Tim Kaine gets a standing ovation at his parish

Catholic priests praise his nomination
Pro-abortion Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine. Kaine has separated his “personally pro-life” views from the public policy for which he advocates. He has a perfect pro-abortion record in the Senate and supports Planned Parenthood. Kaine is also a co-sponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that would undermine pro-life laws across the country. (image from LifeSiteNews)

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine has separated his “personally pro-life” views from the public policy for which he advocates. He has a perfect pro-abortion record in the Senate and supports Planned Parenthood. Kaine is also a co-sponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that would undermine pro-life laws across the country. (from LifeSiteNews)

The following comes from a July 26 LifeSiteNews article by Claire Chretien:

Pro-abortion Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine received a standing ovation at his parish on Sunday and several Catholic priests praised his nomination.

Meanwhile, as Catholics call for Kaine to be denied Communion in accord with the Church’s laws, his bishop in the Diocese of Richmond has issued a statement saying that Catholics have a duty to determine their own worthiness “through an upright and informed conscience.”

Kaine and his wife were “like every other married couple going to church on a Sunday morning — if every other couple were met by reporters, people craning for a better look and a picture, and a standing ovation,” the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

Anne Holton, wife of Tim Kaine, with Father Jim Arsenault. (image from stelizcc.org)

Anne Holton, wife of Tim Kaine, with Father Jim Arsenault. (image from stelizcc.org)

Kaine and his wife went to Mass at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Highland Park, Virginia, a parish in the Diocese of Richmond. Kaine reportedly sang in the choir and performed a solo.

“He’s in the choir, and he’s a tenor. He hasn’t been able to sing as much since he’s been a United States senator,” Father Jim Arsenault, the priest at St. Elizabeth, told NPR. “But every once in a while, our choir director Kim Ford will nab him and say, Tim, we need your voice. And he is very grateful to help out.”

Arsenault told NPR that he thought the issues most important to Kaine were women’s pay and “social justice issues.” He said that he could reconcile Kaine’s label of himself as “personally pro-life”.

“I know that he’s definitely against capital punishment and works to help defend those who are on death row,” said Arsenault. “The church has a teaching with regard to we’re pro-life, and we believe in that seamless garment of life. We respect sometimes lawmakers make difficult decisions.”

The Jesuit high school from which Kaine graduated, Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Missouri, tweeted their congratulations. The tweet described Kaine as a “true believer in service and a ‘man for others,’” a reference to the school’s motto.

Jesuit Father James Martin, the editor of America magazine, was also quick to congratulate the pro-abortion senator in a tweet: “Congratulations to #TimKaine, a graduate of a Jesuit high school (@RockhurstHS) and a former Jesuit Volunteer (FJV) in Honduras”.

Planned Parenthood celebrated Kaine as a man who has “dedicated his life to serving others.” He has a 100% rating from the group, which is America’s largest abortion vendor.

Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin says Tim Kaine’s voting record belies his claims of being a faithful Catholic

The following comes from a July 25 Providence Journal article:

Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin said Monday the senator’s stands on the issues don’t match his church’s teachings.

The bishop noted on his Facebook page that though Kaine, a Virginia senator, describes himself as a Catholic, “it is also reported that he publicly supports ‘freedom of choice’ for abortion, same-sex marriage, gay adoptions, and the ordination of women as priests.”

“All of these positions are clearly contrary to well-established Catholic teachings,” he said, “all of them have been opposed by Pope Francis as well.”

“Senator Kaine has said, ‘My faith is central to everything I do,’ ” the bishop added, “but apparently, and unfortunately, his faith isn’t central to his public, political life.”



  1. Linda Maria says

    Our Church owes Christ and the secular world- HONESTY!! INTEGRITY!! Our Church should start a Catechism program, worldwide, for all (just as they used to do) — for clergy and laity! Next, to require all to abide by the teachings of our Church! For dissenters (clergy and laymen) — they can say “No”– and then, consider themselves “EX-CATHOLICS!” With a letter of excommunication in hand, from their local bishop! And if they change their mind, and decide to come back– GREAT!! They must make a PUBLIC APOLOGY FOR THEIR SINS (if they are public figures) and GO TO CONFESSION– and then, be re-instated, as HONEST PRACTICING CATHOLICS!!

    • NoRhetoricalQ says

      This evil man is as “Catholic” as my coffee maker.
      Sure, the bishops are gutless wonders now, but life is short, and Judgment Day is coming soon!

  2. FrMichael says

    The Diocese of Richmond was the black hole of Catholic orthodoxy in the US for decades under Bishop Sullivan. Even though he was put on ice years ago, the deleterious effects of his reign continue on.

  3. John Feeney says

    Another Catholic in name only church. What other sins does Saint Elizabeth “catholic church” advocate?

    • Anonymous says

      I don’t know if they advocate sins, but the pastors hobbies are golf and yoga.

    • Not a very vibrant church! One mass on Sunday. Is it still open for Kaine’s sake?

      • I looked it up and that is strange that there is only one Mass on Sundays. It seems to be a “social justice” church, and social justice money is often given to Planned Parenthood in some areas.

        • JD Cahill says

          I once went to a parish with a BIG “social justice” pastor. He had a cart in the entrance way with very left wing books to burrow with a sign “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!”. He also donated parish money to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

        • JD Cahill says

          Another story about above pastor. In the 90s he had communal penance and ABSOLUTION services before Christmas and Easter. He instructed everyone to write their sins on a piece of paper and then place the paper in a flaming pot where the paper was burned. BINGO, sins were forgiven! The local Cardinal finally outlawed this communal absolution and returned to confession to a priest.

    • Anonymous says

      St Elizabeth Catholic Church in Richmond, VA, teaches and preaches OUTREACH to GOD’S people …it is a LOVING, WELCOMING COMMUNITY TO EVERYONE…IT IS NOT FOR US TO JUDGE OTHERS, THAT IS GOD’S “job’..” He, who is without SIN…THROW the FIRST STONE!!!!!!

  4. “It is not fitting to applaud the servant in the house of his Master.”
    Pope St. Pius X

    • Slightly off-topic, gravey but some months back our pastor here in the Los Angeles Archdiocese praised Mohammed on his birthday and it seemed the entire congregation clapped, yours truly excepted. The pastor explained that we Catholics accept everyone. Can you hear them singing “All are welcome…”? If our parish will praise Mohammed, why is anyone surprised Kaine receives a standing ovation in his own parish? Would anyone have the courage to stand up and cry shame? The pastor would have him thrown out faster than you can say, excommunicate.

      • The story is certainly not the fact that Tim Kaine is a CINO. He’s a typical Democrat politician: pro-abortion, pro-gay everything, pro-women’s ordination, etc. Notice in his recent speeches he does not describe himself as a “Catholic” but rather a “Jesuit.” The new dog whistle for Democrat politicians “who just happen to be Catholic.” The story really is about the pastor and congregation and what their applause reveal, as you correctly referenced: a lack of courage and faith. Pope Benedict in “The Spirit of the Liturgy” addressed this very thing:
        “Wherever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a…

  5. “…like every other married couple going to church on a Sunday morning.” Truer words have never been spoken. Tim Kaine is no different from 80-90% of Catholics in the pews.

  6. St. Christopher says

    Well, this article shows that most, if not virtually all, of American Catholics are truly Protestant-Catholics, with little knowledge of, or aptitude for, the truth of their Catholic Faith. And, fie on Bishop DiLorenzo, the dopey priest and celebrating parishioners at Pro-Abort Senator Kaine’s Church. What is there to celebrate, as the Senator is simply a broken Catholic, too weak and gullible to stand up and profess his Faith fully and accurately. In truth, Tim Kaine is no more Roman Catholic than Hillary Clinton. But, look at the landscape of the Faith as practiced in DC under C. Donald Wuerl. What a disgrace.

    • Jim McCrea says

      Stop with the lies! Kaine is NOT pro-abortion.

      • Jim McCrea says

        “I have a traditional Catholic personal position, but I am very strongly supportive that women should make these decisions and government shouldn’t intrude,” Kaine told CNN earlier in July.
        During Kaine’s 2005 run for governor, his personal opposition to capital punishment came under fire, and his campaign produced an ad featuring Kaine telling the camera directly, “My faith teaches life is sacred. That’s why I personally oppose the death penalty, but I take my oath of office seriously, and I’ll enforce the death penalty … because that’s the law.”

        • Sorry Jim McCrea. Kaine has long since abandoned these positions. It seems everyone but you know this. That’s the price Kaine paid once he entered the,Senate, and all the more now that he grovels before Clinton.

          • Linda Maria says

            Kaine has a big responsibility to GOD FIRST!! NOT to his immoral constituents, who want free sex and baby-killing in their mommy’s wombs!! Kaine is a COWARD and a LIAR, to God!! He clearly works for Satan NOT for Christ!! He will have to have a big talk with God, at the end of his life!

  7. John Feeney says

    What other sins do the ‘Catholics” at Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church advocate?

    • Are there not two different churches described here: the “church” of Tim Kaine and the true Catholic Church of say, a Pius XII, JP2, or P. Benedict XVI (I cant say “of P Francis” with great certainty, until he clears up his position on the 4 Last Things, traditional sacramental marriage, socialist redistribution of wealth (prohibited by JXXIII in Mater et Magistra), his implied willingness to ordain women, and his apparent coming plan for an unprecedented “decentralization” of authority in the Catholic Church).

  8. Elizabeth says

    Dear Lord, preserve us for these so called ‘Catholic’ politicians!

    When is this madness going to stop? I am praying for them all, but to be honest, I am getting ‘sick and tired’ of these people who call themselves ‘Catholic’ and then are not even the most remotely following Catholic teachings on non-negotiable issues, i.e. abortion!!!!!

    The Bishops need to get all these so called ‘Catholic’ politicians in a large room, and as my Irish family use to say…….TALK TO THEM LIKE A DUTCH UNCLE!
    In other words, tell them like it is ! If they don’t comply, it is way OVERTIME that they be EXCOMMUNICATED!!!!! They are not only bringing themselves down the wrong path, but the people in the pews and the Priests and the Bishops too…

  9. “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?”

  10. FromThePew says

    As usual, perpetually confused Catholics clapping at the NO mass for any & all reasons. So very sad. Going on for so very long. Dear Lord Jesus, when will you deliver your remnant people that hope & pray for mass as it should be? Jesus, deliver us waiting in the pews from politicians and all other destroyers that bring scandal to your sacred home & lead people away from thee. We pray in your holy name…..amen.

  11. John Patrick says

    The Senator is not a Catholic but a Trojan Horse in church to destroy Catholic Doctrine.

    • FromThePew says

      JP, You are right! Catholic in Name Only = CINO. I even read an article on spirit daily about a bishop speaking out (wow, that’s unusual) that Kaine BETTER NOT COME TO HIS CHURCH & HIS COMMUNION LINE!

  12. Cain publicly supports ‘freedom of choice’ for abortion, same-sex marriage, gay adoptions, and the ordination of women as priests. He went to work for social justice under the counsel of the nefarious Jesuits. Last thing we need is another Jesuit Pope Francis in the Federal Government. Cain has killed his brother with an amazing 100% record on abortion. Catholic Commies are the worst.

  13. Innominato says

    KAINE is a “DEVOUT CATHOLIC.” He always fought against Capitol Punishment.
    As Gov of the State of Virginia he presided over 12 executions. He could have used his Oath of Office which gives him the power to commute.

    • FromThePew says

      I, So you ATTEMPT to equate ’12’ executions to MILLIONS of ABORTED BABIES? UNHOLY. Your choice, of referring to a much LESSER evil while ignoring monumental abortion DEATHS & the pro PP voting record of KILLER KAINE, (who you seem to support?) = EVIL. Don’t explain it here to me, but think of what you will say to our dear God on your judgement day. Are you prepared to lose you immortal soul for your support of a pro-abortion candidate? Because those are the consequences of your words unless you repent. You do not have to believe me or the church law but don’t mock our dear God with your poor argument supporting pro-death candidates…….

      • FromThePew says

        Continued………..’.Killer’ Kaine cannot BE a devout Catholic BECAUSE he supports other, even more horrible, UNHOLY intrinsic evils, abortion! And he is on the ticket of the DEATH-o-cratic party. H. Clinton SAID she supports, FREE ABORTIONS and “Let’s go make it happen!”. IF Kaine were a DEVOUT catholic he would refuse to be on the ticket with HC and the Death-o-cratic party. You are free to believe the lies if you wish, like Adam & Eve in the garden, but do not MOCK God with your poor arguments. May the God of the universe enlighten you.

  14. I know this is going out on a limb, but, most Catholics I know are against abortion but also believe in a woman’s right to make that decision. Against Church teaching? Yes! And yet, they are good people who try to do good for others and have a strong prayer life. Most do not object to same sex marriage. Against Church teaching? Yes! And yet they go to Mass regularly, and are strong contributors to their community. For good or bad, we need to come to the realization that a good number of our people (majority?) do in fact pick and choose when they think the Church is wrong. How to we treat them says a lot about how long they will stay in the Church.

    • St. Christopher says

      You actually made sense, “Bob One” until your last two sentences. Faithful Catholics are under no obligation to “treat” reprobate Catholics in any way other than to advise them of their errors and to suggest that immediate confession is in order. It is a favorite argument of Zombie-Liberals (and Pope Francis) to be guided by the argument that “many” break this or that Catholic doctrine or Commandment.

      Come on, the burden is not on the faithful, except to hold fast to the Catholic Faith. Sin is sin, and needs to be called out. Sinning by many does not justify a change in belief.

    • If they are staying in the Church without being more fully transformed into holiness by her sacraments and teaching, what good does it do them to remain in the Church?

      I wonder when was the last time those people heard a priest at Mass preach about the evil of abortion and SSM and supporting or enabling either?

    • There is no logical connection between how people behave and how they ought to behave. ~ Joe Sobran

    • Anonymous says

      Willful doubts are a sin.

    • Linda Maria says

      Bob One– Lots of people go to church, are lazy about the practice of their religious Faith and Morals– and would rather have a big social time, at church– than worship God! Not very nice, right, Bob One— to tell a lady, “oh, go ahead, kill your baby, sleep with the boys, use your government-provided birth control, act like Sandra Fluke, and she is your pal, at church, and so what? Church is no different than “Happy Hour,” at a bar, right?? Are these people in a church– or in a bar, Bob One? Church attendance is not doing lots of “Catholics,” any good!! Christ is waiting for CONVERSIONS!! And Confessions of SIN– for all those “Catholics” who are ALLOWING WOMEN TO KILL THEIR BABIES!!!

  15. Dave N. — not in my parish! Mine is a very traditional, orthodox parish. Shop around and find such a parish, even if it means driving a little further.

    • Mine are too. I would immediately have walked out of a church such as the one in the article and not look back lest I turn to stone. I have more respect for Pence even though he left the Catholic Church as at least he is honest about what he does and does not believe. When people like Pence see stuff like this in a Catholic church they are rightly disgusted. These are not cases of repentant publicans but Christ killing Pharisees that do not believe at all. I wonder how many pieces of silver they got for the betrayal.

  16. Elizabeth– many of the Bishops agree with Kaine! Maybe we, the “Catholic laity” need to help form the dissenting priests and bishops. Many of them support Democrats and their platform. Satan is certainly having his day!!

  17. The “catholic church” (small c) of which Tim Kaine and for that matter, Nancy Pelosi, profess membership is likely why Catholics are leaving the US Church in droves (Pew Survey results May 2015). What is there to believe in?:


    The only group that showed an increase in membership in this survey were evangelicals [and actually, the Latter Day Saints’, whose membership have increased over 400% in the last decade(s), although they are not listed as a major Christian group of course]. Both of these two groups have not changed doctrine, “pastoral” practice, belief in marriage…

    • …and in the case of the Mormons, ritual practice since the time of Brigham Young.

      In Utah, we used to get many converts from the Mormons, because in studying their own religion, they were impressed by the unbroken teaching tradition, consistency of doctrine, and unchanged ritual and the unchanged Mass of the CC. Forget about that in the last couple decades, as it has become clear the Church, once a sure anchor (one of its symbols) has become more like hurricane, constantly whirling, evolving, and changing.

  18. Withholding our tithes and putting them in charities that have a positive return may turn the money changers tables, that is, The Church.

    Silent No More, can the Church be. If priests have been silent for fear of losing the wealth from the people in the pews because they threaten to walk away from Truth taking their blood money with them, the priests will have to reckon with the faithful who will not walk away but will no longer let their tithes be counted towards “blood money,” that has silenced the unborn and has kept the pro abort catholics to perpetrate their culture of death. The Church, by remaining “mute” is guilty of scandal by association. The church is culpable, yes?

  19. Catherine says

    The Cure d’Ars and the Devil

    Are there three, very holy bishops, or three very holy parish priests, in the United States? Holiness begets courage! Holy courage is what it takes to lead and ignite souls. This holiness brings supernatural assistance that eventually puts an end to the terrible diabolical disorientation that has swept up so many. If you do not believe that, then, your faith and trust is lacking. Look at St. John Vianney!

    It is said that the Devil told St. John Vianney, “If there were three such priests as you, my kingdom would be ruined.”



  20. Catherine says

    “Saint John Vianney, for his part, developed a remarkable sense of humor about the supernatural assaults, saying, “Oh! the grappin” – his nickname for the Devil – “and myself? We are almost chums.”

    “It’s not likely that we’ll ever have to struggle with Satan the way St. John Vianney did, but we should be familiar with who he is and what he does – and why he must be resisted. That begins with acknowledging that he exists and that he wants to destroy us. It means knowing that although he is powerful, Satan is limited and he is already defeated (CCC 2852, 2864). ”


  21. There is an excellent article in Crisis Magazine on line called “The Gnosticism of Barak Obama”. It truly hits the nail on the head with some of these politicians too. They not only are not really Catholic, but not even Christian, but into the Gnostic heresy. The books on Gnosticism are all over the place, and the so-called psychics on television who say they are Catholic are really deep into Gnosticism Jean Dixon was a Gnostic. I remember one year writing down all her predictions for the coming year and not one of them came true. A phony from the beginning.

  22. A correction to my last post. I am not sure Jean Dixon was a phony from the beginning, but she certainly was at the end of her life.

  23. JD Cahill says

    Watched a few minutes of Kaine’s speech last night and I found his speech to be one of the weirdest delivered speeches I’ve ever heard! As I was quickly losing interest I do believe hearing him giving STRONG support to Roe v Wade. Not exactly what you should hear from a ‘alleged’ pro-life Catholic!

    • hosemonkey says

      Look up the word “Hypocrisy” in the dictionary. You will find it alongside large picture of Tim Kaine. His audacity is staggering. His parish priest and the members of his parish are no better.

  24. Margaret says

    Kaine is exactly the kind of political operative that the bishops in the US have been promoting over the last forty years. Bishop Tobin has spoken up and we will be lucky if one or two other bishops join him.

    • hosemonkey says

      Vatican Counsel II opened the floodgates to the evils that beset the Church today. Why did a majority of “Catholics” vote for Barack Obama? Why do “Catholics” support abortion on demand? Why do “Catholics” support so-called “gay marriage”? Because they are clueless and stupid? Partly, yes. Blame the wimpy Bishops, the priests and blame poor catechesis for what is happening now. And lastly, blame our weak Pope who does not realize that our Holy Church is under mortal attack by the forces of evil. I would rather be a member of a fighting and persecuted Remnant, than a mainstream member of a dying Church. Call a Crusade, wimpy Pope Francis and I will join it.

      • hosemonkey says

        Let me to be most clear. The Remnant of which I speak will be a CATHOLIC Remnant, it may be a shadow of its’ former self but it will contain the essence of Truth and Tradition that our Lord Jesus bequeathed to his loyal followers. It will be in the world, but not of the world. It may even be in the catacombs, but we have been there before. The persecuted Church grows ever stronger, as we have well seen. What we must have are loyal Catholic soldiers and a Pope that carries the Truth and a fighting spirit.

        • Steve Phoenix says

          Your observation, HM, is exactly the conclusion predicted by Romano Amerio, V2 peritus and historian of the Council: the Church will survive, but only in small “cells”.

          It is the inevitable outcome of incorporating revolution into the very fabric that composes the Church.

  25. Mike Arata says

    “Personally opposed but pro-choice” deceits — or here, the “personally pro-life” (but legislatively pro-abortion) fraud — are just cynical deals with the devil.

    As an analogue: how do we view those “personally opposed but pro-choice” regarding SLAVERY?

    As USCCB observes regarding POLITICIANS: “Most Americans would recognize the contradiction in the statement, ‘While I am personally opposed to slavery or racism or sexism, I cannot force my personal view on the rest of society.’”

    So “No public official, especially one claiming to be a faithful and serious Catholic, can responsibly advocate for or actively support direct attacks on innocent human life.”

    Kaine’s bishop, pastor, and fellow parishioners should condemn his…

    • Linda Maria says

      “Personally opposed but pro-choice”– means that one is sanctioning KILLING INNOCENT CHILDREN, if sick, selfish, leftist liberal “feminists” do not want motherhood! Regardless of whether or not their baby is inside their wombs, or just born– that baby, made by God– is a PRECIOUS HUMAN LIFE!! And we have a GREAT MORAL OBLIGATION to PROTECT THAT INNOCENT CHILD!!! It is SATANIC to protect the false “right” of a mother to KILL HER BABY, if she so “chooses!” Motherhood is NOT A CHOICE!! It is a RESPONSIBILITY!!

  26. People, listen to yourselves castigate this man hypocritically. The fact is that there are CINO’s in the left and CINO’s in the right. CINO’s in the left I suppose are more culpable because they are more likely to support abortion, which is intrinsically evil. But rightist CINO’s are also guilty of their own type of dissent, whether it be dissent on the death penalty, belittling the Second Vatican Council, belittling the Ordinary Form of the Mass (calling it “deplorable” for instance), non-support of the social justice issues supported by the Church, and others.

    People, you may think to console yourselves with the thought that the issue of your dissent is of a “small matter” because the issue does not “cry out to heaven”…

    • or is not as grave as abortion. However, I can almost hear the words of Our Lord saying to rightist CINOs in condemnation of you: “He that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in that which is greater: and he that is unjust in that which is little, is unjust also in that which is greater” (Luke 16:10). Repent people, repent!

      • Justin K. says

        “jon”, “the only true-blue Catholic “(really, he has self-praisingly called himself so elsewhere), suffereth so, being (he says) neither “rightist” nor “left” (his terminology: political terms, not ecclesial), but he of course being perfect in knowledge, is perfectly in the middle.

        Yet most of his typically hostile words—just count’em— are predictably aimed at traditional Catholics (“rightist”) who “rightly” question the direction the Church is headed. So, “jon” is no “middle-roader” at all.

        Drop the verbose deception, buddy, everyone sees through it.

        • Oh, I reprimand “leftist” Catholics too O Justin K. But the fact is that the regular habitué (a new word for you to learn there) of this here blog—to whom I mostly direct my words—are disobedient “rightists”, sedevacantists, adherents of SSPX, and sad to say people who call themselves “traditionalists” who disobey the Magisterium, who thumb their noses at “contracepting” Catholics who attend “Novus Ordo” Masses. So, because they commonly lurk here, the bulk of my words are directed to them, to you who are disobedient.

          • “I,I,I”, “me,me,me”, “my,my,my”.

            What a wonderful servant, perfect in knowledge and charity, jon the Perfected is, to the Sacred Trinity. How the Trinity must rejoice in such a wonderful Servant of God!

          • Ann Malley says

            The Magisterium cannot turn round and bite its own head off, jon. So your basis for discerning is skewed. Thus your noisome pontificating is accurately identified.

          • Jon J, I thought you told me you did not “push” contraceptives. Well, you certainly sound as if you are approving them now. Slowly but surely you let that slip out of times, and please do not pretend you do not.

          • And I am not thumbing my noses at anyone, just telling the facts. Women who live in the world’s “Blue Zone’s” where the average person lives to be over ninety, were not using the birth control pill, unless until recently. They used natural ways of spacing children such as breast feeding. If some now do, you can bet their natural life span will go down.There is a group called the La Leche League which helps with that spacing of children here in the United States.

          • Anne T. I am jon. I am not JonJ whoever he is. Ok? You got the wrong number. Moreover, how you were able to deduce wrongly and foolishly that I would seem to be supportive of birth control based on my comment above is just bunk. BUNK! What I am condemning there by mentioning your derision of “contraceptiing” Catholics is your hypocrisy, your snobishness, your “I’m- too-good-to-sit-in-the-same pew-with-you kind of attitude. Of course I wouldn’t approve of birth control. But I disapprove of this contemptuous attitude some people have here with those who love the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

          • Ann Malley says

            The BUNK is you making a just observation of the lack in the NO and current catechesis out to be a personal attack. Someone may love their mother, too, but she may be an ax murderer. To say the woman is a killer and to attempt to remove the child from her custody is the height of charity – not the hearts and flowers parade you paint.

            Sadly, however, you are inured to believe that the Magisterium can grow a head and bite off its own tail and still be called the Magisterium. Ambiguity is not binding, jon, or JonJ. Whoever you are. Your messaging is the same. Scurrilous ambiguity and the pretense of obedience to idiocy as proof of fidelity.

            Pharisee, they name is jon.

          • Jon, I have gone to many a post Vatican II Mass, some of them I like, and some I do not like. If that is snobbishness, so be it, but that would include everyone else who prefers one Mass over another.

          • And Jon, no Catholic has to sit at a Mass where heresy or immorality is taught, or a politician is praised who is voting for evil, and I certainly am not saying such is done at most post Vatican II Masses I have attended. I do, though, find most clapping in church offensive as the Mass is for the worship of God, not us. People can be rewarded or thanked after the Mass in various ways.

          • And Jon, as far as sitting by a person at Mass who uses contraceptives, I do not ask the person who is sitting next to me about their intimate lives, and the majority of people have the common sense not to tell perfect strangers about their intimate lives. I have seen many marriages over the years destroyed because a person discussed their marital relations with their spouses with supposed “friends” who used the info for affairs with their spouses.

    • Ann Malley says

      Speaking truthfully about the danger and demonstrated evil of compromise language is a duty, jon. That is where you err. You speak nothing but BUNK when you make an idol out of that which is not binding. Like the pretense that Catholics must now oppose the death penalty. And the pretense of taking personally a lawful observation of the shortcomings of the rite of Paul VI.

      • Aha! There it is—your claim that Vatican II is not binding. Yes, a lover of the SSPX you truly are Ann Malley. Why hide it? Why don’t you just admit to the world that you love the SSPX? That you relish in their disobedience? Why don’t you just come out of the SSPX closet and tell the folks here that THAT is context for all of your comments here? THe context being that because the sedevacantist/SSPX lot desire that their numbers swell, they need to always be throwing shade at lawful (meaning those with legal standing in the Church which does not include our beloved SSPX) bishops and the Pope. Only when people feel anomosity for them can the SSPX numbers rise. It’s all about chapel attendance, AMalley, it’s all about…

        • money and survival. Pitiful really. I’ll pray for your beloved SSPX.

          • jon the pious can really save his dissimulation about “praying for the SSPX”:

            For one thing, he isn’t believable: for another, the first rule in prayer is “Thy Will be Done.” (Clarification: “Thy” = God’s will, no jon’s will, since after all, “jon” believes his will perfectly conforms with God the Father’s.)

            But moreover, prayers dripping with hostility for vengeance and punishment obviously are not from God, but the other guy.

      • Ann Malley says

        Aha! There it is, jon. Vatican II set about to define nothing new. So what is binding today is not due to Vatican II – but in spite of it.

        Your obsession with the SSPX and financial survival, etc is really off putting. Again, you distract and create spangly targets. But increasing numbers are onto your game, or should I say the game.

        I’ve no mission to increase SSPX numbers, jon. Far from it. SSPX is merely a vehicle, not the destination or the guidelines for the journey. But perhaps your looking to $$$ is why you pretend that the Magisterium can create doctrine. And can eat its own head out of “obedience”.

        You’ve shown your hand, jon. You want popularity. That’s not what the RCC is for, jon. That’s why the gig is up. The…

        • Ann Malley says

          truth is what Catholics are for. This is why the pretense that anyone pointing out the inconsistency of what is offered in myriad diocese is somehow evil is evil. You attack the messenger.

          But, perhaps this rhetoric of yours is how you are handled. That is your fears or intermittent displays of intellect and will are pacified by feigning that people are only pointing out hypocrisy because they are trouble makers instead of unwilling to aid and abet the trouble makers like you do.

          As for relish, I prefer that on a hamburger. But it makes for an intriguing sentence, jon, for those who operate by way of hyperbole. Have at it.

          You may also want to focus on praying for yourself, jon. You need it. We are responsible, after all, for our…

          • Ann Malley says

            …own souls first.

            Perhaps a season spent oxygenating yourself will result in better thought process for you. “Feelings” have zero to do with it either way.

  27. FromThePew says

    NEWS for Faithful Catholics. HC promotes FREE ABORTIONS. Says, “Let’s go make this Happen!”. Can a candidate GET ANY WORSE? Article @
    Anybody voting for her has blood on their hands and NO SOUL. And she claims to LOVE CHILDREN? HA. Demonic.

  28. So, just saying and not supporting, but in every country around the world where contraceptives have been made easily available the rate of abortions has gone down dramatically. So, as Catholics how do we square those two facts?

    • Not true, Bob One, Contraceptives have been available in this country before Roe Vs Wade, and they often fail besides causing many medical problems for women and polluting our waterways. NFP (Natural Family Planning) on Couple League and Billings websites are safer and greener for both the mother and the environment. People no longer want to control their passions and nature does not work that way, even sterilization damages the bodies in certain ways. As the saying goes,

      • I meant to erase my last sentence, and the second to the last sentence was not clear. I should have written: “People no longer want to control their passions, and using unnatural means to avoid pregnancy only causes damage to the woman doing it. Many women get large cancerous tumors from the use of the pill and other deadly medical conditions, and the man goes on to the next women, sometimes even before the poor wife or girlfriend dies.because they really do not care.

      • Linda Maria says

        All true! And where is the Church’s teaching and practice of CHASTITY and SELF-CONTROL???? If one truly loves God, and truly loves their spouse, they will have selfless love, and self-control!! And a life close to God, of prayer, self-sacrifice, frequent Mass attendance, and frequent reception of the Sacraments!

        • Linda Maria says

          We are supposed to be Christians, not pagans, and we must follow our beloved Christ– and no contraception, and no out-of-control passions, lust– nor egotism, worldliness, or selfishness!! Actually– God is in control of our lives! God created us, and He created our sexual nature to serve Him, to bring forth children— and it is He Who must actually act through us, in all that we do and say, each day! Our egos are so false, so worldly, so sinful– and so far from God! We must discard that– and live close to God! Our body is a holy temple, for worship of Him! Including spouses creating a child– it is the action of God!

      • Correcting: “Couples to Couple League” not “Couple League”.

  29. Michael McDermott says

    Can a Catholic Vote for Hillary Clinton?
    7-28-19 by Fr. Dwight Longenecker (Patheos – Opinion)

    To summarize, Hillary Clinton fully backs federal funding for Planned Parenthood, wants to repeal the Helm Amendment which bans US funding for abortions overseas, wants to clamp down on abortion protesters, and says being pro abortion is a “litmus test” for appointments to the Supreme Court.

    Can a faithful Catholic vote Democrat in the coming election?
    The answer is no.

  30. Parish motto is “Umoja” (St. Elizabeth’s is predominantly black). Shades of Chicago’s St Sabina and Father Pflagrant.

  31. Give me a break!

  32. markm216@yahoo.com says

    Are these people all crazy @ St. Elizabeth’s Church, lionizing this shameful fraud of a “Catholic?” The Pastor, the choir-director, all the sheeple ‘Catholics’ in the pews who give Kaine “standing ovations?” The man is a walking, talking DISASTER for the Catholic church in Virginia in terms of the horrific witness he displays for the official teachings of the Church of Rome as they relate to sexuality. Kaine desperately needs to be PUBLICLY EXCOMMUNICATED for all of his heretical stands AGAINST the faith as necessary shock therapy for everyone (apparently) in his Virginia parish; SOMETHING must bring all these “Catholics” back to what the Church truly espouses, instead of all of these heterodox positions that Tim Kaine subscribes…

  33. Catherine says

    Tim Kaine Campaigns For ’Pope Francis Catholics’ In Pennsylvania – Breitbart

    “By citing his more liberal Jesuit education, Kaine sends a signal that he will not stand for the lives of unborn children as victims of abortion. I’m a strong supporter of Roe v. Wade and women being able to make these decisions,” he said when asked a question about abortion during a CNN interview in July.”

    “His voting record to defend abortion rights has earned him the support of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. He has been a champion for Planned Parenthood,” Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards said after he was nominated.”


  34. Catherine says

    Tim Kaine just boarded the speediest bullet train to hell. Pray for his conversion before it is too late.

    Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.” – Blessed Pope Pius IX

    FBI makes warning visits to Americans on Islamic State “kill lists”

    Scholar Critical Of Pope’s Remarks On Islam

  35. Can you imagine the phrase “I am personally opposed to the killings but I vote to support this as public policy,: when it came from a Hitler supporter in 1938.

    It’s even worse when it comes from a Hillary supporter in 2016.

    Catholic bishops by their silence or stammering give political cover to monsters.

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