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Navy to name ship after gay rights activist Harvey Milk
US Navy portrait of then Ens. Harvey Milk. (photo from USNI News)

US Navy portrait of then Ens. Harvey Milk. (photo from USNI News)

The following comes from a July 28 USNI News article by Sam LaGrone:

The Navy is set to name a ship after the gay rights icon and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, according to a Congressional notification obtained by USNI News.

The July 14, 2016 notification, signed by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, indicated he intended to name a planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO-206). The ship would be the second of the John Lewis-class oilers being built by General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego, Calif.

Harvey Milk and Jack Galen McKinley. McKinley first became Milk's lover when he was sixteen, and Milk was 33. McKinley later committed suicide when he was 33. (marauderthesn.livejournal.com/293065.html)

Harvey Milk and Jack Galen McKinley. McKinley first became Milk’s lover when he was sixteen, and Milk was 33. McKinley later committed suicide when he was 33. (marauderthesn.livejournal.com/293065.html)

Mabus has said the John Lewis-class – named after civil rights activist and congressman Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) – would be named after civil rights leaders.

Other names in the class include former Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren whose court ruled to desegregate U.S. schools, former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, women’s right activist Lucy Stone and abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth.

From July 29 LifeSiteNews article by Doug Bean:

The latest government recognition of Milk almost certainly will spark controversy. Though Milk served in the Navy during the Korean War as a diving officer on a submarine and his family had a Naval background, he publicaly opposed the Vietnam War. Other than his brief political career and gay rights advocacy, Milk held no other positions in public office. Biographers also have labeled him a pederast who sexually abused teenage boys.

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  1. To straighten out a bit of the apparent spin in the photo caption, was Mckinnley in a relationship with Milk from age 16 until 33?

    • According to Randy Shilts’ The Mayor of Castro Street, “sixteen-year-old old McKinley was looking for some kind of father figure…within a few weeks, McKinley moved into Harvey Milk’s Upper West Side apartment…and settled into a middle-class domestic marriage”.

  2. Hosemonkey says:

    In my 22 years of Navy service I never heard of a Navy ship being named for a sodomite. We used to name ships for states, for fish, for natural features and great heroes. How things have changed. Let the jokes and ribbing begin.

  3. FromThePew says:

    Yet another example of America going in the ‘wrong direction’. My dear father (bless his memory) was in the Navy during WW2 so I feel like I can speak out. about this. It is disrespectful. It is disrespectful to his service & the Navy & America. Milk was perverted & preyed on young men. They plan to give him HONORS for dis-honorable behavior? Stupid, spiteful and another nail in the coffin of military service. Why does this POTUS & his administration hate America?

  4. I am appalled and ashamed of the Secretary of the Navy for embarrassing our brave and patriotic sailors. This is a mockery and an insult to our brave men and women, naming a new ship after such a sinful and unimportant member of the community, just a pedophile, sex-criminal, and creep. Goes to show what our leadership is like from the top on down. Oh how thankful I am not to be on active duty any longer. May God bless those sailors who have the moral character to stand up against this evil plight.
    Rest assured the ship may not be ready for christening for a few years. If that is the case and we have a new conservative republican administration, our new president can turn this idiot idea around and restore our US Navy’s dignity.

    • James … There may be a new Republican administration in 2017 but with the current candidate, it won’t be conservative.

  5. Elizabeth M. says:

    How would you feel serving on that ship?

    • FromThePew says:

      UGH! Can a crew member refuse to serve on that ship? It is not dignified to name a beautiful ship in the great Navy of the USA in that manner, after a sexual perverted CRIMINAL. Disgusting. Insulting. Mocking. James above made a good point, the ship won’t be ready for some time. Maybe the election results will offer some ‘hope’ of a name change for this ship as it offers hope for the selection of future Supreme Court Justices, God willing. PRAY.

  6. Folks understand that Obama told us he would fundamentally ‘change” America and he has in many many ways, now for those of us who knew what Obama was all about prior to his being installed by George Soros you should just be quiet for 50% of Americans voted for him and that includes many of you here!

  7. FrMichael says:

    Naming a warship after a pederast– lovely. I’m sure the sailors will be suitably impressed and motivated. /sarcasm off/

    Sometimes I wonder if “the powers that be” that currently run our once-fine republic want to paint a miles-long X across the Great Plains so that God knows where to send the meteor strike.

    • FromThePew says:

      Fr M., So much funnier if it weren’t so ‘on point’. Like the old testament story when God was merciful to good Abrahams’ family & Lot. God spared them when He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah by falling fire or was it a meteor strike?

  8. To name a US Navy ship after a sodomite is a total disgrace and further evidence of just how low this country has sunk under the leadership of a homosexual living, baby killing, president. If I were in the Navy I would refuse orders to serve on the USS Milk, punishment notwithstanding. I hope and pray for a Trump victory.

    • DOD watcher says:

      It will be interesting and even newsworthy when the proud men and women of the Navy refuse to serve on that ship.

  9. Michael McDermott says:

    The homo-nazi reich named a Sail Taining Ship after a debauched Storm Trooper named Horst Wessel (even made up a song about him) – who was treated like a kultural hyro – like harvey the pederast too.

    That ship s now the USCGC Eagle (taken after the war) and will welcome aboard the same depravity the harv and his disease spreading debaucers spread far and wide, taking untold lives.

    BTW – Mayor Moscone was Assassinated by a loser, and only as afterward did harv step out and in to a bullet – but No Ships (or national recognition) for a mere Mayor when the gaystapo gets so much milage out of propaganda about harv and shepherd (killed by a crank junkie boyfriend) that they will push it til doomsday, which they are working on full speed…

  10. Michael McDermott says:

    Navy to name ship after ‘gay’ child molester
    By J. Matt Barber http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/mbarber/160801

    Attention on the poop deck. It seems our “first gay president” intends to “milk,” with pride, his fetish for all things “LGBT” in the closing months (mercifully) of his catastrophic presidency. USNI News (U.S. Naval Institute) reports that the Obama Navy presumes to ram, without consent, the most reprehensible aspects of the extremist homosexual political agenda down the throats of a divided American public

    An “oiler.” You can’t make this stuff up

  11. Ok folks…. If not Harvey Milk, how about the USS Thomas Dooly? Maybe a hospital ship? He was a Navy enlisted corpsman, later a commissioned Medical Officer and after leaving the service founded medical aid clinics in the Godforsaken back country in Laos. He was a devout Catholic, a fervent anti-Communist and CIA “Asset.” His name has been suggested for canonization. There is a statue of him in the Grotto of Our Lady at Notre Dame. Oh…He was also gay.

  12. C&H, Sugar coating sin especially mortal sin might make it easier for naïve people to swallow, but not God. If the LGBT revered pedophile were a devout catholic, he never would have committed these notorious evil sins. Just saying it like it is.

  13. Having been active duty serving God and my country for 25 years, I would not accept orders as a crewman on that ship if it were to be christened as such. I think James is correct, once new and sane residents move into the White House the name of Mr. Milk on a respectable military platform/vehicle will be flushed down the toilet.

  14. As inappropriate and distasteful as it is, at least the ship that will bear the predatory sodomite’s name will merely be a lowly oiler.

  15. St. Christopher says:

    This is what you get with Democrats, who seek perversion as virtue. Hillary Clinton will stock America with this kind of unthinkable violation of morals and natural order. Their only concern is power. Literature suggests that polygamy and incest are the next taboos, along with bestiality. Harvey Milk was a vile person and should be celebrated only as someone never to emulate.

  16. Sin is sin whether a person is named Milk or Dooly. Doing good or even great deeds doesn’t cover sin. Jesus died on the cross for that.
    Folks, I suggest you not place Trump on a pedistal just because he’s on the Republican ticket. As Christians our King is Jesus.

    • St. Christopher says:

      No one said anything at all about Trump, “Frankie.” Although, now that you mention it, The Donald is a far greater gain in the political arena, than Hillary, who is truly a Child of Satan. And, you are seeing the destruction of the soul of a professed Catholic — VP Candidate Tim Kaine — who said something to the effect that he needed to work to accept Clinton’s “any time, any where, any reason” mantra for abortion. At least NOW had the courage to say recently that it did not matter if life exists at conception, or not. My body, Man.

  17. Michael McDermott says:

    POTUS Barry ‘on the down low’ Soetoro has done more to harm the US Military than most of our enemies combined ever accomplished.

    He recently said a candidate was ‘unfit’ for office due to ignorance – although the Commander in Chief proved himself so ignorant he referred to Navy / Marine Corps (‘kore-men’) Medics as = “Corpse-Men”.

    But then our community organizer in chief has made quite a few of those over the course of His Abomination.

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