Tom Cruise as jailer



The following piece by Austin Ruse appeared February 22 on The Catholic Thing website.

As you read this, somewhere in America hundreds, perhaps thousands, of our fellow citizens are packed into private prisons.

These prisoners are packed thirty and forty into rooms made for far fewer. They are fed from slop buckets, leftovers from their jailers. They eat without utensils.

Some have been in these prisons for years. They have been placed there without trial, some without really knowing why they are there.

They are not allowed visitors. Their families usually don’t know where they are, though some family members are in fact their jailers.

They often do what amounts to slave labor for their masters. Their overall master is a man named David Miscavige, who happens to be best friends with Tom Cruise. Insofar as Tom Cruise says he is the number-three person in Scientology – after the late L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology CEO Miscavige – Cruise, too, could be considered their jailer.

Welcome to the darkest side of Scientology – “darkest” because in Scientology there is nothing but darkness of varying degrees.

These claims beggar belief. How could private prisons exist and we not know about them? These and other horror stories are told by Pulitzer Prize winning author Lawrence Wright in Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief just out from Knopf.

You may wonder, are these simply metaphorical prisons? Scientology is certainly that, but the prisons described above are actual prisons. Why don’t the cops simply bust them down? For a whole host of reasons, chief among them is that the IRS recognizes Scientology as a religion and, therefore, it is protected by religious freedom. Protection came after a two-decade legal battle during which Scientology went after the IRS and IRS personnel, who finally gave in. That story alone would warrant a whole book.

The second and even more frightening reason the prisons are not shut is that the people in them, the prisoners, are largely content to be there. They recognize their crimes and are eager to get back in the good graces of their masters. They feel they deserve imprisonment and don’t complain about it.

Scientology was founded by a charming madman named L. Ron Hubbard who was, according to Wright, a drug abuser, wife-beater, dabbler in Satanism, bigamist, and conman.

Hubbard worked hard for years to make a name for himself as an adventurer and a writer of pulp fiction, including science fiction. Unable to make a living as a writer, he published the now well-known Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health. It was in part Hubbard’s stab at destroying and replacing psychiatry, which for various reasons he had come to loathe. But it held the seeds for what became Scientology.

According to one account, Scientology teaches, “that we are all trapped in this universe; that we used to be ‘free’ and powerful but we have gone down a ‘dwindling spiral’ of degradation, life after life, eventually, after trillions of years, becoming powerless and mired in suffering; that L. Ron Hubbard developed the only road out of this trap back to ‘real freedom’ and power; that the Church of Scientology is the only valid source of this technology; and that we will only get this one chance to make it out.”

We became trapped because 75 million years ago, “a tyrannical overlord named Xenu ruled the [Galactic] Confederacy.”  Xenu had been chosen by a Praetorian Guard called the Loyal Officers, who turned on him: “Xenu and a few evil conspirators – mainly psychiatrists – fed false information to the population to draw them into centers where Xenu’s troops could destroy them.”

These beings – called Thetans – were killed and packed into space planes resembling DC-8’s and sent to Teegeeack, now called Earth, where they were placed in volcanoes and blown up with hydrogen bombs. Being immortal, the Thetans “became trapped in an electronic ribbon and placed in front of a ‘three-D, super colossal motion picture’ for thirty-six days, during which time they were subjected to images called R6 implants.”

These Body Thetans are in all of us and the goal is to get “clear” of them and become Operating Thetans by walking along the “Bridge to Total Freedom,” which Scientology alone possesses. And the only way to get “clear” is through Scientology “technology” that costs hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars to access. But this is the only way to salvation.

Most Scientologists don’t know this crazy theology. It is reserved for those who have achieved Operating Thetan III status. Tom Cruise – an ex-Catholic, as are 25 percent of all Scientologists – is OT VII.

Back to the prisons. They are reserved for those who join the Scientology “priesthood” called the Sea Org. When you join the Sea Org, sometimes as young as 14, you sign a billion-year contract and agree to slave away seven days a week, fifteen hours a day for pocket change. You also separate from any family member not in Scientology.

In the Sea Org, you are watched constantly and any deviation from largely arbitrary rules can land you in hot water.  You live in fear of being “declared” a “suppressive person,” which is the equivalent of being cast into hell for this and all future lifetimes. If you are found guilty of an infraction you happily agree to “Rehabilitation Project Force,” i.e., prison. You sign a waiver and other legal papers saying you are doing it freely. You could be inside this prison for years.

It is possible that tomorrow on a street corner in your town, or on the campus where your daughter goes to school, she will be approached by a well-scrubbed happy girl and boy who will offer to show her a short film on how to reduce stress and get better grades. And if she strains to hear, the sound in the background will be the eager cackling and scratching of Satan and all his demons.

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  1. Every time I pass by the Scientology center on Sunset Ave. in Hollywood, I get a major case of the creeps. Dozens of men and women in white shirts and black pants walking around talking incessantly on cell phones and chain smoking with pinched faces only begins to reveal the darkness of this demonic cult. Pray that Cruise and the other fallen Catholics come back home to the Holy Church, the only path to Salvation. +JMJ+

    • If you venture up close to the main doors, you might get to see the dobermans with gnashing teeth on tethers … oh wait, the gnashing teeth are with the handlers.

  2. Link is to an article on breast cancer.

  3. So Scientology has its own Gulag. What a surprise! This crackpot movement is scary and dangerous.

  4. Abeca Christian says:

    I hope many will pray for these lost souls…..

  5. Tom Cruise is an apostate Catholic. It strains credulity to think that even he could believe in such poorly contrived rubbish as was presented here today. I happen to live in very close proximity to the so-called ‘church’ of Scientology. I, too, noticed their peculiar manner of dress – which appears to be have been bought from a Navy surplus store. One day, just for the heck of it, I put on a light blue shirt and a Navy officer’s jacket and went out and strolled among them. The looks of confusion on their faces was priceless! The raw recruits didn’t know whether to salute me or not!

    The only way to put an end to this cult is to attach all their assets. Not one of them has the courage to die for their misguided faith in Ron Hubbard. a man who aborted his own children with wire coat hangers. according to his son.

    What really perplexes me is when I see octogenarians marching right in step along with them. They already have one foot in the grave and will soon be called to judgment before their maker, yet they follow the crowd like the lemmings they are, the blind leading the blind and all stumbling into a pit thereafter.

    Very sad.

    • Paleobotanist says:

      Really?…I heard that Tom was actually raised as an episcopalian…I don’t know if he ever converted, though I heard he entertained ideas of becoming a priest in the Catholic Church when a teen…which would have been difficult as he was not a Catholic…

  6. Just yesterday I purchased the book which has been reviewed above. And so far, it’s very revelatory as to the massive fraud known as “Scientology.” But I’ve read a great deal about scientology in the past. I’m always stunned when I hear of people who are STILL being taken in by this satanic religion.
    Now one thing in the book I found very telling as to anything being REMOTELY truthful about scientology is when Hubbard’s first son, Nibs, avers that he believes that scientology is NOTHING if not witchcraft in action, or words to that effect. And how could it be otherwise? In both “Going Clear” and “Strange Angel,” the biography of Jack Parsons,founder of JPL laboratory in Pasadena, Ca, mentioned in the book reviewed above, it’s made VERY CLEAR that both Hubbard and Parsons are or were disciples of Aleister Crowley, arguably the wickedest person of the twentieth century, a self-proclaimed satanist and proud of it, who, while dying, insisted upon the “Rite of Pan,” as his “prayer” at death. But there’s more, much more. And so, more will follow upon the kind indulgence of the editor of this site. GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

    • Paleobotanist says:

      Many people think the somewhat innocuous appearance of “Pan” as being this benign wood nymph, that wiles away his time, playing a flute and eating grapes…actually, Pan is an archetype of the “devil:..complete with horns, hooves and a sinister goatee…indulging the sensual delights of the earth…

  7. Through the grace of God I helped a friend out of Scientology. I had to learn a little about it and of course had to spend many hours in prayer. I would say that most people, including my friend, are first attracted to Scientology through the Dienetics books. They read the books with the hope of improving their lives. Once they show up at the Scientology headquarters, they are well on their way to participating in their own doom through the various brainwashing techniques employed there.

    While I do not know the history of Tom Cruise and Scientology, my understanding is that he had a somewhat troubled childhood. I’m sure that he entered Scientology like anyone else. Don’t be fooled by his larger than life smile. Surely he is dead inside, just like the others. Walking zombies with smiles is what I call them.

    When my friend was involved with them, he told me stories of how once you move up in rank, you can not get out alive. Tom and the others need our sacrificial prayers.

    • They practice being human robots. I once delivered a package to the Hollywood HQ, and these people are wackos. Also about 20 years ago I was driving along a rural hwy near San Jacinto, a ways east of Riverside, and surprisingly found myself right in the middle of their large campus … the road passed right through it. They were all dolled up in para military uniforms and walking around like robots. It was like seeing a bunch of WWII era storm troopers on a parade ground. Way back about 1970 or so, there were Scientologists who lived in a house next door in a college town. The women would swim nude in the pool (yes, I called my friends to come take a look). Then one night from my window I could see two men dancing together in the semi-dark … nude … in their living room, across the pool, through glass sliding doors. The previous year I did one of their courses, realized it was a scam, and tried to get the manager to honor the money back guarantee but she lied, and cheated me out of it … I guess she had more “e-meter” power. Scientologists are nothing but scam arteests and liars. No big deal, but the real problem with them is their dehumanization of members and paranoid mindset.

  8. I also knew a dude back in college who not only went Scientology but went on to cruise on Ron Hubbard’s main yacht in the mediterranean. I had read their main book and somehow recognized how bizarre it was.

  9. I would like to follow up with what I posted @ 2:59 p.m. re Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons, invemtor (or one of the inventors) of solid rocket fuel. There is a section in this book, “Going Clear”, which corroborates what I first read of in “Strange Angel,” the biography of Jack Parsons, said book published around 2003. And that is this almost unbelievable series of incantations or evocations attempted by both Parsons and Hubbard of the so-called mystical creature of the deep occult called the “moonchild,” a personage foretold in Aleister Crowley’s books (really,demonic ravings) who becomes the antichrist. The two of them did this night after night, and the climax of all these evocations of evil was allegedly feverish visions and other abominations, vividly experienced by the two erstwhile prestidigitators. Some were visions of Babalon and he “Scarlet Woman” mentioned in the Acopalypse. All of these things occurred around 1945-46 in Pasadena, Calif., where the occult Parsonage first started by Jack Parsons was located. And these guys were DEADLY SERIOUS!
    Both Hubbard and Parsons made no bones about doing these abominable ceremonies in the hope of bringing about the antichrist. Which tells you pretty much how diabolically disoriented this whole occultic scene was in those days in this lodge meant to establish a New Age. As for Parsons, he literally blew himself to pieces in 1952 during an experiment involving dynamite, liquid rocket fuel and the like. Most know that Hubbard died in January,1986 aboard his “Sea Org.”
    Yes, Hubbard’s religion of Scientology is pretty much a crock, with mysterious influences of diabolique to it. Thankfully, from all I’ve been reading in the last few years, it would appear that most of it’s appeal has deteriorated, and it’s not like it used to be, where adherents were flocking to it by the hundreds. I mean, after all, who would like to be part of a church wiith a compulsory billion-year contract? I’ll pass. GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

  10. My understanding is that the reason Scientology receives tax exempt status as a religion is because they perform wedding ceremonies. I myself heard Scientologists boast of this themselves during a large gathering I once attended with my friend. Beyond that they really do not have anything to indicate that they are a religion (other than reading from one of L. Ron Hubbard’s books as one would from the Holy Gospel in a Catholic Church!). For this reason some countries such as Germany refused to recognize Scientology as a religion. It is not uncommon for many of Scientology members to have been married eight times. Tom Cruise’s numerous marriages are not just a hollywood thing, but a Scientology thing.

    Scientology claims that it can help members excel in relationships, yet in fact, its members can rarely keep a relationship together for long. This alone makes me wonder why anyone would trust the group to join them in the first place. I guess the answer is sheer desperation along with abandoning God’s ways. Anyway, I believe that my pointing out this blatant discrepancy to my friend was one of the keys to him finally coming to his senses and getting out before it was too late.

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