Why do Catholic bishops attack opponents as nativists?

Bishop Soto speaks at bishops meeting in San Diego, June, 2013

Bishop Soto speaks at bishops meeting in San Diego, June, 2013

The following comes from an August 7 story on Breitbart.com.

In March of 2013, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops announced that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which is the domestic anti-poverty agency of the U.S. bishops, approved special grants totaling nearly $1 million “to mobilize Catholics on behalf of comprehensive immigration reform and to prepare Catholic institutions for the prospects of reform legislation.”

According to the US bishops’ website, Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, the chairman of the Campaign subcommittee, announced the grants after the bishops determined that “swift action by the Catholic community was essential in advancing the recently emerging prospects for immigration reform. Catholic Campaign for Human Development has taken significant steps to contribute in a swift and meaningful way to this most important national conversation.”

Bishop Soto said:

There is an urgent need to mobilize resources efficiently in order to meet the challenge when the possibility for real immigration reform has never been closer. With these grants, the Campaign is poised to make a significant difference in a way consistent with our mission and identity. The efforts supported are rooted in Catholic social teaching about the dignity of the human person and reflect our deep ties to generations of immigrants who have come to America. These grants represent a distinctively Catholic contribution in promoting comprehensive immigration reform. They will strengthen the capacity of our institutions to help immigrant families come out from the shadows and participate more actively in American society.

Catholics often are asked to contribute to the Catholic Campaign in “special second collections” during Masses and in the bishops’ annual appeal drives.

The Catholic Campaign, in particular, has been the focus of significant controversy in recent years since the Reform CCHD Now coalition, of which the pro-life American Life League is a member, has worked to promote its reform after discovering that dozens of its grantees promote activities contrary to Catholic teaching.

LifeSiteNews reported that Bishop Soto responded to reports that the Campaign monies were being granted to organizations that advocate for positions that are against the doctrines of the Church:

Despite significant progress, some things don’t change. The American Life League continues to attack the Catholic Campaign and the US bishops. American Life League  continue[s] to recycle allegations that Campaign funds many organizations that are in conflict with Catholic teaching. They simply do not agree with the Campaign’s mission and how we apply our guidelines and requirements.

As an issue that is generally promoted by left-leaning political groups, immigration reform recently became tangled in the Church’s Catholic Campaign funding process.

On July 29th, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago was sharply criticized in an open letter in the Chicago Tribune by eight Catholic Democrats who charged him with a threat to withhold funding from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a group that had recently endorsed same-sex marriage, which is against the teachings of the Catholic Church. The coalition had been receiving between $25,000 to $30,000 per year through Catholic Campaign funding.

LifeSiteNews reported George’s response to the criticism from the Catholic Democrats:

Donors to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development give to this anti-poverty organization with the understanding that their money will be passed on to organizations that respect the teachings of the Catholic faith. Organizations that apply for funds do so agreeing to this condition.

To provide further insight into the bishops’ advocacy for immigration reform, Breitbart News interviewed Brad Miner, Senior Editor of The Catholic Thing, a Senior Fellow of the Faith & Reason Institute, and a board member of Aid to the Church In Need USA. Miner is the author of six books and a former Literary Editor of National Review.

Breitbart News:  The bishops have used some demagoguery of those Americans who support secure borders and enforcement of current immigration laws. For example, Archbishop José Gomez, an outspoken advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, has used the term “nativist” to describe those Americans who have expressed concern about Mexicans’ resistance to assimilate into American culture. Other Catholic religious have said these same Americans are “fearful.

Brad Miner: It is interesting, isn’t it, that on this issue especially the bishops give vent to clearly leftist jargon in referring to opponents of open borders. Speaking just for myself, I’m a poor excuse for a nativist. And when anybody stoops to such characterizations, it’s almost always indicative of a weakness in their arguments. Why else demonize those who dissent? In various documents (A Pastoral Letter Concerning Migration, for instance) the bishops speak of the rule of law and of national security, but any practical approaches to enforcement are deemed xenophobic. As I keep saying: What is un-Christian about a visa?

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  1. http://Anonymous says

    The bishops don’t seem to like it when the laity sees through their “leftist jargon.” Who can blame them when the bishops defend the misuse of their donations and seem to care more about their position in the USCCB.
    BTW, this immigration slight-of-hand seems more like the 1980’s Amnesty program, which we were told was going to only be done once!

    • http://Eric says

      Very simple answer – “No Amnesty granted then no $$$$$ collected” – It seems this plea is a monthly item under different headings but it all about money for the Bishops coffers – I would like to see their receivable/payable figures & where the money really goes – Your comment hits the mark as I really believe they don’t like it when the public sees thru them –

      • http://Kenneth%20M.%20Fisher says

        A real bishop does not get upset when he is told he may be wrong. I know, I served such an Archbishop for quite some time, and we sometimes disagreed on such issues as facing the people verses facing God on the Altar, but he did not reject me and listened to my reasoning.

        Viva Cristo Rey!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

        • http://John says

          Strange comment. My question would be where is there a real Bishop in California?

          • http://Rodney says

            What is a “real bishop”? I think there are some hard facts we must face. The bishops (throughout the country, not just California) depend on the Democratic party to fund their various humanitarian projects like education, care of the sick, helping refugees, helping immigrants and many other such efforts. Understandably they do not wish to lose that support.

            Trouble is the Democratic party is diametrically opposed to Church teaching on all the major life issues like abortion, contraception, euthanasia, gay marriage and embryonic stem cell research. These are the Church’s non-negotiable issues, meaning if you cannot accept the Church’s teaching on these issues you really cannot call yourself a true Catholic. Not only are they at odds with the Church on these issues, they are avid PUBLIC promoters of the culture of death as it pertains to these issues. It is easy to make the case, then, that one cannot belong to the Democratic party and be a true Catholic, and the bishops should be proclaiming that message. Instead they are inviting notorious Democratic pro-abortionists, gay rights activists, you name it, into their Churches and honoring them in various other ways as well, because those Democrats support the Church’s efforts at immigration reform, or finance organizations like Catholic Relief Services.

            This represents an inversion of priorities. The popes and bishops themselves have proclaimed over and over that the right to life is the fundamental human rights issue of today. All other rights are meaningless without it.

          • http://Abeca%20Christian says

            Mr. Fisher is right, humility and holiness is a trait that any bishop should embrace and live by….being meek and humble of heart is being able to hand constructive criticism done in love.

          • http://Abeca%20Christian says

            I don’t understand why people think that the Democrats are for the poor, the sick etc…..that thought is no longer the reality today and our Bishops can not deceive themselves thinking it to be so. The way I have been taught is that if one strives to be holy and good in seeking to be pleasing to our Lord, if one is obedient……that parties or groups or anything that if offensive to our Lord and His natural law…then we should not have any part in it if we can avoid it.

    • http://Bwangi%20Kilonzo says

      Yes; this is true.

      This whole ‘immigration stuff’ is just another democratic party front.

  2. http://wannabesaint says

    The ugly truth is that to many Bishops religious and “Catholic” institutions and organizations are immersed and imeshed in the left wing political machine called the Democratic party. They are most likely getting “perks” in exchange for their loyalty and pushing the agenda. It reminds me of a Communist country or the like. Corruption at high levels!

    • http://Skai says

      Bishop Tobin of Providence New Jersey announced his switch from Democrat to Republican party because of the fanatic Democratic policy of abortion, gay marriage and some other obnoxious evil they crank out. This bishop was a Democrat for 44 years and said that finally he saw the last straw and kicked the dust off his feet and walked away.

      • http://Anne%20T. says

        Good for him!

        • http://Abeca%20Christian says

          Good for him Skai but I am scratching my head and am wondering why it took 44 years ….now that they are advancing…..its a tragedy…just the last 15 years where very telling….

  3. http://Father%20Karl says

    To answer the question objectively, the bishops do not follow the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church. A nation HAS ALWAYS had the right to regulate its borders, and to decide who may enter it, and who may become a citizen. With the one world government, and the almost total collapse of true Catholic moral teaching, relativism rules, and all who disagree are branded as isolationists, and intolerant bigots. It is the bishops who are wrong, and who are morally guilty of spreading false ideas to the faithful. This is all part of what Sister Lucia of Fatima termed diabolical disorientation. Until the bishops teach the TRUTH, ridiculous ideas will continue to gush forth out of their mouths, and the liberals will eat these false doctrines and force the average Catholic to accept them as well.

    • http://Paul%20Joseph says

      All else being equal, I agree with you, Father Karl. In this case, however, all else in not equal. The government’s de facto wink-and-nod policy has sent a mixed signal, which has only encouraged more illegal immigration. Had the government enforced its own immigration laws consistently over the years, then I would agree with you completely. There’s dirt on both sides of this issue.

    • http://Dana says

      Thank you for always being a the voice of reason here, Fr.Karl. In a few words you sum up what most of us are feeling! These bishops, whether they’re schmoozing with pro-abortion politicians or working hand-in-glove with pro-abortion democrats to bring disorder to our troubled nation, are sending out very mixed messages to the world that only weakens Church authority and believability.

      • http://Paul%20Joseph says

        Well put, Dana. I would only add that Spanish-language parishes in the United States actually tend to keep Hispanics oppressed. Why not invite them to English-language parishes, where their fellow Catholics could help them with their English? To not speak English in this country is to have the word “victim” written across one’s forehead. The bishops have dropped the ball here. Why do they reinforce this linguistic isolation?

        • http://Dana says

          Forgive my cynicism, Paul, but I’ve found that liberals really like the self-satisfaction they get from doing ‘ good works’. Also, they have alot more power over them, like the crowds in movie scenes that applaud wildly for the hero, or sing like a Greek chorus, ‘cheek to cheek’. If they teach people how to make it on their own, they don’t need liberals anymore and they start voting for Republicans because they want to keep what they earn or worse yet, for liberals, they start asking questions like “Where’s all the money going?” “Why aren’t we supporting missions anymore?” “What’s happened to the Liturgy and Church traditions?” No one likes their decisions questions. Remember the old phrase ‘keep ’em poor and barefoot’ if you wanna keep ’em down on the farm’ . Democrats have been doing this with black people for years and years.

        • http://PETE says

          Without assimilation – especially English speaking, reading and writing skills – immigrants will be poor, undereducated, and have less ability for higher paying employment.
          Anyone (including Bishops) who care about people, will encourage assimilation into society rather than keeping them in ghetto type situations.

        • http://Skai says

          The explanation to Hispanic vs Anglo is cultural, and seriously oppositional.

    • http://Anne%20T. says


      • http://Abeca%20Christian says

        I agree with you Dana, Father Karl is truly the voice of reason here. His comments are a voice Catholicism…I wish he was my pastor…God bless him!

    • http://Anonymous says

      I am shocked that Father (a priest?) would write such things. The Bishops ARE following the traditional teachings of the Church. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, immigrants to Egypt, please help this priest to know the Truth and give him full confidence in the True Faith. Lord, grant to him the graces of humility, docility, and obedience. (Father Karl, I will ask a group of cloistered nuns whose charism is to pray and sacrifice for priests to do so especially for you.) God bless all.

      • http://Catherine says

        I am not shocked that you are shocked. You are the very same person who always undermines the mosts faithful priests who do speak for the faith on homosexual issues. Of course you will deny it and dramatically play the victim. Considering the numerous stories on CCD about many different dissenters, you never once publicly stated that you were having cloistered nuns pray to stop the drag queen shows and lesbian plays at Catholic colleges but you were able to write that about Father Karl. That’s just one more Dead Giveaway!

        “The truth of our faith becomes a matter of ridicule among the infidels if any Catholic, not gifted with the necessary scientific learning, presents as dogma what scientific scrutiny shows to be false.”
        ― St. Thomas Aquinas

        “We must love them both, those whose opinions we share and those whose opinions we reject, for both have labored in the search for truth, and both have helped us in finding it.”
        ― St. Thomas Aquinas

        “When there is an imminent danger for the Faith, Prelates must be questioned, even publicly, by their subjects.”
        –St. Thomas Aquinas
        Summa Theologica

        • http://what%20danger? says

          Catherine, what imminent danger for the Faith do you see going on here?

        • http://Anonymous says

          “How is it they live in such harmony, the billions of stars, when most men can barely go a minute without declaring war in their minds about someone they know?” St. Thomas Aquinas

      • http://Skai says

        Ahem, Anonymo; if the bishops were following the Magisterium as you claim, then explain why the Popes have been telling them to become holy and give up their hypocritic ways?

      • http://stan%20j says

        Among my surveys over the last five years I have found that every Christian forum, online, has a troll assigned to it to disrupt dialogue among the Faithful and those who are curious about the Faith itself.
        Guess who the troll is on this thread?

        • http://Anonymous says

          stan j, maybe they have someone assigned by the Blessed Mother to bring back her clients who are being led astray? The devil has special temptations for those who are her most devoted children. He loves to cause them to attack the clergy. Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, pray the prayer to Mary Queen of the Clergy. If a flaw is revealed to you, it is for you to take it to her. Pray a Hail Mary for every bishop. Pray one for every priest that is in your life, living or deceased.

  4. http://Skai says

    Sharing community funds does not have to be done by bishops. The Church would benefit by holy men as bishops instead of salesmen.

    • http://Dana says

      Not salesmen, Skai, but community organizers and social workers on steroids. Doesn’t leave much room for the working of the Holy Spirit, now does it?

      • http://Dana says

        PS. I get carried away with criticism! Who am I to judge, indeed! Our bishops need our support and prayers. Sorry all and may our Blessed Morher, whose Assumption we celebrate today, continue to pray for our bishops and priests for courage and perseverence.

    • http://LILA says

      All Bishops are not holy.
      All Bishops do not accurately teach the Faith.
      That is why our Pope and Bishops in communion with him (Magisterium) have given us the CCC – to combat the errors and false teachings of some Bishops.

      • http://LILA says

        Those Bishops who do not want us to know the TRUE teachings of our Church ignore passing on the CCC to all literate persons in their Diocese.
        With a debt of over $16.8 TRILLION and State debts in the billions – the USA is no longer a prosperous nation.
        “Guests” are not illegal aliens.
        The Bishops in this article and the USCCB Committees who support them do not want everyone to know the true teaching of the Church on the matter of immigration.

        CCC: ” 2241 The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.
        Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions,
        especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption.
        Immigrants are OBLIGED to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to OBEY its LAWS, and to assist in carrying civic burdens. “

  5. http://Paul%20Joseph says

    On immigration, the bishops are half-right. Mercy? Yes, but how about some discipline? After all, the illegal immigrants did break the law and without law, there is no social justice, is there? Omitting “illegal” is disingenuous and intellectually dishonest of the bishops. The so-called “nativists” err in being merciless. Neither side wants to strike a fair balance between mercy on the one hand and discipline on the other. So, the stalemate and suffering go on.

  6. http://jon says

    Anonymous, this is where you and where the others who will comment after you get it all wrong. The bishops do not espouse “leftist jargon.” Their priority is the GOSPEL! And the Gospel, dear Anonymous, cannot be pigeonholed, relegated, confined to your “leftist” and “rightist” labels. Got it?

    The Church, including these bishops, teach against abortion. Now, is that “leftist jargon.” Be honest with yourselves Cal-Cath commenters: it is your beliefs that are partisan, not the shepherds of the Church.

    • http://Skai says

      jon, you’ve broken from your usual pattern, in that you did not say the “Living Gospel”, but merely the “Gospel” … although you did capitalize the word, which gives the impression that whatever you’re ranting about again has some validity. After all, it is the socialist way to define truth by force of one kind or another. In your case it is emotionally violent force, and it goes without saying it is also force without reason or fact. And as in your past posts you disregard the physical dimension from your wispy spirituality. Jesus is both man and God, not merely some airy ideological theorizing that seems to get you going. Concrete example of your ignorance: You say ” The bishops do”: But you do not specify which of the hundreds of individual bishops do this or that … to you, in true Marxist fashion, it is all an idea. The “bishops” is an idea according to you. You, jon, will fail to understand that bishops are not a figment of your imagination.

      • http://jon says

        And Skai, your POV goes haywire because it is inherently anti-Catholic and inherently anti-clergy. Got it? Face it. THAT is what you espouse and essentially where your thinking is: despising of the clergy, the hierarchy, the Church!

        Your accusations that I am a “socialist” or a “Marxist,” is just that: accusations that are false. Unsubstantiated.

        However, your anti-Catholic and anti-clergy rants are all over this blog. All over!

    • http://Dana says

      You’re missing the point, Jon. As anyone can tell you, we’ve covered this ground countless times here and that is that we’re not talking about immigration but illegal immigration. And the bishops are not being the shepherds they’re intended to be by opening the doors of their fancy homes and churches to house immigrants or feed the hungy…oh,, no, these men are acting like political hacks and community organizers to overrule commonsense and law. The illegals are pouring into California and being put up in $100 night hotels because the dept.of injustice put a notice on the internet that there was a loophole in the law and they could claim assylum. It’s pretty insane but in keeping with the general mayhem that passes for law and order these days. There are many needy desperate to come here but aren’t allowed because the gov’t has an agenda to bring confusion and disorder to our borders and our bishops are part of this activity. This blurring of boundaries is what satan has always done best…the secular media seems to get it, but you don’t. Is this evangelizing?

    • http://Bob says

      The quote comes from the article, “Brad Miner: It is interesting, isn’t it, that on this issue especially the bishops give vent to clearly leftist jargon in referring to opponents of open borders” and this is why “leftist jargon” is in quotes.

    • http://Elinor%20Dashwood says

      Rubbish. Unless these people are being persecuted for their Faith or in danger of their lives in their native Mexico – and they aren’t – the United States has no moral obligation to take them in. Countries are allowed to make immigration policy as they see fit, and we should.

      • http://jon says

        What is rubbish Elinor Dashwood is your wanting to “sacramentalize,” “baptize,” “make holy” YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS! You want the Church to validate YOUR political ideology, and if the bishops don’t (because their priority is the Gospel), you falsely think they’re being all partisan. WRONG!

        Our Lord Jesus Christ said NOTHING about immigration policies. He did say something about welcoming the stranger. PLUS the Church teaches something about peoples’ FREEDOM to improve their lives, even through immigration.

    • http://Kenneth%20M.%20Fisher says


      You know darn well they “teach” against abortion while having functions and even Masses with the pro-abortion, pro-sodomite politicos, thus helping them to get elected and re-elected. I know how devastating this is to National Pro-life leaders such as my buddy Joe Scheilder and Judy Brown and others.

      Any true Catholic who ran for Office can testify to their duplicity.

      You can’t turn and skunk into a kitten, by just saying so!

      Viva Cristo Rey!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • http://jon says

        Ahem….dear Kennth M. Fisher, your allegations are unsubstantiated and hearsay. Plus it’s hilariously false. Just look at what you’re saying: “the bishops celebrated Masses with pro-abortionists sinners, how shocking!) and helped to get them re-elected (really? did they campaign for them on the road? what are you saying here?)

        When priests and bishops preach the Gospel authentically, which contradict your personal political views, you thank God for it. You don’t bash them. OK?

        • http://Catherine says

          Kenneth Fisher is RIGHT! This is NOT hearsay. Here is shameful evidence on video. jon may not pretend, deny or call this an isolated incident. This is evil.

          Search You Tube ‘Loretta Sanchez Starts Campaigning at a Prayer Vigil. ‘

          Uploaded on Aug 6, 2009
          “Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and her Community Organizer gang held a Town Hall Meeting on August 2nd,2009, disguised as a Prayer Vigil to avoid any protesters. When she spoke, she attacked her political opponents and praised herself several times. Several of her Community Organizers also attacked her political opponents and praised Sanchez when they spoke. No one else with opposing views was allowed to speak. The Community Organizers started and stoked the applause as well. This was supposed to be a Prayer Vigil. Why would this church allow such a slanted political event to take place? Were they deceived as well? Pretty much a total political event.”

          Taken from Deacon For Life

          “The YouTube videos below show Rep. Loretta Sanchez trashing President Bush while promoting Obama and his universal healthcare and stimulus package. The auxiliary bishop for the Orange diocese, Bishop Dominic Luong, is sitting on at the table right next to Rep. Sanchez. This event occurred at the St. Callistus parish church hall.

          The OCCCO is the new ACORN – plastering themselves all over the immigrant neighborhoods of Southern California, inviting Loretta Sanchez to speak, holding their community events in Catholic parishes (with the full knowledge and participation of the Catholic priests and bishops).

        • http://Skai says

          jon, were you beaten as a kid? If you were, that is sad, but you shouldn’t use it as a foundation for religion.

    • http://anniem says

      Do the bishops REALLY support the gospel? Every election year when I drive through Hispanic neighborhoods, there are lawn signs for all the Democrats running for Congress, and ALL of them are 100% pro abortion? Where are the bishops educating Hispanics that they may NOT vote for anti-life candidates? Where are the homilies pushing purity and chastity and marital faithfulness for the young? I’ve heard young ladies in junior high wonder how old they should be when they have their first child? NOTHING about getting married first. When have the bishops pointed out that Planned Parenthood makes it a priority to put abortion clinics in Hispanic and black neighborhoods in order to eliminate the “less desirable” races as their founder, Margaret Sanger, wished? I applaud parishes that educate Hispanics on the necessity of getting married and providing a stable home for their children, who insist on education in the Faith for them, when they present their children for the Sacraments . But I don’t see many where I live. Instead the Hispanics are only too glad to support the Democratic party because they believe Democrats are the ones who are providing all the goodies for them when they come here. Americans and immigrants need to learn that the government has no money except what they take from the taxpayers!!!

      • http://MEG says

        ” Americans and immigrants need to learn that the government has no money except what they take from the taxpayers!!! ” This needs to be repeated over and over.
        And taxpayers are their neighbors. Those who are not truly in need through no fault of their own for shelter, food & clothing are stealing from their Neighbors. Thou shall not steal.
        And those who are too lazy to work should read: 2 Thess 3:10-12.
        When was the last time we heard this from the pulpit?

  7. http://lin%20b says

    Bishop Soto is a died-in-the-wool socialist who cares little for the life issues – abortion being the most important – but spends an enormous amount of time working towards immigration status for Hispanics. He doesn’t seem to realize (or maybe he doesn’t care) that all those Hispanic aliens will be beholden to the Democrat Party, the party of the Culture of Death, and will speedup the destruction of this country.

    • http://Ski%20Ven says

      Not only the destruction of our country, but the persecution of the Catholic Church also. Don’t these Bishops know that they will be the first ones to be rounded up and imprisoned? Apparently they haven’t learned anything from the Obama Care mandate.

      • http://PETE says

        Ski Ven, only Faithful Bishops would be persecuted, not all Bishops.
        Those who support the breaking of just laws, and other ‘Democratic Party of Death’ initiatives will not be persecuted but praised and used for evil ends.

        The Bishops have no business in politics, except as can be quoted from the Bible or for the Salvation of all Men (not special interest groups).

    • http://Paul%20Joseph says

      Last year I asked Bishop Soto for a photograph with the Knights of Columbus on the sidewalk in front of an abortion business. He consented, but insisted on praying a rosary first, which he did quietly and without fanfare. It was an unscripted moment and his pro-life sincerity was self-evident. However, I, too, am disappointed in him on illegal immigration.

      • http://Anonymous says

        But the abortions have not stopped, have they, despite the apparent religiosity of bishops … try to remember from Catholic instruction that Jesus is both man and God, ie both material and immaterial, both on earth and in Heaven: “The Kingdom of God is here”, or, “among you”, (already and not yet). The Kingdom of God consists of both words and actions. Prayer without action is not going anywhere, as action without prayer is neither going anywhere. Ora et Labora: Pray and Work. A bishop might pray but when he refuses to work, then what good is his prayer? Abortion continues at full gallop.

      • http://Kenneth%20M.%20Fisher says

        Paul Joseph,

        As well you should be!

        Viva Cristo Rey!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

  8. http://Gratias says

    I do not donate a cent to the bishop’s Catholic Charities. I do not want my money to end up in ACORN or other Commie causes. I donate to my parish(s) and Una Voce.

  9. http://Skai says

    “Nativists”: I’m gonna work with this one for a while … “nativists” … This is simply hilarious … “nativists”!!! I think I’ll start calling people “nativists”, for, after all, if an Archbishop can go around hurling “nativist” at people, then it must be a good thing to do. Reminds me of some old TV serials where one dude would call the star, depending on the program, “Bwana”, “Kimosabe”, or “Sahib”. Maybe Abp Gomez is subtlely hinting we should begin addressing him with one of these titles, and get used to him referring to us as “natives”. I suppose it is part of the “New Evangelization”.

    • http://Skai says

      I’m also now thinking of naming my next puppy, “Nativist”. I’d call him Nate for short … yeah, sounds like a good name for a dog.

  10. http://Anonymous says

    Editor, I know that the title was not written by yourself but in publishing it you are bearing false witness against the bishops of the Catholic Church. When you read the article and the linked articles, you can see that one bishop referred to the CLAIMS in one book as nativist. Therefore, the title saying that bishops call their opponents “nativist” is incorrect.

    • http://Skai says

      Well, Anonymo, by your standards, the Pope and the Pope Emeritus also are bearing false witness against the bishops … because these popes have told the bishops to become holy and to stop being hypocrites and to start practicing what they preach. You need to seek treatment for your fantasy world that only you live in … well, you and the recalcitrant unholy bishops.

  11. http://Beth says

    The best thing that could happen is that the Federal Government quits giving money to the USCCB organizations such as CCHD and CRS, etc.
    This money causes some Bishops to support the Democratic Party of Death and their immoral politicians.
    In the last few elections, most Hispanics have voted for immoral politicians in Federal and State elections. Bishops who do not adhere to the Faith understand that by supporting illegal aliens, they are supporting the future of the immoral Democratic Party.
    Follow the money.

    • http://Beth says

      Following the money makes it very very clear why some Bishops refuse to enforce Canon Law 915 and 1399 against “Catholic” politicians who cause Scandal, Sacrilege, Heresy and Schism.
      When is Bishop Soto and other Bishops going to tell all literate persons in their Diocese to meditate on the Bible and study the “Catechism of the Catholic Church Second Edition”? If they would do this, it would not be necessary for them to be involved in the prudential judgment of the Laity’s politics, and the laity would not vote for immoral politicians.
      Remember that the “National Platform of the Democratic Party” states as a goal – all taxpayers to pay for Abortion, and for Sodomy (same sex marriage).

      If these Bishops believe that ILLEGAL immigrants will continue to support the Church when they purposely break the just laws of a Country – the Bishops are sadly mistaken. The majority of those who do not care about right from wrong, will continue to look out for their own interests on every level.

  12. http://MAC says

    These Bishops continually refuse to – – – support CLOSING the BORDERS except for LEGAL immigration and LEGAL trade – even now.
    Why haven’t they been working with their fellow foreign Bishops to teach against ILLEGAL immigration and thus avoiding or slowing the breaking up of families, an active sexual slave trade, illegal drug activity, and murder ? ? ?

    The IMMIGRATION REFORM and CONTROL ACT enacted November 6, 1986, is currently in effect.
    In brief the act:
    1) requires employers to attest to their employees’ immigration status;
    2) made it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit unauthorized immigrants;
    3) legalized certain seasonal agricultural illegal immigrants (green cards);
    4) legalized illegal immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and had resided there continuously with the penalty of a fine, back taxes due, and admission of guilt. About three million undocumented immigrants were granted legal status.
    5) requires enforcement of border security.

    Therefore they end up supporting those activities which they say they are trying to prevent: 1) sexual slave trading; 2) illegal drug trade; 3) breaking up of families, etc. These illegal activities would be less possible with enforced border closing.
    Law breakers should NOT be rewarded.
    Everyone must accept the responsibility for their own actions – including those who break immigration laws. – How many Bishops have taken public positions on this ? ? ?
    There is a good law on the books right now which must be enforced: “

  13. http://Camille says

    The Bishops gave $1 million to organizations that support immigration yet these very organizations also support abortion which kills the children of the immigrants. Does this make sense? These same organizations also lobby for legislation that keeps these immigrants in ethnic isolation rather than assimilation into society, for instances creating ethnic ghetto type living in tightly packed and stacked “sustainable” dwellings, meaning downtown apartments, “because that is what they are used to in their native countries.”
    One of the things about the Catholic faith that has always impressed me is the clarity of the logic involved in moral decision making, especially. This appears to be totally abandoned when it comes to Bishops and politics. Give that $1 million to pregnancy counseling groups who will protect the babies of the immigrants and our naturally born citizens, rather than the political lobbies.

  14. http://arness says

    About two years ago, The Vatican made its residency requirements even more strict. Tongue in cheek of course, but why don’t the bishops advocate for the same open immigration policy for The Vatican. I can imagine many people who would like to hide behind that wall. Typical of the double-talk, double-standard of some in church leadership, especially in the US.

  15. http://Anne%20T. says

    The only “immigrants” this administration cares about is those who would push for their evil legislation, such as abortion and so-called same-sex marriages.

  16. http://Peggy says

    I haven’t contributed to the Archbishop Annual Appeal (AAA) or CCHD for years. Holding onto our wallets limits the rogue bishops from their anti-Catholic efforts.
    BTW: it took 44 years for Bp. Tobin to “convert” — guess it’s better late than never. Too bad he, and many other bishops and their followers helped in the demise of our country by voting for Obama, TWICE!!

  17. http://Anonymous says

    John 3:12

  18. http://Bob%20One says

    My roots, like a very large majority of Americans , go back to a group of imigrants who wanted to come to this country because they believed in the American dream. They knew that with hard work and a bit of luck they could make a better life for themselves and their family. I don’t that that is any different from why people come to this country today. The immigrants that I know and observe are all hard workers, have good families, etc. But I also observe a major difference between current immigrants and those of our grandparent’s generation. First, many come here illegaly. We are a nation of laws. Only legal immigrants should be allowed to enter. (I know that we will have to make accomodations for the native born children who were too young to know they were coming illigaly. The second cause for my concern is that too many of the current immigrants want to be, pick one, Mexicans in the U.S. The same is true of many other nationalities. They don’t come here to be Americans, they come here and demand that they keep their own culture. Unlike generations past, the church wrongfully encourages such behavior. In the past the church was the place to learn English, learn Civics, study for the citizenship test. The Bishops of this country are dead wrong on this issue. The Archbishop of LA is leading the pack and he is dead wrong in his approach. When the church starts teaching the imigrants to be American, to learn English, to understand our culture, etc. then I might follow them on this issue, but not before. This is one position of the Bishops that I think demands an “arab spring” from the people in the pews. Oh, wait, there are more non-American people in the pews in some dioceses than citizens. And please, don’t call me a natavist. I come from an imigrant heritage that taught the next two generations to be Americans, not people of other nations and cultures who just happened to live here. Archbishop, you are terribly wrong in my opinion.

    • http://Anonymous says

      Bob One, color me surprised. Please see the EWTN story on Young girl recalls deep pain, joy of immigrating to US. Immigration laws now only allow about 5000 people per year to immigrate who do are not highly skilled. They must have family or employer sponsorship. When your family and mine came over here, it was not so difficult. Then, almost a half million people per year came here. It is estimated that an unskilled worker’s applications may take 10-20 years to be successful. America has many ethnic neighborhoods. It always has. Another story I just heard from a teacher in NY. He says that the Latino children are much more respectful and hardworking than the American children, because they are afraid of their parents. It may be because their parents will discipline them if they get in trouble while the American parents will challenge the authority of the teacher to criticize their child.

  19. http://Tracy says

    In the San Gabriel Valley we have entire apartment buildings being rented out by savvy Chinese business men, who offer a complete package to Chinese women in order to have an American citizen baby. These women apply for a 6 month visitor visa and arrive here at around 5 months pregnant. They pay large sums of money which provides them with an apartment, doctor’s visits, hospital services and other necessities. They stay approximately two months after the birth of their baby in order to first receive the birth certificate before going home. Prior to returning home they are provided a nanny for their baby and while being taken on site seeing excursions.
    There are thousands of these “anchor” babies being born every year. The Chinese in this valley have boldly claimed this area for themselves as a new dynasty. The irony is that they now own the majority of businesses and apartment buildings here, and guess who works and lives in them respectfully? You have it right. Illegal Mexican immigrants!

    While the Mexicans and the American Bishops are shouting for their “rights”, it is the Chinese and Koreans who are buying up California.

    • http://Dana says

      Wow, Tracy, I hadn’t heard that. I do know China has been buying forests, agricultural land, etc. all over, especially in the NW and Canada, and encircling the country on different islands in the Carribean,etc but haven’t heard anything lately. Too bad they can’t do something ab0ut Detroit. ha

  20. http://ANDY says

    Notice the petitions for immigration reform put out by the Bishops with no regard for the American economy or American joblessness or financial burden on American families.

    We will not ask for immigration reform until after the US Borders are secure.
    Tell your Bishop.

  21. http://scubby says

    This is why I give zero money that will find it’s way into the hands of my Bishop. Oh sure, he can tax our parish and steal our money for his evil endeavors, but that’s what he will have to do…. in which case, more parishioners will curb their donations.

  22. http://Michael says

    The Philadelphia Nativist Riots (also known as the Philadelphia Prayer Riots, the Bible Riots and the Native American Riots) were a series of riots that took place between May 6 and 8 and July 6 and 7, 1844, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, and the adjacent districts of Kensington and Southwark. The riots were a result of rising anti-Catholic sentiment at the growing population of Irish Catholic immigrants.

    In the months prior to the riots, nativist groups had been spreading a rumor that Catholics were trying to remove the Bible from public schools. A nativist rally in Kensington erupted in violence on May 6 and started a deadly riot that would result in the destruction of two Catholic churches and numerous other buildings. Riots erupted again in July, after it was discovered that St. Philip Neri’s Catholic Church in Southwark had armed itself for protection. Fierce fighting broke out between the nativists and the soldiers sent to protect the church, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries. Several Catholic churches were burned but no Catholics were killed.

    • http://Anton%20L%20Seidl says

      Michael: Objecting to the mass migration of foreign nationals into this country ILLEGALLY does not constitute nativist bigotry. It is a matter for civil institutions to deal with lawlessness of this magnitude, and for the churches to stay out of such controversies. “Welcome the stranger” is an often-used nostrum. No-one should be commanded to welcome strangers whose stated purpose is the ultimate conquest of large segments of the United States. The “Reconquista” doctrine has been taught in Mexican schools for many generations. Mexican apologist no longer make any bones about it. They quite brazenly proclaim sentiments such as “you old white people, why don’t you just die.” There is no social justice without first positing justice. Illegal behavior is always contrary to justice. Our bishops surely understand that. Their unqualified support of illegal immigration is disingenuous, if not dishonest.

      • http://Skai says

        The way for “nativists” to overwhelm the Reconquistas is to follow God’s first “suggestion” to the human race and start having babies instead of turning wives into industrial bots.

  23. http://Anonymous says

    If you make the sacrifice of conforming your will to that of the Church and her bishops, unite it with the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross and/or with the life of Christ on earth (where He obeyed His human parents) and offer it for the conversion of sinners, you will be most pleasing to God and you will do much good for souls.

  24. http://Anonymous says

    All those who take part in the lay revolt against the bishops have much to repent of. “Let us break their fetters and cast their bonds from us” It will fail, of course, because if the Lord does not build a house, then in vain do the builders labor. He who is throned in Heaven laughs; the Lord derides them, then in anger He speaks to them. “I, Myself have set up My King, on Zion, My Holy Mountain.”

    • http://Skai says

      Anonymo, it is the bishops who are in revolt against the popes, and against the laity and against God … not all but more than enough to cower the rest of them.

      • http://Anonymous says

        Skai, no. That is not true.

        • http://Skai says

          If it were not true, then the Popes would have no reason for saying it is … Anonymo, why do you worship bishops but not popes?

        • http://Catherine says

          Taken from St. Benedict Catholic Apologetics

          “It was Athanasius himself who illustrated the great damage done when he said, “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. He was, of course, referring to those bishops – the vast majority – who had been lured away from the True Church in following the false teachings of Arius.”

          “St. John Chrysostom, like St Athanaius is also noted to have said … “The road to Hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path.

          “They say for every priest who loses his soul, 1000 souls are lost.”
          “For every bishop who loses his eternal soul, 10,000 souls are lost.”

          What to do?
          “When there is an imminent danger for the Faith, Prelates must be questioned, even publicly, by their subjects.” ~ St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II, II, q. 33, a. 4

          “It is better that scandals arise than the truth be suppressed.” ~ Pope St. Gregory the Great

          “When circumstances make it necessary, it is not prelates alone who have to watch over the integrity of the faith.” ~ Pope Leo XIII

          • http://Catherine says

            Taken from St. Benedict Catholic Apologetics

            St Alphonsus’s Warning

            “But how, I ask, does it happen that the saints, who live only for God, resist their ordination through a sense of their unworthiness, and that some run blindly to the priesthood, and rest not until they attain it by lawful or unlawful means? Ah. Unhappy men! Says St. Bernard, to be registered among the priests of God shall be for them the same as to be enrolled on the catalogue of the damned. And why? Because such persons are generally called to the priesthood, not by God, but by relatives, by interest, or ambition. Thus they enter the house of God, not through the motive a priest should have, but through worldly motives. Behold why the faithful are abandoned, the Church dishonored, so many souls perish, and with them such priests are also damned.” ~ St. Alphonsus de Liguori (1696-1787), Doctor of the Church (Moral Theology), Founder of the Redemptorist congregation”

          • http://Catherine says

            Taken from St. Benedict Catholic Apologetics
            The Assumption was….

            “The assumption by many of us is that through the Magesterium of the Church, when the Vatican … the Pope issues a directive to the Bishops …

            The Bishops may have concerns and questions and yes perhaps even differing opinions …
            But at the end of the day … the expectation was that the Bishops would follow through and diligently implement the wishes of the Holy Father.

            The Majority do … BUT!
            The majority do … but all too often there are too many Bishops who don’t … Some say yes but drag their heels and throw every impediment in front of it to prevent them from being implemented.
            Some even go so far as to actively oppose the wishes of the Holy Father.

            Such was it at the time of Athanasius …
            So was it throughout the history of the Church …
            So unfortunately is it in our times.”

          • http://Anonymous says

            Catherine, who wrote that? That is incredibly ignorant of Church history. The majority of bishops were opposed to Arianism. Bunk like this is probably why Pope Emeritus Benedict asked us to learn the history of the Church this year along with the Catechism and the Vatican II documents. It is really sinful to foster dissent.

          • http://Catherine says

            ” It is really sinful to foster dissent.”

            That quote was written the very same poster who on more than one occasion fostered dissent by shamelessly undermining certain priests who courageously upheld Church Teaching on homosexuality. This poster will then deny being a supreme fosterer of homosexual dissent.

          • http://Anonymous says

            I uphold Church teaching on homosexuality. I expect ALL priests to do so as well. A priest who upholds church teaching on homosexuality is only doing what he should. It is his duty. The stories that you tell are used by schismatics to justify their defiance of the Pope. That is why I said that it is sinful to foster dissent. Those who read CCD are probably more vulnerable to that error than to any errors on homosexuality. I am not accusing you of being schismatic nor the source you quoted. Catholics are even more ignorant of Church History than they are of the Catechism. You can’t always believe what you read on the web. You should own a good Church history book or there is one online, but it stops at Martin Luther. I hope you will regain your confidence in the Holy Catholic Church. I hope that, even if you disagree with something a bishop does, you will not harm the church by adding to the online rebellion against them. You should really pray over how to be a “living stone.” I am sure that there is much good that you could do for the Lord. God bless you.

          • http://not%20anonymous says

            This ain’t about homosexuality. Get you minds out of the gutter.

        • http://Canisius says

          SOrry anon that is very true

  25. http://Catherine says

    Taken from St. Benedict Catholic Apologetics

    The Saints and Mystics

    “Saints and mystics, like Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, St Teresa of Avila, St Catherine of Siena and St Margaret Mary Alacoque are models of obedience. They never pretended to set up Christ against His Church through the revelations that they were given. In fact, there are countless occasions in the lives of the Saints where Our Lord gave them a directive, but then their religious superior or spiritual director forbade it. On every one of these occasions in the lives of the Saints, Jesus always instructed them to obey the directives of their religious superior, even when they were against His own directives or wishes.”

    • http://Catherine says

      Taken from St. Benedict Catholic Apologetics

      Canon Law 601
      “The evangelical counsel of obedience, undertaken in a spirit of faith and love in the following of Christ who was obedient even unto death requires a submission of the will to legitimate superiors, who stand in the place of God when they command according to the proper constitutions.”

      Canon Law 331
      “The bishop of the Roman Church, in whom continues the office given by the Lord uniquely to Peter, the first of the Apostles, and to be transmitted to his successors, is the head of the college of bishops, the Vicar of Christ, and the pastor of the universal Church on earth. By virtue of his office he possesses supreme, full, immediate, and universal ordinary power in the Church, which he is always able to exercise freely.”
      It really come down to this … Roma locuta est! “Rome has spoken!”
      But throughout Church History, just like at the time of St Athanasius, all too often …

    • http://Anonymous says

      This is absolutely right. Now you have got it. Even Jesus Christ was obedient to his parents and to the lawful authorities. Include St. Faustina, too. Obedience is most important. Often the bishops were testing to see if the visions were true and the subjects obedience helped to prove them. Disobedience to bishops is seen as a sign of self-will or demonic activity.

  26. http://Catherine says

    Taken from St. Benedict Catholic Apologetics

    The Bishops were no Fools

    “The bishops in the time of King Henry VIII were neither malicious nor fools.
    Almost all had studied at either Cambridge or Oxford.
    The Chancellor, Sir Thomas More, was a genius, revered diplomat, and a saint.
    England at this time was renowned throughout Europe for its devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pilgrimages, daily Mass attendance, church buildings were at a high, according to historians.”

    The Real Tragedy

    The real tragedy was not so much what King Henry did …
    It was what the English Bishops failed to do.
    They betrayed God … Mother Church … and their flock … the people of England …
    Thomas More on the scaffold, before the axe-man said … ‘I die the kings good servant, but Gods first.’

    The epitaph for the English Bishops on the other hand should rightly read … ‘I die Gods good servant, but the Kings first.”

    The Shepherds betrayed the English flock!

    • http://Anonymous says

      That’s why they don’t let the kings/governments pick the bishops anymore, I guess. It was different when Henry’s daughter Mary (who had tried to restore Catholicism to England) died. She had picked bishops that came up through the ranks of the Church instead of through the royal service. When she died, her half-sister Elizabeth and Parliament had all but one of them deposed because they were loyal to the Pope.

  27. http://stan%20j says

    Why do so-called men of God encourage people to live unlawful lives?
    We have two borders. Why do the V2 bishops direct all their resources to only one?

  28. I’d like to point out most of the illegal immigrants come from countries where their government is truly corrupt or there is so much violence. They are not necessarily educated, especially in terms of international law. Sure, they may bring problems, but it is because they are so desperate. And desperate people will do anything…

    • http://OSCAR says

      There is no excuse for US Bishops and Bishops of other Countries NOT to work together to:
      1) Educate people that the US has immigration laws and exactly what those laws are;
      and that it violates Church teaching to break just laws.
      2) Help those foreign Diocese that need assistance for their poor.
      3) Actively support closing the border except to LEGAL immigration and legal trade which will slow the drug trade, slow sexual slavery, and stop breaking up families. (Unfortunately the Bishops do not seem to care to stop the sources of these problems. They add to the problems rather than trying to solve them; and this makes the problems perpetual.)

      Although the laws vary I’m not aware of any Country that does not have immigration laws.
      In addition ILLEGAL immigrants know they are breaking the law and simply do not care – since they SNEAK in.

      CCC: ” 2241 The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.
      Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions , especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption.
      Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to OBEY ITS LAWS and to assist in carrying civic burdens. “

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