Vatican lowers boom on gender theory

"Revolution driven by relativism"

Transgender pride flag

A Vatican department has issued a sweeping denunciation of so-called gender theory and affirmed the principles of human dignity, difference, and complementarity.

“In all such [gender] theories, from the most moderate to the most radical, there is agreement that one’s gender ends up being viewed as more important than being of male or female sex,” the Congregation for Catholic Education wrote June 10, in a new document entitled “Male and Female He Created Them.”

Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi: “a need to reaffirm the metaphysical roots of sexual difference”

“The effect of this move is chiefly to create a cultural and ideological revolution driven by relativism, and secondarily a juridical revolution, since such beliefs claim specific rights for the individual and across society.”

The document says it aims to set out an intellectual framework “towards a path of dialogue on the question of gender theory in education.”

Published at the beginning of “Pride Month,” during which many cities and corporations mark the campaign of LGBT advocacy, the document says that the Church teaches an essential difference between men and woman, ordered in the natural law and essential to the family and human flourishing.

“There is a need to reaffirm the metaphysical roots of sexual difference, as an anthropological refutation of attempts to negate the male-female duality of human nature, from which the family is generated,” the document explains….

The text, signed by Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, outlines the philosophical origins of the gender theory movement, and notes the broad movement to enshrine its distinct anthropology in policy and law.

The above comes from a June 10 story on the Catholic News Agency website.


  1. remember Galileo?

    • bohemond says

      Mike M what’s your point, there is NO comparison between the Helio/Geo Centric theories of the universe and the sexual chaos unleashed by the sexual revolution that has laid waste to society. Only small liberals make comparisons like this. Gender theory is a satanic war on being itself… Smash Tolerance.

    • You mean the one who could not prove his point scientifically at that precise time, so the pope and the other scientist’s asked him to shut up until he could prove it. Is that the one you mean?

      I celebrate Noah’s rainbow (God’s rainbow) which has seven colors not six, so said Sir Isaac Newton, a scientist.

      • Clarification: Sir Isaac Newton said, the rainbow in the sky had red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple,and so it does. The six color flag is not even a rainbow.

    • Galileo was wrong, the Church was right.

      • Anonymous says

        The Church wasn’t right. First of all, the Church’s competency is theology, and the Church was not correct that the structure of the solar system had theological implications. It doesn’t. Second, the Church abused its spiritual authority by putting Galileo under house arrest for the remainder of his life. This sentence was both theologically incorrect, and an abuse of the worldly authority of the Church.

        • One thing you forget Anonymous is that the Church is filled with scientists, and always has been,

          • And they often do agree.

            According to the book I mentioned below all the scientists at that time were committed to the Aristotelian ideal of scientific knowledge, and some were afraid Galileo’s theory (at that time) would discard the whole Aristotelian science. The author does agree with you that Galileo should not have been put under house arrest.

    • Steve Seitz says

      mike m,
      Could you please elaborate on your comment? I’m not making sense of it.

      • Anonymous says

        It doesn’t make sense. The Church ordered Galileo to recant under threat of torture. That threat was also immoral and unethical.

        • Please give references for what you have posted as to him being threatened by torture, or is it just another black legend?

          Galileo was never tortured and lived out his life in what was pretty much a mansion by the standards of that day from all the Catholic reports I have read.

          • Anne,
            The typical practice of Church Inquisitors in the 17th century was to threaten torture to older defendants, but to stop short of actually doing it.

            17th Century Church theologians said torture of suspected heretics was permissible, based on the idea that worldly pain was ephemeral, but recanting their error helped their immortal soul. Though stopping short of torture, Galileo’s house arrest was still an abuse of the Pope’s worldly power.

            The Church is admittedly ethically ahead of other 17 century authorities. However, that’s no mitigation when you claim institutional moral infallibility. If you possess moral…

          • Jon J., that is UCLA’s version. i have not read it all yet and do not know whether it is biased or not. I do recommended the booklet “Galileo, Science and Faith” by Dr. William Carroll published by Ignatius Press. I have read other books, but do not remember all the names.

            Never the less what is being done to children in the name of “gender equality” in many cases is monstrous, some being used like male strippers and worse.

          • Jon J, the author of the book I mentioned does seem to agree that Galileo should not have been put under house arrest.

  2. Anonymous says

    There are of course rare cases where people are born with ambiguous reproductive body parts and have a right to corrective surgery; never the less, their DNA should let doctors know how to correct that, so they become either a complete man or complete woman as far as possible..That is not what is being pushed most of the time, though, when a man insists he is a woman or a woman insists she is a man.

    • This Anonymous post on June 11 at 2:49 pm was mine. And Behemond is right that the Galileo case has nothing to do with this.

      Anyone with an ounce of brains knows that the reproductive parts of two men or two women do not fit and fulfill their purpose that way. Also sodomy is disease ridden and injurious to the body. No doctor can make a woman out of a fully developed man and visa versa, either. It is just horribly mutilating the person and pure quackery.

      • Not always.
        Suppose, for a moment, that there was an error in fetal development such that the developing brain got exposed to cross-sex hormones. You’d expect such an individual to have a typical sexual development in their body, but their brain is at odds with the body.

        You can, at least, indicate that such conflict is POSSIBLE with rat experiments in which you inject pregnant rats with male hormones. The female progeny of such rats will show male mounting behavior as adults. Thus, we can show that cross-gender hormones administered to the developing mammalian brain can result in cross-sex behaviors in adult mammals.

        Add this experiment to the experience of AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) individuals, and we can see surgical…

        • Jon J, medically and surgically experimenting on a child just because the child says he or she is the opposite sex is child abuse. Period.. Most often those things work themselves out as the child gets older. Children are often made to feel unloved because a parent wanted the opposite sex and showed too much displeasure about the child’s actual sex.. Parents dressing their little boys up as girls and visa versa will surely affect them in the wrong way.

          • Oh. I agree with you on the children point. I think current medical science is overconfident in their ability to reliably diagnose the situation I describe above. This is why so many transgender individuals commit suicide even after receiving currently approved therapy.

            In fact, I think many people currently diagnosed as “transgender” really have problems rooted in psychology not fetal development. However, I do believe that surgical intervention is moral for those people with fetal development issues. Basically, I’m asserting that brain development is more significant than development issues with genitalia and reproductive tract that are termed “intersex”.

  3. Anonymous says

    After seeing Megan McCain say that she had received GLAAD media training, I looked this up.
    Catholics need something this organized, too. For everything Catholic and media, not just gender theory.

    • Anonymous says

      As long as parishes continue to sing “All Are Welcome” and “Sing a New Church” at Mass, as long as they sing music by Schutte, Haugen, Haas, things won’t change. It must begin with making liturgy sacred again. MAKE THE LITURGY SACRED AGAIN

      • Please. The premise for your comment, and dare I say for your POV and beliefs, is incorrect. The Catholics who sing music by Schutte, Haugen, Haas at Mass are not necessarily immoral, hedonistic, evil people. Although I myself prefer chants and polyphonies at Mass, your POV that unless the style of worship or even the music one offers at Mass is to YOUR personal liking then the will result to the Catholics exposed to such things is a debauched life is FALSE and laughable! I can point to a few people who love Gregorian chants but whose sins are the blackest black.

        • WRONG! The church has published standards for sacred music at Mass, and contemporary pop liturgical composers in the major hymnals do not meet those standards. The church has spoken but the publishers don’t listen. It’s not personal opinion that Schutte et alia aren’t fit for Mass. It’s church teaching. Haugen isn’t even catholic, so why sing his songs? Haas just had a facebook post in favor of gay rights, so he showed his theological cards, and Schutte has well-documented stuff about him after he left the priesthood. Why are parishes singing questionably catholic music at Mass? Just stop it.

        • The self appointed Doctor of the Church had spoken,,,,

          • bohemond and Manuel are both wrong. You both are not God; you are not able to judge people to such an extent as to say that the songs that many Catholics are singing at Sunday Mass is producing evil, debauched, immoral lives? You both are not God that you can see and know the evil in men’s hearts. Do you have quantifiable proof? Let us hear it. And yet bohemond calls me the “self-appointed doctor of the Church.” Well aren’t you speaking for God by judging the morality of your fellow Catholics? I rest my case.

          • bohemond says

            No jon I just think you are insufferably arrogant in your writings that you think you are Jerome or Augustine

  4. Anonymous says

    The Church is likely correct that both sex and gender identity are determined at birth. However, I suspect there are more anomalous intersex conditions than the Church will recognize. For example, AIS (androgen insensitivity syndrome) shows that chromosomes do not determine sex or gender. In AIS XY chromosome individuals can only develop as females due to damaged androgen (male hormone) receptors in the cell. U could juice them with enough ‘roids to choke Arnold Schwarteznegger, and they still can only sexually mature as females since their body only responds to estrogen. AIS shows gender identity is the action of hormones on the developing brain.

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