University of San Francisco/Most Holy Redeemer axis strikes again

Ex-Jesuit Most Holy Redeemer parishioner is point man in San Francisco’s Condoms for Kids program
Kevin Gogin (photo: Jane Philomen Cleland/Bay Area Reporter)

Kevin Gogin (photo: Jane Philomen Cleland/Bay Area Reporter)

In early February the San Francisco Unified School District floated a plan to provide condoms to students as young as 12. The condoms could be provided without parental consent. The story was picked up by media outlets including all local TV stations, the San Francisco Chronicle, LifeSite News, and California Catholic Daily.

On February 7, 2016, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders had an interview (‘SF Middle Schools’ Condom Curriculum”) with the San Francisco Unified School District’s ‘Director of Safety and Wellness,’ Kevin Gogin, who is serving as the district’s point man on the issue.

Saunders began her column: “The San Francisco Unified School District’s board is poised to expand its Condom Availability Program for high school students into middle schools. The school district no longer offers Algebra I as an eighth-grade course — Algebra I has been folded into a two-year, eighth-grade and ninth-grade class that is supposed to be more comprehensive. But the board is ready to bring higher level learning to middle school by handing out condoms to sixth-graders. What could possibly go wrong?”

Saunders also noted a logical disconnect in the District’s rationale: “Problem: If 95 percent of middle-schoolers are not having sexual intercourse, why would adults want to establish a social norm of middle-schoolers having sex? (A handout from the district asserts ‘only 5.2 percent” of middle-schoolers have had sexual intercourse.’)”

What none of the news outlets covering the issue reported, but which should be of interest to Catholic readers, is that Gogin is an ex-Jesuit priest, who, in 2008 ‘married’ a man named Dan McPherson. Both Gogin and McPherson are, or were, parishioners at San Francisco’s homosexual activist parish, Most Holy Redeemer. McPherson is currently listed as the Director of Graduate Student Services at the homosexual activist (Jesuit) University of San Francisco. Before serving as Director of Graduate Student Services, McPherson was the university’s Associate Dean of the School of Education. And according to USF’s website, McPherson, an open homosexual, “coordinated the School of Education’s Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy program.”

The University of San Francisco/Most Holy Redeemer axis goes way back, and the Archdiocese of San Francisco is guilty for allowing it to exist. In addition to Gogin and McPherson, it includes Father Donal Godfrey, SJ, one-time Executive Director of Campus Ministry at USF. Godfrey still serves as a Campus Minister at USF, albeit no longer as Executive Director. Indeed, as  Godfrey reported in his history of MHR, Gays and Grays: The Story of the Gay Community at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church:  “The baptism of children being raised by gay couples took place publicly at the 10AM Sunday liturgy…One gay couple, Dan McPherson and Kevin Gogin, active Most Holy Redeemer parishioners while (Father Tony) McGuire was pastor, did adopt a daughter, Sarah, in 1998, but she was quietly baptized outside the parish at St. Ignatius Church. . . .Rob Lane & Don Propstra’s adopted son was baptized at a regular liturgy in the parish on October 21, 1990 . . . “Kevin and Dan [Gogin and McPherson] were the godparents.”

The Most Holy Redeemer/USF axis includes the Reverend Vincent Pizzuto, associate professor of theology and director of the Catholic Studies program at USF, who, as CalCatholic reported last month (‘Schismatic priest who performs gay weddings to speak at San Francisco Catholic church’) spoke at Most Holy Redeemer on February 13. Pizzuto’s affiliation with the church goes back to at least 2006, when he spoke at Most Holy Redeemer’s ‘Queer Perspectives” seminar.

This spotlights the alliance of homosexual activists between USF and Most Holy Redeemer. Each institution operates as a separate front in the homosexual activist attempt to influence Church teaching on sexuality and the family—and, as Kevin Gogin’s position with the SF Unified School District shows, society outside the Church as well. The University of San Francisco serves as the intellectual home of the activists. In addition to Pizzuto, the University has a long history of hosting homosexual activists/supporters including Jesuit Father James Keenan, ex-Jesuit James Nickoloff, Episcopal Bishop William Swing, politicians Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom, and many others.

Most Holy Redeemer serves as the activists’ spiritual home. It provides an ever-ready forum within the church where the activists are free to propagandize for their true religion: the celebration of homosexuality. Over the years the church has hosted numerous speakers from different religious denominations, yet all shared the one overriding imperative necessary to speak there: the celebration of homosexuality. If one uses the sociological definition of religion as any person’s absolutely largest system of values, the fact that the speakers are not Catholic is rightly seen as insignificant, because the actual religion at Most Holy Redeemer is not Catholicism but the celebration of homosexuality.

On February 24, the San Francisco Unified School District unanimously approved the condom distribution program. The same day the SF Examiner reported: “In addition to supplying condoms at middle schools, the board also voted to update the language of the district’s condom distribution policy to clarify that parents cannot opt their kids out of the condom distribution program.”


  1. Linda Maria says:

    The institutional Church is CORRUPT– and highly destructive to our society, and badly in need of a total REFORM!! No one will admit it– but homosexuality is a terrible menace to our Church, and to all of our civilization! Those with the “LGBT” problems are in desperate need of a thorough investigation, and religious and social restraint, as well as treatment of some sort, for their illness!! If no treatment is available– then at least, the “LGBT” illnesses should be definitely classified as major illnesses, or major psychiatric disorders, by medical experts! — And these people must be given strong moral guidance, by all churches, especially ours!

    • Anonymous says:

      you are right about the perverts but it is the only church we got it is the chaste meretrix as the father´s of the church called her to explain her simultanrous holness and sinful members.

      We need to be more pure and more chaste..

  2. Michael McDermott says:

    My Parents (heterosexual – both sides) Married in Most Holy Redeemer, back when it was a Parish the City of Saint Francis took Pride in.

    Like Disney surrendering its parks & programming to a Frothy Mix of Anti-Catholic Misandrists & Coprophiles like Dan ‘the savage lickspittle’ Savage and his ‘Goo-Ghoul Bombers’; so too the infiltration and degradation of Houses of Worship in places where government supports Gaystapo spray painting swastikas on ‘Un-Good’ Churches.

    The old Barbary Coast has morphed to the more expensive and even more toxic sewer of Sodom by the Sea, as the depraved behaviors of the MHR / Gaystapo Axis shows.

    If we can’t cure it, I say stop subsidizing this Evil.
    Say No to Caesar’s Coin and shut it down – 4…

    • Oh Michael …my parents are heterosexual too. Some how three of their seven children, including me, are homosexual. None of us..thank God..are as crude as Dan Savage..or Donald Trump. Now that I think about it, it wouldn’t surprise me is Mr. Trump appointed Savage to some post in his administration, if that were to come about (Burrrr!)

      • Canisius says:

        C&H “None of us..thank God..are as crude as Dan Savage..or Donald Trump” what is it with leftist like you what you must ALWAYS add a qualifier is to feel better about yourself.

  3. Dave N. says:

    And people go on and on about how “faithful” Abp. Cordileone is. He could close MHR tomorrow if he wanted to.

  4. “He could close MHR tomorrow if he wanted to.” …And where would those hundreds of imperfect souls, straight and gay go..the Episcopalians,? United Church of Christ? Wicca? Nowhere?

    • The faithful will find someplace else to attend Mass. As for the others, it would be better for them to go to a non-Catholic church. After all, denial of the doctrine of sin is the doctrine of Luther. As St. Paul said, to receive unworthily (in state of sin) is to bring condemnation upon one’s self. You certainly would not want these people to bring condemnation upon themselves would you? That would be the antithesis of charity. Catholicism is an obedience religion. That’s never going to change no matter how many inhabitants of Hell characterize it otherwise.

    • TheVeiledThreat says:

      It’s easier to keep track of these like minded people if they are mostly all in one place. If they are going to stay “Catholic” don’t encourage them to spread out into other parishes. It’s easier to deal with them (and exorcize them) if they are in the same location!

      • TVT….As one of “these people” let me clue you in to a secret: When you go to mass each Sunday some of the people in the congregation are “us.” I’m the 40ish, slightly zaftig lesbian in the long skirt and “church lady” hat, with her mom and dad and sometimes brothers, sisters in law and necies and nephews.

    • Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

      ALL souls are imperfect. But a parish that preaches the goodness of sodomy isn’t doing any souls any good.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        MHR does not preach “the goodness of sodomy”. Please, if you have a quote from a homily or a message sent to parishioners that preaches “the goodness of sodomy”, please pass that on. Otherwise, please stop with false accusations.

  5. Ivy Leegh says:

    Gives me the creeps!!!!!!!

    They’ve got your kids by the short and curlys.

  6. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    A typical MHR hit piece by CCD.

    Although it draws a circuitous route through certain paishoners to condom distribution, and goes back decades to rake muck, it never ONCE highlights programs by the parish itself to do good things that we can all agree upon.

    It never ONCE mentions that the parish distributes food directly to the homeless. It never ONCE mentions that it supports Catholic schools in their missions financially. It never ONCE mentions the work it does (and has been doing for decades) to comfort those afflicted with AIDS, cancer, and the like, through its hospice program. It never ONCE mentions MHR’s commitment to reverant liturgy with splendid music. It never ONCE mentions MHR’s hosting of a TLM liturgy which ended but…

    • FrMichael says:

      And yet grotesque perversion is acclaimed there. Let’s face it, MHR is a moral and doctrinal cesspool and an affront to the Living God.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        When have you been there, Fr. Michael? The Gospel is acclaimed there. That is all. And your reference to a Catholic parish, one visited by the current and very orthodox Archbishop Cordileone as a “moral and doctrinal cesspool” is hardly a charitable way to speak of your fellow catholics, especially when you provide no evidence.

        • Canisius says:

          YFC ALWAYS defending the home base of sodomite “catholics”

        • FrMichael says:

          I’ve been there twice, the first time at a Sunday Mass accompanied by a couple habited women religious. They were scared at the time of the Sign of Peace, literally shaking.

          “The Gospel is acclaimed there.” A truncated gospel for sure. How about Romans 1?

          • Hmmm…all I can say father is that the sisters whom I’ve know wern’t afraid of anything … but could scare the living daylights out of anyone they wanted to.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Literally shaking? At seeing a living example of an ancient ritual of the Church? Seems to me that tells us more about them than it does about the parish.

            And your accusation of a “truncated Gospel”. What a slam!!

            You should apologize, at least, to the straight families who increasingly find a spiritual home there. To the elderly parishioners, who have been faithful members for decades upon decades, even since before Vatican II.

            To the homeless, the addicted, the downdtrodden who find within her walls the peace of Christ.

            An apology is called for, indeed.

          • Ann Malley says:

            The Church hierarchy should apologize,YFC, for allowing conditions at MHR to degrade as they have. Especially to the elderly who have had to suffer through such a trial.

            The peace of Christ is not arbitrary.

            An apology is more than called for as is some serious action to rectify those who have been remiss in leaving the sheep so poorly tended.

      • Fr. Michael ..I’ve never been to MHR even when I’m in SF ..however .. if the only information you have about it is from here and other so-called Traditionalist websites, you may have a very skewed picture. Maybe you should call the pastor and express your concerns before condeming a whole parish.

        • On the other hand, it is extremely unlikely that Father’s picture is skewed at all. There have been countless reports and photographs. It’s not up to each and every individual to conduct their own independent research study. That’s why sites like this exist so that the faithful and “traditionalists” can share information to the like minded. So we can be warned to stay away. Would you consider the pastor of MHR to give an unbiased reliable assessment? I wouldn’t. But then, I’m not delusional.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:


            If you come out against something, you should have first hand knowledge of it, or at least be able to point to reliable first hand accounts. He did neither.

            And acounts and photographs. What exactly are those “accounts and photographs”???? Where can we find those? Actually, the “account” recorded in this CCD post was a “parishoner or former parishoner”, who undertook a certain course of action that had nothing whatsoever to do with the parish in the first place!! I’ts not even alledged that the Parish was involved in this policy!

            CCD goes on to create a false link with USF! Really!?? A parishoner or former parishoner did something and then the parish or former parish may or may not have formerly done something with…

          • Anonymous says:

            what photographs?

            If you want to “find” something, start with Google! There’s so much of it, you’ll never get through it all!

        • Ann Malley says:

          C&H, it is condemning the whole parish to keep it open under the pretext of being Catholic. It is not a matter of skewed belief, but rather objective realities wherein the “parish” administration is allowing that which it should not.

          Somewhat like child abuse.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Ann Malley, you can string together a bunch of words, but that doesn’t make them logical.

            “it is condemning the whole parish to keep it open under the context of being catholic”. Uhhhh what??? Aren’t ALL parishes open under the context of being catholic?

            “It is not a matter of skewed belief, but rather objective realities wherein the “parish” administration is allowing that which it should not.” What skewed beliefs do you cite? What does the “parish” administration allow that which it should not? Please be specific, Anne Malley!!

            This article can’t even determine whether the person they find fault with is even a MEMBER of this parish. He may, or may not!!! By it’s own words!

          • Ann Malley says:

            YFC, you are the epitome of non-logic. But that’s okay. We’ll keep you in prayer anyway. Goodness knows, God has been and is patient with me.

            As to specifics, I’ll leave readers to comb the web for specifics. They are out there for those interested in learning. Visits in person are good, too!

            “..Aren’t ALL parishes open under the context of being catholic?” Yes, on the surface. That is why having a parish advertise themselves as Catholic while condoning/encouraging that which it should not is the height of cruelty. Like having a mother who lovingly poisons you with arsenic laced porridge every morning. It’s warm and sweet going down, but the damage is irrefutable in the long term.

    • Irrelevant. Other churches and organizations can do those things. There are innumerable organizations in the world who run front operations to cover up and support an underlying mission of evil. MHR appears to fit that description based on its well documented history of homosexual advocacy. It needs to be closed.

    • charels says:

      Read Caritas in Veritate, the papal encyclical on charity and social justice. The teaching is that charity that is void of truth only ends up serving private interests and advances the logic of power. What I would say is exactly what is going on here…. using aid to the poor as a way of buying sympathy for a very unpopular lifestyle.

    • Canisius says:

      YFC defending the giving of condoms of children…. NOTHING else you states matters

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        I remind you that one of Archbishop Cordileone’s pet priests, who he brought into the Archdiocese from another diocese, gave middle school children a —MIDDLE SCHOOL CHILDREN—a written examination of conscience that asked whether they had ever engaged in homosexual acts or helped procure abortions. This comes from the heart of the Carholic Church in San Francisco.

        The actions of the individual protrayed in this piece acted of his own accord. Not as a representative of MHR or the Archdiocese. The article says they don’t even know if he is still a parishoner at MHR, let alone whether he speaks for them (which I’m sure he does not). I’m not defending this man’s role in distributing “condoms to children”. I’m just saying that you…

    • Catherine says:

      “Typical” response from YFC who wanted the Christian homeschooled children from Germany to be sent back to be removed from their parents care. YFC did not mind that their parents would then be arrested. Their children would be placed in government care. Yes, YFC has posted in favor of hatred and child abuse. YFC cannot serve two Masters. He is preferring the sinfulness of homosexual acts. The CCC teaches that habitual mortal sin darkens the mind and blinds the intellect. #1855 Mortal sin destroys charity in the heart of man by a grave violation of God’s law; it turns man away from God, who is his ultimate end and his beatitude, by preferring an inferior good to him. CCC-Second Edition

    • Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

      A Catholic parish isn’t a political party, or a service organization.

      No matter how much food or clothing they distribute, a Catholic parish at which the goodness of sodomy is preached, is killing souls.

    • Ann Malley says:

      Some things need to be hit, YFC. Like Catholic leadership openly encouraging that which leads to damnation. Better to close it down.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        “Some things need to be hit”, Ann Malley says. Why such violence?

        • Ann Malley says:

          …ask Our Lord why he overturned the tables of the money changers, YFC. Clue: He was eaten up with zeal for His Father’s House! You, well, maybe not so much. Business as usual seems to be your watchword.

          Again, the height of cruelty to mask that which is evil as the Catholic Church. Shame on you.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Ann Malley, my dear, you have never been there. Nobody at MHR is “openly encouraging that which leads to damnation”.

        In contrast to SSPX, which openly encourages separation from Rome. Ordaining priests and bishops without the permission, and in direct defiance of Rome…tell me that is not openly encouraging that which leads to damnation!?

        • Ann Malley says:

          SSPX openly encourages the embracing of Catholic Faith and Morals, YFC. If that represents a separation from Rome in your mind, perhaps you should look to the contents of what you’ve been imbibing under the label Catholic.

          And we are admonished to obedience, YFC, in all things but sin.

          Again, be careful what you eat.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Ann Malley, I think you actually believe what you are saying to be true. So when you say something that is obviously untrue like “SSPX openly encourages embracing of Catholic Faith and Morals”, you believe you are speaking a true thing, and therefore you are not telling a lie. But you are still telling an untruth.

            You are still telling an untruth because a Society that openly encourages and practices open disobedience to the Roman Pontiff, and which rejects Ecumenical Councils, cannot at the same time be said to be encouraging the embracing of Catholic Faith.

          • Ann..the also say that they “openly encourage the embracing of Catholic Faith and Morals. ” They, like the SSPX ,do so over the objections of the Magesterium of the Church. If one Catholic believes what the SSPX teaches and go to them for sacraments, why shouldn’t another Catholic feel free get his or hers with the RCWP?

          • Ann Malley says:

            YFC and C&H, you need to follow the prescripts of the Holy Father and understand that the Society is Catholic. Whatever issues “you” have need to be worked out without pretending. To condemn the Society is to condemn our own Catholic forefathers.

            Openly rejecting the demonstrable ambiguity that issues forth from an Ecumenical council is keeping the fullness of the Catholic Faith, YFC. One cannot yield in obedience to that which is proven sinful.

            If “you” don’t see then there is no sin. But if you do see, then there is sin.

            The Church is not a Simon-Says-Now play yard game.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Just thinking of the water boarding that was the norm at the Cathedral about a year ago under Archbishop Cordileone. Water boarding leads to damnation. Better to close the Cathedral down.

        • Ann Malley says:

          “Water boarding?” You are really hysterical now, YFC. Time to come down of the hissy high and discuss in terms as they are defined and not as one would like to paint them for the purpose of defamation poetry.

  7. John Feeney says:

    If someone told me 50 years ago that this would be happening, I would have told them they were crazy. Evil has permeated the modern Catholic Church!

  8. John Patrick says:

    Who could have believed that the homosexual deviants would take over parishes, schools, colleges and promote their impure agenda. Many will go to hell because of their efforts. Many will have shortened lives after suffering from aids and other diseases. God have mercy on them.

  9. Michael McDermott says:

    As expected the trashing of CCD by ‘our’ Resident Homosex Harpies has already begun.

    Anybody wondering why outrageous / out-raged – Homosex Trolls actively preaching Hatred for the Church – keep swooping and dumping on the CCD website, and particularly stories exposing the litany of Anti-Catholic Abuses MHR has become notorious for…
    – Just Follow the Money.

    Beyond paying the financial consequences of the Homosex Ephebohile Attack on the Boys (90+ %) of the Church, They want use of Church facilities & funds to & wages to wage such vile un-holy wars against the Church. This needs to Stop.

    We can do Good ourselves as a Church,; without having our Parishes and Families corrupted by Caesar’s Coins soiled by Anti-Catholic Hatred &…

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Unlike you, McDermott, I’m just stating facts. Disprove even a single thing I said.

      You, on the other hand, trade in Trumpish slanders and lies. There isn’t a single thing in my post (or in any of my posts) that could reasonably be called a “trashing”, a “dumping”, a justification or excuse for any kind of child abuse, or any kind of hatred whatsoever. And that fake statistic you made up is an egregious lie – and has nothing to do with MHR (or me) at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        You, so-called”Fellow Catholic” do not deserve the title “Catholic” because you are guilty of flying the false colors of the homosexual rot that has destroyed MHR parish. Those who support and defend this sickness are enemies of Christ and of the Church.
        Let us not mince words, you will send yourself to Hell not by the good that you do, but by the evil that you advocate. It matters little how many homeless the sodomites at MHR feed or how many poor that they support, but how faithful they are to the Word of God.

        • hosemonkey says:

          Hosemonkey wrote the above comment about YFC, I failed to affix my handle to it, there it is.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Anonymous, I doubt you have ever BEEN to MHR. You are so full of judgement, so full of your own imagined superiority, you can’t even possibly imagine that many good things happen there. There are some terrific folks ministering to each other and to their neighbors. Your heart is full of judgement, not the compassion of Christ.

      • hosemonkey says:

        If you support anything that goes on at MHR parish, you are guilty not only by association, but also by inclination. Homosexuality and Catholicism are mutually exclusive.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          God bless you hosemonkey, peace be with you!

        • are entitled to believe that “Homosexuality and Catholicism are mutually exclusive.” However the Church teaches differently. See 2358 of the CCC,

          • C&H homosexuality is against the natural order…. and despite your sides lies.. its a choice….

          • Canisius…If I chose to be gay I certainly don’t remember. I had my first crush on a girl..Ann..when I was in the 3rd grade.

          • Canisius says:

            C&H enough of you snark it does not impress me..I witnessed all of it first hand … end of story…

  10. drewelow says:

    YFC, i am reminded of comments vilagers in mexico make when beloved drug lords are arrested. , especially those in home towns or home states. they mention the way someone like el Chapo helped the poor and gave many jobs to local people, building upo their towns by investing money, opening restaurants. they make the case mentioning the good works aplenty, as though they could average damage to drug addicted lives and deaths and somehow come out with a B- grade. but the real evil of death and loss is not erased. homosexuality does damage and brings death, spiritual death.

  11. Michael McDermott says:

    “…homosexuality does damage and brings death, spiritual death” drewelow

    It is so difficult for many readers here to scroll past vile homosex trolls pedaling he seemingly endless supply of Rank Raw Exterminationist Anti-Catholic Hate that Fuels Them, and not wonder why all the effort to trash this little board?

    Of course Much of this is Paid – as in the Trolls are Often Paid by wealthy Gaystapo Operatives – simply to trash & harass ‘the enemy’.

    To Soil ‘Catholic Friendly politicians like Disney’s own Savage Lickspittle did, & ‘Goo-Ghoul Bomb’ them with tags for their own depraved coprophile Behaviors – (which they are too craven to otherwise discuss – lest they disgust those they are trying to deceive) – is the new…

  12. Gibbons says:

    There’s an interesting news clip about this on one of the Bay Area TV stations. Ex-Jesuit Kevin Gogin’s spot begins about 43 seconds in. He trips himself up by accurately calling 11-14 year old children ‘children’, then realizes that might not sound good, so he changes it to ‘young members of society.’ What a creep. Check it out:

  13. ANONYMOUS II says:

    The Catholic Church is often thoughtless, dishonest, cruel, politically-engaged in its own worldly interests, and hurts a great many devout, honest, practicing- Catholic laymen, all the time! MHR definitely needs HONESTY– and a strong “Courage” program, as well as active daily evangelization, to help the “LGBT’s” to truly be PROUD of themselves, following Christ, leading CHASTE, healthy, happy, RESPONSIBLE Christian lives!

  14. Linda Maria says:

    I am so sorry for those whose lives have been wrecked by irresponsible gay pedophile priests, who were later caught and convicted— but before that, they also wrecked a great many memories, of lives they were involved in– such as performing weddings, baptizing children, teaching and giving First Communion and First Confession to children, etc.!! Horrible memories, and very tragic photos, in which the criminal is included, smiling in his fancy Church vestments! Not fair! The Church does not care enough!

  15. Linda Maria says:

    Some of the most creepy things I have heard– are stories of growing up in the parish of the filthy Irish pedophile priest, “Oliver,” which the movie, “Deliver Us From Evil” was all about. And WORSE, to suddenly, once in awhile– maybe run into someone, who actually grew up in his parish, having NO IDEA of his horrible, pedophile crimes!! Some of these people also have had a little guilt, wondering, “why was one kid picked by him– and not me? Why was I so lucky, as the filthy, disgusting pervert priest, was not interested in me?” So sad! “Survivor’s guilt!” These criminals were cleverly disguised by Satan– and many people couldn’t believe it, when the truth was told! HORRID!!!

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