Transgender couple celebrates “Catholic” wedding

Ex-bishop performed ceremony on San Diego beach

The following comes from a February 23 10 News story by Michael Chen.

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. – A local couple is sharing their story after what some are calling the first ever Catholic wedding of a transgender couple.

(photo from twitter feed @10NewsChen)

Fina Estrada, Dermot Rodgers, and Angel Estrada (photo from twitter feed @10NewsChen)

Every time the newlyweds look at the photos from their wedding on a beach in Imperial Beach, they get a rush of joy and faith.

“It was so exciting, “said 35-year-old Angel Adrian Estrada. “It seemed like a dream come true.”

After Estrada, a transgender man and lifelong Catholic, first proposed to Fina – also Catholic – the two found Dermot Rodgers, a consecrated bishop who agreed to perform the ceremony, even though it runs counter to church doctrine: people are viewed by their gender at birth.

Months before the wedding, Estrada’s certificates of baptism, communion and confirmation were recorded by Rodgers under Estrada’s new name and gender.

The Diocese of San Diego points out Rodgers voluntarily separated himself from the Franciscan order and lost his ability to function as a priest. Rodgers concedes he voluntarily separated from the order because he disagreed with teachers on divorce and other issues.

Dermot Rodgers

Dermot Rodgers

According to Rodgers’ points, longstanding religious tradition says he remains a priest.

Since he has not been ex-communicated, he contends the wedding was a Catholic one.

Rodgers points out another first that played out last month: Pope Francis reportedly had a private audience with a transgender man.

Estrada says he has no doubt he was married by the church.


“I hope it gives people hope and inspiration … that they can take a step forward as I did and be as happy as I am,” said Estrada.

Rodgers says he has since married one other transgender couple and plans to open a LGBT-inclusive parish in Allied Gardens.


  1. It’s not Catholic and it’s not a wedding. It is an abomination and Catholics should have no part in this kind of sacrilege. Clear enough?

  2. Keep dreamin’, Fina and Angel! You are NOT married in the Catholic Church or any church for that matter! You are NOT even married let alone in the eyes of God! There is NO such thing as gay marriage! Period!

  3. Is there rampant insanity? Transgender surgery is mutilation and the heavy doses of hormones daily endanger one’s health, for what? To become a freak. Don’t tell me these people are happy. Where is the morality?

    • Calling people freaks, judging them and asking where their morality is……let me tell you something, Sarah. Where is your morality? Pride says: other’s sin’s are worse than my own. Then, of course, a worse sin is: when we assume the role of God and begin judging others. Pope francis says that “those who condemn and judge others will be defeated.” Are you defeated, Sarah? Is this why you are blasting your sins of {judgement and pride} on social media?

      • Follow JESUS, John.
        Pope Francis is human and capable of error and sin,
        and can occasionally be misquoted.

        JESUS said:
        1) to JUDGE with RIGHT JUDGMENT (Jn 7:24);
        2) that we will be judged with the same measure with which we judge
        (Mt 7:2-4);
        3) that we are to take the log out of our own eye PRIOR to taking the splinter out of our brother’s eye so that we will SEE CLEARLY. (Mt 7:5; and Lk 6:42).

        LK 6:42 “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye?
        You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye,
        and THEN YOU WILL SEE CLEARLY to take out the SPECK that is in your brother’s eye. ”

        People condemn themselves by their unrepented Mortal Sins of commission and omission.

        Read your Catholic Bible and CCC for accurate Church teaching.

        • Your first sentence in your response is correct. I follow Jesus only. I follow and am guided by the Eternal Word through the grace and wisdom of The Holy Spirit. Pope Leo XIII wrote a beautiful encyclical on the Holy Spirit. If time permits, you might enjoy it. You can find Pope Francis’ homily of 6-23-2014 @ the Vatican Insider re: judging others. I don’t think it’s a misquote. Respectfully, I avoid “using” the Bible or the Catechism to chase people down regarding their sins. The Devil is an accuser. Satan means “accuser”. When we assume the role of “accuser”, we go on par with darkness. All of the “accusers” commenting here are acting outside of a love centered faith. Their belief system as mine used to be, controlled by fear and wrath. More Christians are becoming wise to this dichotomy in religion. In other words, people are being “awakened” by a new movement in their faith. It’s a Love movement guided by Christ Himself thru His Holy Spirit. Light cannot co-exist with darkness. Jesus has sent His Holy Spirit who is the “forgiveness of all sin”. If we truly desire an authentic relationship with Christ, we must risk putting our “laws” and “rules” away and trust to be guided by the All loving, wise and generous Holy Spirit. Peace to you, Andrew.

      • People make FREAKS of themselves by purposely disfiguring their own bodies.
        Defiling one’s body is a sin.

        CCC: ” 844 In their religious behavior, however, men also display the limits and errors that disfigure the image of God in them:
        Very often, deceived by the Evil One, men have become vain in their reasonings, and have exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and served the creature rather than the Creator. …”

        • Anne T. says:

          If the person is actually born with a genital defect from birth, that is a whole different story. They do have the right to corrective, again corrective not sex change, surgery, but it is better done as an adult as if anything goes wrong, they will blame their parents or the doctors. They need to be of an adult age to make such discussions I believe.

          • Ann Malley says:

            Well said, Anne T.

          • Anne T., corrective surgery is NOT MUTILATION !

            (Ann Malley does not know the difference.)

          • Peter, I do not think that corrective surgery is what the article is denouncing. Full sex change operations when the person does not have genital defects from birth, or through injury or disease later, is not corrective surgery. Cutting off male body parts just to appear as a woman and trying, I said trying, to make a female part, is not corrective surgery, nor is cutting off female bosoms to appear as a man corrective surgery unless that person was actually born with both female bosoms and a male genitalia. That would be very rare if it exists at all. John Hopkins Hospital, which first started full sex change operations, has stopped doing them as the experts there say it does not help but adds other problems. I believe they would still do corrective surgery but not sex change. There is a difference. Anyone can Google what they have to say about it.

            One well known person had a sex change operation because she was molested by a woman as a child, and it caused her to have doubts about her sexuality. That is how damaging the molestation of children can be. It is not a victimless crime.

          • Ann Malley says:

            I can surely tell the difference between a spot-on correction to the matter at hand, which Anne T. delivered in her post, as compared to your attempt to mutilate words and their legitimate meaning, PETE.

            It gets harder and harder to foist the blinders on folks, doesn’t it, PETE?

      • To put it mildly, we can empty all the prisons and jails and disband the court system as we know it, because we cannot JUDGE anyone? Get it right! We cannot judge the state of one’s soul before God, but we can and must certainly judge people’s actions. This is necessary to live in a civilized society. Otherwise we live in chaos. We make a judgment every time we see a red stop light and decide to “obey” the signal, or what we must do to be safe while on the road. Use your brain to think this through. Take a course in logic and philosophy, subjects no longer offered in most colleges. Better to have an ignorant populace…

      • John, why do you berate Sarah? What is uncharitable about what she said; “To become a freak.”? Where is she wrong in saying this?

        Freak – A person, thing, or occurrence that is abnormal or very unusual.

        Sarah did not expose the private lives of those two women. Rather, those women submitted their personal lives to be broadcasted for everyone to see and know. Sarah has made an observation and has given her point of view, period. She has observed that mutilating one’s own body is freakish, not to mention harmful. After reading Sarah’s comments, you have in turn made your own observation and comments. John, you have judged that Sarah wrote what she did out of “pride” and “defeat”. John, can you read Sarah’s heart?

    • Anne T. says:

      The truth is most or all of these people are sorry later when they find out they really do not have the same body parts as the sex they supposedly changed to because the feeling is never the same. You cannot really produce what was never there in the beginning. Such surgery is painful afterward, too. Many doctors do not tell you that even normal reconstructive surgery causes discomfit all your life to a certain extent as ones body is never the same after an amputation. Men and women who have had amputations and reconstructive surgery can tell you this. The more extensive the more discomfort. Please people do not mutilate yourselves like this. We simply cannot be what we are not.

  4. Who is “Dermot Rodgers, a consecrated bishop” ?

    I checked google and found that he is ” Presiding Bishop, Communion of Independent Catholic Churches” San Diego, CA 92104.

    Abp Gomez needs to make it clear to his flock that this is not a legitimate “Catholic” group.

    The entire USCCB and Vatican must become aware of this heretical and schismatic group.
    I hope someone forwards this article to him.

  5. Arthur Lee says:

    Wait a minute – if the “male” is really female, and the “female” is really male . . . , oh, never mind.

  6. Michael McDermott says:

    MISANDRY – the Rank Raw Rabid Frothing Separatist / Neo-Exterminationist Hind Foot Thumping Hatred – of Men & Boys, Masculinity & Normal Heterosexuality…

    Is the Key to understanding the so called ‘tranny’ scam.

    Forcing Others (including the Church) to buy in to such Hateful Anti-Scientific Lies out of a phony sense of pity for their sickness – only produces far greater harm to far more people – including fueling persecution of Catholics & others of Faith.

    Our Church should get out of the State ‘marriage’ farce and let those who want civil ceremonies to Pay Caesar – and keep his filthy coin out of our Temples.

    Our Catholic Weddings should be crystal clear that it is a Union of a Man (XY) and a Woman (XX) because there are only Two Complimentary Genders fit for the Purpose of Marriage…

    Those who want to degrade the Sacrament have no standing to force the Church to support their Hateful Lie – even if rogue mau mau artistes masquerading as ‘priests’ are part of the Hate Pogrom.

    Let them get the same ‘ministers’ who presided over the Jack Davis 49er Birthday bash to perform a ‘ceremony’ – as whiskey bottle buggery and bloodletting are far more in line with such Abominations, and and like the tranny scam have no place in a Catholic Church.

  7. Michael McDermott says:

    This is what the Church Should be offering to help these unfortunates cope with their objectively disordered perversions – and stop them trying to force such insane hateful filth on the rest of us.

    “P-FOX has plan, program for churches to open arms to ex-‘gays’

    A support organization for homosexuals who have left their lifestyle is recruiting churches to spread a message of hope.
    P-FOX has launched a program called Safe Exit to help churches become more hospitable to people who are struggling with same-gender attraction, or are in the homosexual lifestyle, and want to leave…

    Griggs adds that churches cannot help people involved in those struggles unless they have a message and can present it in a loving and convincing manner, and homosexuals responding to the message are welcomed.

  8. Michael McDermott says:

    My Gender Is ‘Fill In The Blank’

    Now that Time Magazine has told us that transgender is the new black, I’m going to say something politically incorrect: Your gender is not whatever you think it is. Put another way, there is no such thing as, “My gender is ‘fill in the blank.’”

    “Facebook users who don’t fit any of the 58 gender identity options offered by the social media giant are now being given a rather big 59th option: fill in the blank.” (Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true.),,,

    In the vast majority of cases here, we’re not talking about someone with a serious, biological or chromosomal issue, because of which their gender identity is debatable.

    We’re talking about people who are biologically male or female but are convinced in their minds that they are something other than their biological sex – either the opposite of their biological sex (and so, a man trapped in a woman’s body or vice versa) or some other variation (no fixed gender; alternating genders; multiple genders; no gender).

    … What if you genuinely believe you’re a werewolf or the like? How about “My gender is male werewolf”? Will that work?

    I truly care for people who struggle with their gender identity, especially little children, who cannot possibly be accused of having some kind of sinister agenda.

    • Children are innocent, they learn from what they see since Birth. Whatever the parents showed before their eyes, ears and minds are printed in their memories until they are fully grown, learned to know who they are. From there each one will then finds whose own personhood. God gives every soul a gender at birth with a cross to death. With one purpose, that is, to be used for the perfection of that Soul. “Be perfect as your Heavenly is perfect.” Jesus the God-Man, who was Sinless, yest, had the heaviest Cross eve ! He pave the road for each of us to follow; to obtain heaven for the sake of our soul. No exception! the choice is ours, no one can ever stop someone else to follow whose own Free Will! Not even God! It is His gift to all ~ to whom do you serve? “One must not serves two masters, he will loves one and hates the other.” If one wants God, then, one must follow the Steps of Jesus.

    • You cannot simply use chromosomes to determine eligibility for marriage due to the existence of natal born XY females who develop ovaries, have periods, and can sometimes even give birth.

      Such a person is clearly female, despite their chromosomes (this condition is thought to occur due to cross hormone surges during fetal development.

      There are also XY individuals with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. In short, though they are chromosomally male, their cells DO NOT respond to androgen hormones and they do not develop male secondary sexual characteristics. The ONLY way they possibly develop is as females. Conditions like genetic mosaics and other developmental issues were largely unknown two centuries ago.

      Back then a “good” catholic would have condemned such individuals for immoral behavior because the Bible said God made them “male” and “female”. Has anyone considered that today’s science could perhaps miss identifying cases of mixed gender identity issues because we can’t determine the biological etiology?

  9. ” The Diocese of San Diego points out Rodgers voluntarily separated himself from the Franciscan order and lost his ability to function as a priest.” –

    The San Diego Diocese is currently without a Bishop, but with Francis appointing new Bishops to the USA on the recommendation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington DC, – we can not expect anything good – unless it is their unintended error.
    As we all know Wuerl supports SACRILEGE against the Body and Blood of Christ in violation of Sacred Scripture: 1 Cor 11:26-30, and Mt 7:6.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is a very serious and grave sin for you to say that Cardinal Wuerl supports sacrilege against the Body and Blood of Christ.

      • WEURL does support SACRILEGE.
        And on top of that he is a liar – and here is the proof – – – – – –
        He supports SACRILEGE against the HOLY EUCHARIST by giving and supporting giving Holy Communion to those who CHOSE to OBSTINANTLY REMAIN in Mortal Sin.
        And then he has the nerve to LIE and call it “Pastoral”.

        If you believe that Sacred Scripture in entirety is the speech of God (CCC 81); and
        If you believe in 1 Cor 11:26-30, and what Jesus said about Profaning the Holy Mt 7:6;
        and if you believe what the CCC states about Sacrilege being a grave sin (CCC 2120);
        and if you believe Weurl’s own words that doctrine and pastoral are separate, and pastoral has little to do with Doctrine – –

        then you will also know that Weurl supports Sacrilege.

        In opposition to Weurl’s public statement-
        There is no forgiveness of sins as long as the sinners purposely choose to continue committing those sins (such as a sexual relationship with the valid spouse of another, etc) – DOCTRINAL

        It is ADULTERY to continue having a sexual relationship with the valid spouse of another – DOCTRINAL
        “Thou shall not commit Adultery” – GOD’s Commandment Ex 20:14 ; Deut 5:18.
        “Thou shall not covet thy Neighbor’s wife” – GOD’s Commandment Ex 20:17 ; Deut 5.20.
        Teachings of JESUS about divorce and remarriage – Mk 10:6-12; Mt 5:32.

      • To cover for a heretic is a grave sin also.

  10. St. Christopher says:

    Ah, People, it is likely that “Bishop” Rodgers has a point or two in his favor. In fact, Francis — the Pope — has shown a remarkable tendency to “welcome” sexual ethics outliers in a number of ways. Perhaps as a testament to his Latin American birth and upbringing, or to his Jesuit training, or to his personal proclivities, the Pope certainly is not at all focused on the “sin” side of activities that are grossly contrary to Church doctrine.

    Perhaps the Bishop is an experiment of the Church; let him run around freely and see how people react, kind of thing. Of course, this marriage is a sham according to the Church, but, who knows what is soon to happen after October? Remember, you have the Synod being run like a mob “meeting of the families”. Eliminating opposition members, hiding materials that suggest the impossibility of acting in the desired way — all is “no problem” to Cardinal Baldisseri and his thugs. Of course, he does not call the final shot; that is the Big Guy, sitting behind the big desk, stroking his cat, henchmen all around, listening to petitioners who seek a favor from the Godfather. Thinking of the Franciscan Friars/Sisters of the Immaculate . . . and of the widespread disobedience by bishops to Summorum Pontificum . . . and appointment of failed bishops like Cupich to positions of great influence – – – just thinkin’.

    • Anonymous says:

      You apparently do not know how the Church works.
      Of course, Mr. Rodgers is not an experiment of the Church. He is a rogue priest who has broken with the Church.

      • St. Christopher says:

        What part of the sentence — “Of course, this marriage is a sham according to the Church” — didn’t you read, “Anonymous”? The post was intended to point out that, notwithstanding the idiocy of the marriage, and the illicit activities of the bishop, future apostasy is suggested by flirtations of Pope Francis, and his Gang of Nine or Eight or whatever, against Catholic doctrine.

        Pope Francis, apparently, and Cardinal Baldisseri and many other bishops and cardinals, genuinely want to alter Catholic doctrine (or “discipline” anyway) on a host of sexual ethics activities. You know, Anonymous, homosexual sex (after all, the Pope apparently insisted on adding language to last Synod’s disgrace regarding the “gifts” of homosexuals and that all must “welcome” them), divorced and remarried/not annulled Catholics receiving communion, fornicators being recognized — if stable — of having something of value in their relationships, all that stuff.

        The bishop in question may, it is suggested, be someone “ahead of his time”. After all, “Who Am I To Judge” Francis pretty much does not seem to care about what goes on in bed between consenting people(s), and his clergy pals surely do not care.

      • Why am I not worried that Pope Francis will appoint Mr. Rodgers Bishop of San Diego?

        • Be worried. Pope Francis has appointed Cardinal Donald Weurl to make the recommendations for new Bishops in the USA.
          That is how Chicago got stuck with Blasé Cupich.

          It is not clear to me whether Weurl is committing SACRILEGE, or
          does NOT believe in the Real Presence which would make him a HERETIC.
          Either way, his appointment does not bode well for the USA.

          • Ann Malley says:

            Why worry, JANET? Do you have OFFICIAL documentation to support your assertions that ‘worry’ is necessary?

            Hearsay and your personal opinions hold no weight. You attack Pope Francis and Cardinal Seurl and +Cupich, and sound just like a Sedevacantist.

            Are you Sedevecantist?

            Why do you attack the Church hierarchy without OFFICIAL documentation. And when admitting that the situation is unclear to you. Are you a heretic?

            If you’re confused and things are not clear to you, JANET, attempt to ask questions and learn who your friends are before globbing onto attack mode as others are wont to do. It is rather foolish to denigrate others as untrustworthy in their observations and question their motives/source of information when you proceed on other threads to point out common sense.

            God bless

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      St. Christopher this marriage is invalid as a sacrament in the catholic church for exactly the same reason that all marriages officiated by SSPX priests are invalid: Even validly ordained priests may not validly confer the Sacrament of Matrimony on ANY couple without faculties granted by the local ordinary (bishop). Now, this priest has apparently been consecrated a bishop by some mechanism outside the normal process, and if it turns out that he was validly ordained a bishop, because some rogue bishop with apostolic succession ordained him, it might be an interesting question as to whether the marriage is valid. But I still think 1) He’d have been automatically excommunicated by virtue of his episcopal ordination (just as Lefebvre’s ordinations incurred automatic excommunication for him and the 4 men he ordained), and 2) Even if he is a valid bishop, he is not an ordinary and therefore still lacks faculties to perform a valid Sacrament. If, however, the couple honestly believed that the priest DID have the faculties to marry them, then ecclesia supplet.

      • i am astounded to be reading this YFC. no need to go reaching into the intricacies of the canon law of proper form, delegation and “ecclesia suplet”. fact is, one of these persons, by undergoing surgery, has made it impossible to have sexual intercourse “humano modo”. and this makes any “marriage” to which they are a party impossible in esse.

  11. Dermot Rodgers is mocking and committing Sacrilege against the Sacrament of Marriage.
    Further he is a heretic, and a schismatic.

    However this is not a Catholic / Sacramental marriage.
    Code of Canon Law:
    ” Can. 1055 §1. The matrimonial covenant, by which a man and a woman
    establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life
    and which is ordered by its nature to the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring,
    has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament between the baptized.

    These mutilation freaks are not a man and a woman, and can not even attempt to procreate.

    • You can’t call people “freaks” and claim to love God. Whether gay, straight, transgendered, etc., God lives in each and every one of us, incl. “freaks”. Do you know what the sin of Pride says? It says: “Your sins are worse than mine!” Pride is a grave sin. How do you engage in such a sin and then speak of “DIGNITY?” Yes, by virtue of being “sons of God”, we all are His children, no matter what. Old people can’t procreate anymore either. Does that mean that they are “freaks”, too?

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Thank you, John, for saying that.

      • John, what a red herring!!!!!!! The fact that old people aren’t able to procreate anymore is the antithesis of freakish. Old people not procreating happens to be the norm.

        Freak – A person, thing, or occurrence that is abnormal or very unusual.

      • Anonymous says:

        John please read the Holy Bible first and open your hurt ask Holy Spirit you to understand the true! Because the is always right!! Your explanation seems like you are clever man but inside you full darkness!! May God bless and pray for you

  12. Canisius says:


  13. Father Karl says:

    To put it in very simple language, in order for a wedding to be lawful and valid, the permission of the pastor must be sought. for the ‘visiting’ priest. Secondly, marriages are only supposed to take place in churches, not in gardens, parks, cafes, or other places. Thirdly, this is NOT a marriage because the person had a sex change. Mark my word, soon an article will be written about someone ‘marrying’ a pet or some other animal. Things are getting worse al the time, and the abnormal is becoming the norm, while what is good ad holy is becoming weird and bizarre. May God help us.

  14. It is NOT Catholic at all!!! It is called a sickness and a SIN!!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      I agree Janek, it is not, its deception. There is so much information out there….not all are really approved by the church. Even the title of this article is misleading, as it insinuates that its Catholic when its not. Another scandalous article that deceives those who do not know their faith.

  15. Yet the S.S.P.X. is still out of “communion” with Rome, enough of this crap already, the only thing that can save The Roman Church is us and the return of the MASS OF ALL TIMES TO ALL OF OUR ALTARS, this is only going to get worse than it already is and the words “who am I to judge” by Bergoglio on that flight from Rio only made it easier. Will the Holy Ghost please send us savior in Rome to end this diabolical nightmare.

    • Linda Maria says:

      Bless you, Janek! I am on my way, to the beloved Tridentine Mass. But why not avoid the use of coarse language, as a Christian– and say, instead, something like: “…enough of this BALONEY already…” That would be much nicer, don’t you agree??

    • Anne T. says:

      Janek, evidently you do not read Pope Francis’ homilies or about them on good Catholic websites such as Zenit and EWTN as Pope Francis’ HAS come out against so-called same-sex marriages in very strong terms. You need to listen to him more and less to what other people say he says..

  16. Catherine says:

    Dermot Rodgers has been seduced away from God and he does not even realize it. He is currently a hostage to the devil. The devil sees and revels in the indelible mark of Holy Orders and is so pleased to have this particular soul doing his evil bidding. His photo above resembles Liberace. I wonder if Dermott Rodgers would also ignore Liberace if Liberace was allowed to return from the dead to warn Dermott Rodgers about the very dangerous or mortally sinful state of his soul. How sad Our Blessed Mother must be to see a once favored son turn so far away from God. Our Lady of Good Counsel please intercede on behalf of all priests who have gone astray and bring them back to your Son in full contrition for their actions and then keep them under your protective maternal mantle so they may share in the promise of eternal life. The charade on the beach is not real but hell IS real.

    Luke 16 : 24 And he cried, and said: Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, to cool my tongue: for I am tormented in this flame. [25] And Abraham said to him: Son, remember that thou didst receive good things in thy lifetime, and likewise Lazareth evil things, but now he is comforted; and thou art tormented. [26] And besides all this, between us and you, there is fixed a great chaos: so that they who would pass from hence to you, cannot, nor from thence come hither.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Rodgers is no more a Catholic priest – much less bishop! – than I am. He left the Roman Catholic Church, to be even more precise, and thus is not even a MEMBER of our Church, and certainly not a leader in it.
    These so-called independent catholics use the name to fool people, to get money for doing weddings on the beach, and many true Catholics have no idea that such group even exist!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Holy See made it very clear some years ago that Baptismal Records cannot be changed!
    If you were baptized as a girl, you can’t call up the parish secretary and now demand that your name be changed from Mary to Martin!
    This so-called bishop has no way to change Baptismal Records, Confirmation Records, or anything else: only the parish where these people got baptized and confirmed can do that.
    However…for a nice fee…I’m sure Rodgers will be glad to do almost anything.

  19. Pretend all you like; it is not licit.
    All the actors were impersonators, including the “priest”.

  20. For God, it is not a marriage. God created us male and female.

    • GALATIANS: 3:28 – There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.

      • Linda Maria says:

        To the poster John– we must not ABUSE our bodies, we must accept the gender God gave us, and RESPECT it! All proper marriages, in Christ, in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony– are of one man and one woman! Marriage is a holy SACRAMENT– and these two women (one disguised as a man) and their phony “bishop,” have ABUSED Christ’s holy Sacrament!

      • John, that beautiful passage at the end of Galatians 3 does not nullify right or wrong, virtue or sin, nor heaven or hell. Any relativist can single out one scripture passage and use it for their own wicked designs. This is why Jesus Christ left us His Church. John, wake up! You are deceiving yourself.

  21. respectlife says:

    Another “shepherd” gone astray. This “priest” needs to go to confession and seek help from God for leading his flock to Satan. He may think he is being “compassionate” but he has turned away from the Gospel and Gods word. Pray for “Mr. Rodgers” so that he will not continue to do more damage.

  22. Who cares. The Estrada’s are married in their own minds and hearts; and they have the benefits of civil marriage. May they have a long and happy life together. Rodgers did a good thing.

    • Self body mutilation is not a good thing.
      Having to ingest chemicals for life is not a good thing.
      This is NOT natural.

      This is homosexual marriage no matter how much someone mutilates his or her body.

      peter (lower case) you are not Catholic, why are you here ?
      No one cares about your personal opinions.
      Burning in HELL for unrepented homosexual acts is not a good thing.

      If the DEMOCRATS get their own way (based upon the 2014 CA Democratic Platform) they will expect ALL taxpayers to pay for the mutilations and chemicals needed for life.

      • Keep your enemies close, my dear TED. 😉

        • I have no enemies of import, peter. What is someone going to do, kill me? No big deal.
          My goal is to get to Heaven for eternity. 🙂

        • to peter says:

          This is a heartbreaking article.
          Almost every religion, including Catholicism, emphasizes acceptance as necessary for contentment. Some call it conforming to God’s Will.
          But even non-religious people can understand that happiness isn’t something you chase; it is something you choose.
          Perhaps you are not a praying man; but you seem to have a certain compassion for those who struggle in this area. Please try to understand that this is about best practices. Yes, people can be allowed to make mistakes and sometimes they do not regret them because the situation before the mistake was worse and there is a sense of relief just in having the indecision and the process over. But was there a better solution? One that would bring even more happiness and joy? If you do pray, please pray for us and for all who struggle with accepting their situations.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        So a diabetic, who must take drugs for life, is not a good thing??

        • YFC, certain drugs are lifesaving.

          Hormones to APPEAR to change your sex for your own gratification is not lifesaving.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            PETE, I think that if you actually sat down with a number of transgender people and listened to their stories and heard their life, you might just become convinced that hormones are in fact life saving for them. I don’t think this is something they do for “gratification”. Their doctors certainly don’t think so, that is why physicians prescribe these medicines.

    • We are Catholics, we don’t care about the perversions of our own minds and hearts, we care about the will of God. It says so in most perfect statement of faith taught to us by the Lord, the Our Father…”THY will be done,” with a “TH” not a “M”.

    • Spoken like a true Relativist. peter, I hope you are not offended that I prefaced the word “relativist” with “true”! I can’t seem to help myself being that I actually believe truth exists.

    • Angela campbell says:

      You are very wrong.

  23. Sharon LeDuc says:

    GOD HELP US!!!

  24. Oh the annulments, let me count the ways:
    Only one who has care of souls has faculties to marry, no delegation, no sacrament and no marriage
    Also to be married outside of a church you need a dispensation from canonical form, absent that no marriage.
    Also for someone suffering from mental defect you need a dispensation, without that no marriage.
    If you do not understand marriage to be what the Church says it is–no marriage.
    Of course most basically–to be married you must have a biological man and woman, absent that no marriage.

  25. Michael says:

    if he was ordained after 1967 he is not a valid Priest-anyway..relax Catholics!

  26. hosemonkey says:

    I have very grave doubts about this Pope and those who surround him. Does he have an agenda or just a very careless method of speech? Does he convey a message or intend to mislead? His statements about homosexuality, communion for the unannuled or divorced have raised hopes for those effected and caused doubt among the conservative faithful who have believed in the immutability of Catholic doctrine. This, to me is just another indication of the rot that is the real result of Vatican II. The Vatican hates and fears SSPX because grave sins are being exposed and I think it knows that the true faithful will flock to the SSPX once it comes under official auspices. Just sayin’.

    • St. Christopher says:

      You are correct, “hosemonkey”: this is why we all need to be like brave “Vox Cantoris” and speak up, loudly, against apostasy, and in favor of those within the Church, and among laity, that actually teach and live the True Faith.

      We do not have much time to do this, as it is likely that, after October’s Synod, things will change rapidly within the Church. We will all become like the poor Franciscan Friars/Sisters of the Immaculate (“FFI”), attacked and controlled by public liars like Fr. Fidenzio Volpi, Apostolic Commissioner of the FFI (who has until today, it is reported, to pay a large fine and issue a public apology to the Manelli family).

      Remember that Francis is in charge of what is happening to the Church — Francis alone. Is what his great pal Fr. Rosica says so very different than what “Bishop” Rodgers says?

  27. Here’s what one of the most highly respected medical professionals in the world points out about “transsexualism”:

    “’Sex change’ is biologically impossible. People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”
    – Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry.

    PLEASE READ: Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution – A drastic physical change doesn’t address underlying psycho-social troubles.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Of course Dr. Meissner ignores the whole rest of the medical field in order to peddle her opinion.

  28. MORALS!!! Yea Morals, we ve lost it and without ”good” morals we can’t claim to be Godly. Being compassionate is being able to tell a sinner his sins and helping repent of it and not keeping silent – as the don’t judge campaigners say. This 2 souls are headed for hell and the so-called priest has jeopardized his eternity by supporting them and their likes. But there is still hope that with prayers they can be saved from perdition. Holy Mary – help of christians, Refuge of sinners and Dispenser of all graces – pray for us sinners. Precious blood of Jesus Christ – save us and the whole world. Amen
    Get ready faithfuls the world is headed for SODOMY. I pray God we survive this damnation-bound Moral-less generation. #John, you ve accused Sarah wrongly. We all know that mortal sin lead to HELL, so she has not judged anyone rather she stated the fact and if we don’t get careful with this ”don’t judge” it will only help sinners more than it can save them. I state it that any human with mortal sin will go to hell unless he repent. It is as clear as crystal nothing like ”DON’T JUDGE”. Meanwhile, Sarah didn’t claim she’s HOLY. God have mercy on us all and save from losing our morals(conscience).

  29. Facebook has just added a 59th “gender” to choose from. This has nothing to do with mercy or tolerance, it is chaos and confusion from the pit of hell.

    No, I don’t “Like” it, and neither should you!

  30. Rogers can have all the opinions he wants, but that doesn’t mean he is correct. God sets His Laws/Commandments and His example. He also is the Judge at each and everyone of our Final Judgment. Here is one liberal that went to the extreme left. Wonder when he was ordained? After 1968 when the Sacrament of Holy Orders was changed by Paul the VIth voiding its efficacy?

  31. Reading the posts here, one can see collectively we are not one holy catholic and apostolic church.

  32. Michael McDermott says:

    Post Mutilation Regrets – are always Too Late
    An ex-transwoman’s story about regretting sex change

    I woke up screaming after my gender surgery. My body was aware of the tragedy and harm that had occurred—it was too bad that my mind did not comprehend the reality…
    I thought I was on my way to fulfilling my dreams and destiny of becoming a woman.
    The truth my body knew was that I was forever horribly maimed, and despite what my deluded mind thought, I was still a man.

    How naïve and stupid was…I wanted to be a girl. Girls were so pretty, and so desired and pampered…

    If I could only go back to the day before my surgery in March of 2005 — I would run from that surgeon’s knife…

    I had become no more than a caricature and source of amusement for others. Now I was trapped—I was truly a person in the wrong body.

    I am now trying to correct this wrong… Did I think I was going to be a beautiful princess living out a fairy tale life forever?

    I no longer have to prune and preen in front of a mirror, or wonder about the length of a skirt, or if my make-up looks OK, or if my voice is at the right pitch, and I don’t have to worry about teenagers looking at me and laughing.

    I am a guy, and I have always been a guy—for this I am thankful.

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