There will be no graphic signs

Bishop Robert McElroy to lead Pro-Life Stations of the Cross in downtown San Diego on Good Friday

Bishop Robert McElroy, center, talks with people at the 2017 San Diego Stations of the Cross. (Hayne Palmour IV / San Diego Union-Tribune)

If you have never been to the  Good Friday Pro-Life Stations of the Cross in Downtown San Diego, please consider it taking part in the 13th annual event on Good Friday, March 30.  Bishop Robert McElroy will be leading us!

Please arrive by 11:45 am at the sidewalk on the east side of St. Joseph Cathedral, at 4th and Beech (note: we do not meet inside the church, which is located at 1535 3rd Ave.). We leave at noon, processing west on Beech Street to Front Street, then down Front Street to the old federal building at Front and Broadway where we pray the Stations of the Cross.  We process back to St. Joseph’s, arriving at about 1:00.

This is the largest, public Stations of the Cross prayed on the streets of San Diego. Join hundreds in bringing the pro-life message of Jesus to the streets.

This is a family-friendly event, and children are welcome.  There will be no graphic signs.

With its pro-life message, this event is a particularly powerful public witness. Please tell your friends! We hope to see you there.

Check out this short video of the 2013 procession to get an idea of this powerful event:

From Diocese of San Diego Office for Social Ministry website.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Good for Bishop McElroy!

    • Good for what? Not upsetting people with the truth of what abortion really looks like? Think about how bloody and horrific the images from the Stations of the Cross actually were. That was Christ Himself being killed in a violent way, make the connection folks, abortion kills in a brutal way too. The bishop approved the Pro-Life Stations of the Cross but stopped before making the powerful link to violent death on a cross or in an abortuary. Missed opportunity, shame.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is a family friendly event. Children are welcome. In times past, no one ever had to worry about graphic images at a pro-life event. Do you want graphic images of how the babies are conceived, too? You don’t have to attend and you can have your own event with all the graphic images you want.

        • Don’t know where you’ve been Anonymous, but graphic images have been part of pro-life events for years. Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life says that America will never reject abortion until it sees abortion, and yes, he uses truthful images that are meant to be upsetting.

          Sensitive or very young folks are perhaps best left at home. Abortion and crucifixion aren’t “family friendly” events and honest exploration of them is tough going. Maybe you need to hug your teddy.

        • Nevertheless, sooner or later children will see these images. There is a book that has been out for decades called “Who Broke the Baby?” A woman who was Lutheran at the time, and probably still is, was doing some research on abortion for a study or paper she was doing when her three-year-old son walked into the room and saw a picture of an abortion. He said to his mother, “Who broke the baby?” That little boy saw what some adults refuse to see and deny.

        • By the way, I have never held up graphic signs either, but I have been to protests outside abortion clinics where they were used. There IS a time and place for them, and as I said in my last post, children WILL eventually see them, even if is when they are older. Many women who had abortions broke down in tears later when they saw just pictures of fetal development in a book and realized what did. One cannot deny it forever.

  2. No signs at a pro-life rally with Bishop McElroy even when held on outdoor public property?? I remember there were enormous banners and signs permitted inside Our Lady of Guadalupe church during the “Faith not Fear Summit” with Bishop McElroy and The San Diego Organizing Project. They also allowed a muslim imam Taha Hassane to speak from the ambon. Why would they NOT want signs for an outdoor pro-life rally?? . . hmmm…

    See picture gallery:

  3. Bob Bugiada says:

    No graphic signs? One holocaust took place in cold camps under the watch of mean guards in scary-looking uniforms with machine guns. The present holocaust takes place in plush offices under fluorescent lights with smiling nurses and doctors, with smooth jazz playing through the PA system. What actually happens now is very graphic but, God forbid, let’s not force people to see it, or to think about it.

  4. Joel Fago says:

    The killing of unborn babies will not end until more people see aborted babies. A crucifix is graphic.

  5. John Torres says:

    If the Bishop says there will be no graphic signs or displays, then he must take down every crucifix.

    There is nothing more gruesome, more graphic than a living man brutally nailed to wooden beams with blood pouring from the wounds, with an agonizing expression from the horrendous pain.

    I hope people do show up with signs that show the truth!!!!!!!!!.

  6. St. Christopher says:

    Gee, no graphic signs of the daily murder of the pre-born.

    Gee #2, the Bishop is joining!!! Gee.

    Time to unmask the beast, each and every time. Abortion is not an issue for polite debate. It is murder, it is Auschwitz. It is the Gulag. It is America, too.

  7. “No graphic signs” seems like a no brainer to me. The whole idea of a sign,any sign, is to get people to look at it and think about your message. If the sign has an image which causes people to turn away and try to mentally “unsee” it, it’s probably not going to work.

  8. Linda Maria says:

    This is great! Wish we could have this outdoor Good Friday Pro-Life Stations of the Cross in downtown San Francisco! I think the advertised ban on graphic images, is to assure mothers, that it is safe to bring their children to this event– children need to be protected!

  9. John Torres says:

    Linda Marie–Under your thinking,as a concerned Catholic mother, you must never take your child to Church for fear they will see the gory crucifix with the bloody Christ dying.

  10. Linda Maria says:

    Parents, as well as teachers, clergy and nuns, doctors and nurses (etc.)– all in our society, have the reponsibility to protect innocent children– they cannot understand nor reason with situations of horrible, bloody violence and evil, and are not hardened, insensitive, corrupt, and sinful, like many of today’s adults!. One must carefully explain evils to little children, in simple ways that they can understand. They may be hurt and confused– they cannot understand horrific evils! Children exposed directly to horrific, bloody violence, “mass shooting” murders, war, and crimes, etc., suffer from post-traumatic stress, often lifelong, and horrible nightmares– with poor recovery rates!

    • Linda Maria says:

      In order to teach people of any age, about something very important, you can do so, by carefully thinking about the best teaching methods, for the group you are trying to teach. In this case– we have, in our society of today— millions of extremely rebellious, selfish, crass, hardened, insensitive, corrupt, immoral, sinful adults, who do not respond caringly, sensitively, and humanly, to pain and suffering, and have no respect for God, nor for Christian moral teachings! Perhaps in that case, you can teach such people a thing or two, by a display of ugly, graphic, bloody, violent pictures— if that is the only way you can get your point across! And not all will respond, even then! Makes you sick!

      • Linda Maria says:

        Isn’t it something, that graphic photos of murdered (aborted) babies, and graphic news stories reported by David Daleiden’s group, of the sale of murdered babies’ body parts, at Planned Parenthood— do not seem to touch the hearts, nor the moral consciences, of many church-going politicians– for example, “Catholic” Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and former (Baptist) Pres. Bill Clinton, his (Methodist) wife, Hillary, and their daughter, Chelsea! Chelsea is marrried to a Jew, and is a young mother. She proudly states that she switched from the Baptist church of her upbringing, to the Methodist church, becuase the Baptists frowned on her beliefs in abortion!

        • Linda Maria says:

          The immigrants who came to America, brought with them, their strong religious and moral beliefs. Only a few unstable, immature, irresponsible, immoral “kooks,” on the fringes of society, denied belief in God, and Christian morality. Christian Biblical principles once permeated all of society. Our legal system was originally founded on Judeo-Christian principles, which were accepted as true. We need strong churches with excellent leadership, once again– to bring people back to Christ, and to re-establish Christianty, as the bedrock of our Nation! No more “kooks” leading kids to take dope, have “free” sex-outside Marriage, kill babies, have gay sex, etc.!!

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