Victorville churches mobilize against Planned Parenthood

From Victorville Daily Press

This story appeared in the Inland Catholic Byte, the online version of the San Bernadino diocese newspaper. The author is Marie Widman, who works on prolife matters for the diocese.

The enormous big rig accelerated into the intersection as the light changed from red to green. The truck driver raised his arm high, pulling down hard on his horn which blared in support as he drove past the families lining Palmdale Road bearing signs declaring “No Planned Parenthood in Victorville” and “Women Deserve Better.”

Lisa Hays, spokeswoman for the Concerned Citizens of the High Desert, smiled from beneath her straw hat which shaded her from the strong sun setting on the horizon.

The scene will replay every evening from late June through the first week in August as countless cars honk in solidarity with the waving men, women and teens. Representing communities and churches from throughout the High Desert, their faithful presence voices concern over the intentions of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States, to expand its business to Victorville. The 10,000-square-foot clinic, a former children’s pizza restaurant, would be Planned Parenthood’s largest in San Bernardino County, intending to bring in 20,000 clients per year.

On May 8, 200 citizens filled the Victorville City Council chamber to voice their opposition. Among the attendees were Father Patrick Travers, pastor of Holy Innocents parish in Victorville and Dennis Morris, co-founder of Moses House (Pregnancy Resource) Ministries, who presented the council with thousands of signatures gathered from diverse faith communities including Our Lady of the Desert in Apple Valley and Holy Family in Hesperia, petitioning the council to deny Planned Parenthood’s application for a building permit.

Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron, acting as a private citizen, filed an appeal based on public safety and economic concerns to the Victorville planning commission. The Commission was to vote on a conditional use permit for the Planned Parenthood facility. The challenge in this decision is that while its business is morally objectionable to the Catholic faith and many others, that is not a factor in whether or not it meets city zoning requirements for the property.

On June 11 100 High Desert residents, including Father Ciro Libanati, pastor of St. Joan of Arc in Victorville, prayed the rosary and encircled the proposed Planned Parenthood site reciting: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His mercy endures forever.”

On June 13, 600 citizens filled the 150-seat Victorville council chamber, hallways, adjacent meeting room, and parking lot. Citizen after citizen implored the Planning Commission to protect the High Desert community. Members of the Planning Commission were apologetic when it ultimately rejected the appeal, saying they agreed with the citizens’ concerns but were legally obligated to grant the permit. This loss, however, provided the opportunity for the community to appeal the permit to the city council later this summer.

Until then the Concerned Citizens of the High Desert invite the enthusiastic participation of every Catholic parish and faith community in a daily peaceful, prayerful presence on the corner of Palmdale Road and Park Avenue in Victorville, just off Interstate 15, from 4-7 pm and at one hour prayer vigils every Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Planned Parenthood site around the corner, 15403 Park Avenue East.

For more information contact Concerned Citizens of the High Desert: English: Lisa Hays @ 760.449.1717 Spanish: Martin Barrera: 760.596.0365 or Pro Life Catholic Ministries English: 909.475.5350 Spanish: 909.475.5476.

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  1. Maryanne Leonard says:

    “Women Deserve Better” is a worthy slogan for a placard, but my immediate reaction is that even more to the point, “Children Deserve Better!” They are the innocents of innocents being murdered without committing a crime worse than existence. While it is true that parents who do not want a child manage to make it known to that child all the years she or he is growing up, there is no need to murder unwanted children! So many couples long for a baby so profoundly that unless the mother takes drugs or is passing along a fatal disease, very good homes can readily be found for children who will be wanted, loved, and cared for. Children do deserve so much better than being murdered before they are even welcomed into this world!

  2. Let us all pray that ‘p.p.’ will stop this insanity and move due-West for about 1000 miles and they can put a baby-killing building at the bottom of the Ocean, lots of fishes that need abortions out there. +JMJ+

  3. Laurette Elsberry says:

    Imagine the horror of a 10,000 sq ft building dedicated to corrupting young people, promoting promiscuity and butchering babies . Is the building zoned for this type of “sewage”? The former business there, a pizza restaurant, wouldn’t have had sewage that would have incuded baby skulls and limbs and backbones. Here in Sacramento a few years ago there was a story in a local paper about sewage from an abortion “facility” that clogged one of the the city’s drains. Has anyone thought about this possibity?…….God bless the god people of Victorville. May they prevail in their Godly efforts.

    • Contrast this story to the one in San Francisco where a company is trying to open an upscale restaurant, bar and music venue where a “leather” bar used to be. Even though the company owners have several other successful restaurants, there are protests because it won’t be a new “leather” bar. The planning commission said the company needed to get more “community support”. Bizarre!

      • I agree whole heartedly. In Omaha a restaruant or bar has to get a permit to serve liquor. If it is not safe for the public and there are disturbances that will ensue, the board will reject the permit.
        I will never understand why baby killing is so accepted in this country, what has happened.?

  4. VICTORville?

    they shoudl sing the great hymn: “christ jesus, ruler, christ jesus victor…”

    especially if they are victorious in their quest.

    in some crosses the greek word NIKA is about the corpus of jesus, a word that means “victor”

    i’m sure you were all wondering…

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