A. Times.

When the California Supreme Court voted last week to prohibit state judges from belonging to nonprofit youth organizations that practice discrimination, Julia Kelety was not surprised.

The issue, which had been roiling through the legal community for the last year, had triggered vigorous debate, giving Kelety, a Superior Court judge in San Diego County, time to prepare.

Committee chair for Boy Scout Troop 24, she has already begun to consider a successor before she begins dialing back her commitment to the 30 boys in her troop.

Although the court’s unanimous decision did not explicitly mention the Boy Scouts of America, there was little doubt that it was the intended target. The organization, which lifted its ban on openly gay boys younger than 18, still prohibits gay and lesbian adults from serving as staff or voluntary leaders.

“My hope is that the Boy Scouts will change its policy before the new rule is implemented next January,” Kelety said, “but whether they will be able to do it in a year, I don’t know. The organization relies on support from significant religious groups who have issues with gay leaders.”

Gerald Uelmen, a law professor at Santa Clara University, believes that the decision will increase the pressure on the Boy Scouts to change their policy.

“I’m proud to see the California Supreme Court following the moral example of the Walt Disney Co.,” Uelmen said, referring to Disney’s decision to cut funding to the Boy Scouts based on Scouting’s policy toward gays.

An advisory committee to the Supreme Court, reviewing judicial ethics, first considered banning judges from positions in Scouting last February. Adopting this action by amending an article — Canon 2C — in the California Code of Judicial Ethics would “promote the integrity of the judiciary,” the committee concluded.

Yet the recommendation was criticized by judges and attorneys, who argued that the measure would unfairly restrict the activities of the state’s judges and was written less on the merits of judicial fairness than out of political correctness.

Barbara Kronlund, a judge in the San Joaquin County Superior Court and the mother of a Scout, wrote to express her concern that the ruling would lead to the “infringement of my right to free exercise of religion as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment….”




  1. Father Karl says:

    There are two Pandora Boxes, which, because they were opened, are greatly responsible for the mess we are experiencing today. The first one was liberty: each man is free to do whatever he wants. This is from the French Revolution, as well as in our American Constitution. The second box was Vatican II’s document on religious liberty. For the homosexuals, their perverted acts ARE a religion, and so they are free to do what they want, whenever they want, and whoever voices an opinion against them, is the evil monster. Because the Church has been wavering in Her doctrines, the state is becoming more and more each day an agent of Satan, and there are only a few crying out in the wilderness to follow God’s immutable commands, and not obey the nanny state… As someone pointed out, there must be an alternative to the Boy Scouts if we are to properly educate and bring up future generations of manly men.

    • MICHELLE MARIE M. says:

      Father it is not the V II Documents, but the ABUSE of the V II Documents.

      98% of the complaints people have about the Ordinary Form of the Mass are due to abuses perpetrated or allowed by Bishops and Priests, and also perpetrated by Lay people.
      These include special INDULTS approved by the Vatican.

      Lay people have never been encouraged to read GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal).

  2. My parish has its own Boy Scouts where the Catholic religion is taught and practiced. All the usual games, trips, sports, etc. are included.
    Gays may only make up 2-3% of the population, but they have the Media (and not only the MSM), all levels of education, the judiciary, the President, government–on their side. The Gay Agenda attempts (and succeeds) to ruin everything that is wholesome and good.

  3. John Patrick says:

    Just another step toward a communist dictatorship.

  4. juergensen says:

    Ever wonder why the sodomites want “in” on the Boy Scouts but not “in” on the Girls Scouts? Because sodomites have an obsessive attraction to boys.

    Indeed, sodomites, who are only 2% of the population, make up a whopping 33% of all child sex abusers. That makes sodomites 16.5 times (33 ÷ 2 = 16.5) more likely than heterosexuals to sexually abuse a child. Sodomites pose an enormous danger to boys, and should be banned from being within 10 miles of them.

    Read the alarming statistics below:


    http://www.tinyurl.com/SodomiteMyths (See Myth No. 8)

    • St. Christopher says:

      “Juergensen”: You are correct. Unfortunately, it may be likely that, in the not-to-distant future, you will not be able to make such statements. Homosexuals hated like anything being identified as principle child molesters, but it is true.

      Yet few people fear homosexuals being permitted to be teachers, religious leaders, scout leaders, coaches: all professions that deal with young men. It is not much different than letting the fox guard the chicken coop. And the depravity is done in the full gaze of the public, that tut-tuts about “equality” and “fairness” and “charity”.

      Soon the Catholic Church may add to the insult of Mankind against (boy) children. October’s Synod will certainly have some very positive things to say about “homosexual couples” and their “gifts” and the need for all to “welcome” them into churches, etc. Time to fight.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      The Girl Scouts surrendered a long time ago!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts!
      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika and His Church!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
      Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

      • juergensen says:

        They may have surrendered to the lesbians, but I don’t hear or read about sodomites serving in the Girls Scouts. It’s the boys they want.

  5. Michael McDermott says:

    Outlawing the Boy Scouts in Germany and Forcing All boys to join the ‘hitler youth’ (run by homo-anal pederast party founder & ‘SA’ Storm Trooper leader Ernst Rohm) – was a master stroke of Mandatory Pandering to the Party Line.

    Rohm was only assassinated by his protege / boyfriend hitler After the ‘SA’ had beaten germany in to submission – and they had taken over the much larger and more pervasive Courts & ‘justice’ system – which provided a much more orderly veneer to the SA Thuggery,

    The NEXT Step will be to use these same Gaystapo Thought Police pogroms on Anyone Affiliated with a Politically Un-Good Church (Supporting the Catholic Magisterium more than provides sufficient proof of Un-Goodness)…

    And instead of a ‘Religious Test’ for Public Office (banned by the former Pre-Abomination us constitution) – there will now be Religious Disqualifies.

    These will be enforced by our ‘ Turkey Baster Creationist’ Courts via judges specifically vetted to Enforce Mandatory Pandering – Probably vial ‘Contempt” charges for failures (like denying ones own immutable inherited gender or other thought crime),

    Unlike other crimes’ Contempt” has No Limit, as you can always ‘Cure’ it by Conforming to the Gaystapo Agenda – iN Full, Abjectly as possibly.

    Thank the Demicrat Hate Machine for this type Orwellian Insanity, although numerous RINO$ will go along if it pays well

  6. Michael McDermott says:

    Pander or Perish = the Judicially Growing ‘tolerance gospel’ of the Gaystapo

    Christian Ex-Fire Chief Fires Back at Atlanta Mayor, Files Discrimination Complaint – by Todd Starnes


    Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran says he was fired because he wrote a book expressing his Christian faith,
    according to a discrimination complaint filed Jan. 19 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    – attorney, Jeremy Tedesco of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith, said the ADA wants to vindicate the former fire chief following his “unjust termination.”

    “Americans are guaranteed the freedom to live without fear of losing their jobs because of their beliefs and thoughts,” Tedesco said…

    …generated a national debate over religious liberty in the public marketplace…

    Cochran was suspended without pay on Nov. 24 for writing a book about biblical morality, “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” He said homosexuality is “vile” and listed it among other forms of “sexual perversions.”

    “There is currently no indication that Chief Cochran allowed his religious beliefs to compromise his disciplinary decisions,” the report states….

    – Folks, this was nothing short of an old-fashioned witch hunt led by the mayor, LGBT activists and the city’s left-wing firefighter’s union.

    What a load of fertilizer.

  7. Linda Maria says:

    This situation is IGNORANT, and tragic! America was founded on Judeo-Christian Biblical beliefs, and the filthy, Satanic “hippies” and liberal activists have been seeking to completely destroy our great Nation, since the 1960’s era! Our judicial system has been corrupt with liberalism, since before the filthy “hippie era,” and needs to be completely overhauled, and brought back to its original basis! In the Boy Scouts, the boys are supposed to be taught RESPECT FOR GOD! Atheists and agnostics, as well as immoral people– do not belong there!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are obviously wrong.

      • St. Christopher says:

        How so, “Anonymous”? “Linda Maria” seem pretty much on the mark with her blog. Of course, you and other Zombie-Liberals never say much, except: your are “mean” and “wrong” and ridiculous”. Wow, such insight and powerful observation.

        “Linda Maria” is fully correct when she describes ignorance of the Faith and failure to respect (and love) God. The CA Supreme Court is corrupt. Its decision is nothing more than part of the concerted movement to bolster the homosexual sexual movement. The HomoFascists simply cannot stand criticism, just as evil hates the light of truth.

        Homosexual sex is a mortal sin and those that practice it place their souls in grave danger. Of course, the CA Supreme Court could care less about religion. Its actions make one think of what happened in Germany, not so long ago, as it turned from a Catholic-Christian nation into Nazism, a true Hell on Earth. It all starts with little things, then bigger, then. . . Kristallnacht.

  8. Michael McDermott says:

    Now that the CA Supreme Ct. has approved Punishing Citizens of Conscience for rejecting the Sick Misandrist Hatreds & Harmful Pathological Perversions of the Gaystapo Agenda…

    – The Boy Scouts may have already swallowed that poisoned pill via their ‘ partial pandering’ scam – but anyone associated with them will still be given the 900 Lb. Mozilla Gaystapo Gorilla treatment that fanatically attacks with intent to destroy – the ‘enemies of tolerance’.

    In light of the CA Supreme Court’s Totalitarian Bigotry – Aimed directly at Punishing the Catholic Church and its Wise Moral Teachings; …

    – I say cut the old ties with BSA & Re-Structure Programs… as current ‘scout’ Leaders still Cannot Escape Punishment unless Mandatory Gaystapo Pandering is Enforced Ruthlessly Church-wide.

    “Trail Life” may serve as an alternative or example – Providing similar Good; mixed in with Catholic / Christian Values (& rational, reasonable, logically fact based justifications for them) to young people – in a positively formative manner.

    Modifying & building on our foundations may be best for All Children – but We need to Redirect these type Resources to the Young; not ‘professional catholic’ leeches pushing Partisan Misandry.


    Membership Standards for Trail Life USA


    …The basis for the program’s ethical and moral standards is found in the Bible.

    Within these limits, we grant membership to adults and youth who do not engage in or promote sexual immorality of any kind, or engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the program.

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