Evidence of the American Holocaust

Pathologists at Los Angeles County coroner’s office working on largest victims – February, 1982. Click here for high resolution photo.

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In 1980 Malvin Weisberg, who lived in an upscale neighborhood in Woodland Hills, in the western side of L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, began to purchase with payments a large (20’x8’x8’) land/sea storage container from the Martin Container company in Wilmington. Weisberg supposedly needed the steel box to store tennis court lights.

Weisberg defaulted on his payments for the container, until finally the  Martin company came on February 3, 1982 to repossess the large box.

On February 4, when workers opened the doors to the steel box now parked in the container yard in Wilmington, they were overwhelmed with the stench of decaying human flesh. When they looked inside, they saw bodies strewn among open boxes and plastic buckets. One worker described the scene as a “war zone” and reported watching a headless body tumble forward.

Baby girl. Weight after abortion, 1 pound, 13 oz., age 25-26 weeks. Salt poisoned by Dr. Gordon Goei. Coroner’s case #82-1901-2. Click here for high resolution photo.

The Martin Container employees called the Los Angeles County health department, who began transferring bodies to the county coroner’s office. At the coroner’s office, just west of the L.A. County/USC Medical Center, Dr. Eva Hauser, assisted by Dr. Joseph Wood, weighed, measured and performed autopsies on at least 43 of the larger baby bodies. Some had been dead for more than two years. Some were at least 30 weeks old. All were severely mutilated through salt poisoning or dismemberment with surgical knives. The smell, the buzz of flies, and the sight of mangled infant bodies made the autopsy procedure difficult for the doctors. Many of the bodies still had labels which identified the abortionists.

Since Los Angeles County now had possession of the bodies, the county had to decide how to dispose of them. The Feminist Women’s Health Center, an abortion business,  and the ACLU filed suit to have the babies’ bodies incinerated, rather than buried.

The Los Angeles County board of supervisors, led by supervisor Michael Antonovich, requested burial. President Ronald Reagan sent a letter to decry the killing of these children and to encourage a memorial service. On May 30 state senators David Roberti and Alex Garcia, county supervisors Antonovich and Deane Dana, Dr. Gerald Navarre, and Martin Container employee Hank Stolk held a press conference to urge Los Angeles district attorney John Van de Kamp to release the bodies for burial.

During the news conference photos of many of the aborted babies were shown to the media. Several reporters became hostile and alleged that the photos were illegal. Incensed by the reporter’s lack of compassion, Roberti shouted, “They took pictures at Auschwitz” and then accused reporters of “convoluted morality.”

After a lengthy court battle between Los Angeles County and the abortion industry, the 16,433 bodies were crammed into several large pine boxes and buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles on October 6, 1985.

President Ronald Reagan provided a written eulogy for the burial, but he had already written poignantly in 1982, “The terrible irony about this sudden discovery is not that so many human lives were legally aborted, but that they are only a tiny proportion of the 1.5 million unborn children quietly destroyed in our nation this year. This is the truth many would rather not face.”

Coming in future weeks on California Catholic Daily:

Who Malvin Weisberg was

The role of the Martin Container company

How the 16,443 figure arrived at

What the coroner’s office did

The Inglewood Women’s Hospital

Gloria Allred attempts to prevent burial

Mothers’ and abortionists’ names on bodies

How Odd Fellows Cemetery chosen for burial

Future Chief Justice Roberts actions regarding Reagan letter

Clergy participation in burial service

Conrad cartoon in LA Times

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  1. Laurette Elsberry says:

    As Father Frank Pavone says on his website: “America Will Not Reject Abortion Until America Sees Abortion.” I commend CalCatholic for publishing his graphic photo of the baby girl murdered by abortionist Gordon Goei. This baby is just one of over 16,000 apparently dumped as waste material. I look forward to CalCatholic’s series on this most horrible collection of murdered infants. How many more abortions will our erstwhile Christian nation allow before God’s wrath can no longer be contained?

  2. Gloria Allred has her malignant hands in so many evil acts.

    I wonder how many of the 16,000 dead babies were black. Planned Parenthood was founded to lower black population.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      PLanned Barenhood also wanted to eliminate the Mexicans!

      Viva Cristo Rey!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  3. “Never again”, they said after WWII.


  4. I remember the unfolding of that story. BTW, at that time the National Right to Life main office in Washington DC was located in a building owned by the Oddfellows, which organization is the same one that gave burial space to the remains of those babies. It will be particularly intersting to find out what future SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts did and said on the event at that time.

  5. Maryanne Leonard says:

    While the photographs and information presented in this article literally makes me feel physically ill, countless millions more American children murdered one by one in their mother’s womb are buried in the soil of this “great nation.” No war, illness or holocaust has taken so many lives in such a short period of time in the history of humanity. I wonder if God considers such a nation great, as we like to and have many other reasons to think of her as such. Thank God for the thousands of people who are standing together, mostly Catholics but a goodly number of our Protestant brethren as well, calling callous murder what it is, and calling for its cessation. I am thankful to all who stand with me in decrying the merciless murder of innocent babies, not even allowed to become the babes-in-arms God intended for them to be. I’m imagining a heavenly chorus of more than 50 million of our lost, little cherubic babies lovingly thanking all of you faithful prayer warriors and praising God, singing “Halleluja!” the live-long day. Keep up the good work, my friends! Thousands of babies need you at this very moment.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Maryanne I understand what you meant, I too felt sick and even helpless because I just wanted to run outside and stop another woman from killing her baby but I had to stop my self because I was not in my right mind because I probably would get arrested.

      This article is an excellent article, a good reminder to all who take this life for granted, it also reminds us of the reality that this is happening at an abortion site. I’m thankful for Cal Catholic for having this article. It sure brought out stronger sentiments as to why we all should hate abortion! These poor innocent babies….I am trying to keep my sanity so I won’t dwell on it too long. It’s just hard to comprehend that anyone would do this as a career.

      How could anyone harm innocent babies? The only thought that comes to mind is that the devil is behind all this and the adults who are fools to go along with it. God have mercy on us all!

  6. Pro Life Activist says:

    California Catholic Daily readers should e-mail, or print out and mail or FAX copies of this “EVIDENCE OF THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST” story and pictures to their parish pastor and parish staff and to the bishop or archbishop of their diocese or archdiocese and to his “Peace and Justice” staff.

    CCD readers should also send their pastors, bishops, and church staff copies of the recent California Catholic Daily “FACES OF THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST” stories on President Barack Obama, posted on October 30, 2012 and on United States Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, posted on November 19, 2012.

    We must continue to try to wake up the bishops, priests, women and men religious, and lay Catholics and all people of good will to the reality of the American Holocaust of abortion which has killed more than 50 million American children in the past 40 years.

    May the Holy Spirit inspire the bishops, priests, and lay people to wake up and to work effectively to END the AMERICAN HOLOCAUST of abortion.

  7. Two headlines to Google search for related stories.

    Teenager has SEVEN heart attacks after one month on the pill: Contraceptive caused hundreds of blood clots.

    Aspiring midwife, 16, who took the Pill for her acne died after being sent home by doctor who dismissed ‘ticking time bomb’ DVT symptoms

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Daryl thank you for pointing these facts to us. How come the media doesn’t use this to end contraception, no but they use the story of the Irish woman’s tragedy to legalize abortion. The media is twisted. For those who want to legalize abortion and have used someone else tragedy to help with that evil deed, then lets backfire you with the many and much more cases of woman who have lost their lives while on birth control, while having an abortion etc etc….! Lets show you pictures of the real child abuse happening in the womb at an abortion clinic! LETS! Get ready for an unending slide show……

  8. “The ACLU filed suit to have the bodies incinerated.”

    May Almighty God have mercy on our merciless nation. May Almighty God have mercy on our shepherds who continue to place more trust in the ACLU than they have trusted in and obeyed God.

    Thank you CCD. I remember this story very well and it does bear repeating because history is repeating itself. This past story should have been a present day reminder to our bishops to never join hands with dishonorable thieves who steal from the dignity of the sanctity of life. Several years ago, many different Christian pro-life groups in Orange County, Ca. joined together and placed an early morning newspaper on the front porches of hundreds of people in Orange County. The newspaper was placed on the porches before sunrise. There was not one incident of trouble or one hair harmed on any of the many Christians who united in this effort. They did this because they know that everyone is created in the image and likeness of God and they know how abortion offends God. The newspaper revealed this particular story with photos, and other documented atrocities being committed toward the most helpless tiny immigrant of all. There was ONE uniting force behind the desire to do this work and that uniting force was Jesus Christ.

    Where is our nation’s compassion for these little ones? Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “The downfall of America will come through the sin of abortion.” Please Google ” The Atlantic, In Focus, After World War II: The Holocaust by Alan Taylor” WARNING MORE GRAPHIC IMAGES “One of the most horrific terms in history was used by Nazi Germany to designate human beings whose lives were unimportant, or those who should be killed outright; “Lebensunwertes Leben”, or life unworthy of life. The unborn babies in the containers and the little bay girl in the photo above were all deemed unworthy of life. Is it too late for our nation to be deemed worthy of God’s mercy for allowing this ongoing holocaust? The new Bishop of Nebraska is telling us to become holy and holiness can transform the world. May God bless this faithful bishop who is speaking to us all.

    My Catholic grandmother, who died before I was born, worked as an R.N. in Chicago. She was always very pro-life. She was widowed with five young children and studied to become an R.N. Right after she was widowed and so worried about how she was going to feed, house and care for her five children, everyone started to tell her that she had the intellect to become a doctor but that she would have to place her 5 little children in an orphanage. Her very own sister even brought her to the orphanage trying to convince her. My grandmother told my mother that she left the orphanage crying and told her sister. “I could never leave my children, that would be a false and empty success.” She became a R.N. and eventually she was placed in charge of the entire nursing staff of the Obstetrics Ward at Columbus Hospital in Chicago. My grandmother trusted Jesus and because of her trust she provided for her children and she was given the holy privilege to personally meet Mother Cabrini who was visiting area hospitals. For placing her complete trust in Jesus during this most difficult time, my grandmother was also given the most incredible blessing to have one of her 5 children become a faithful priest.

    The new Bishop of Nebraska is asking us to reflect on the similar words of St. Francis Xavier Cabrini. The new Bishop of Nebraska is reminding us that WITH GOD, all things are possible!

    “We must pray without tiring, for the salvation of man does not depend on material success; nor sciences that cloud the intellect. Neither does it depend on arms and human individuals, but on Jesus alone.”…St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Catherine this could explain why people continue to stay on that path away from God, these sins only deepen a soul more lost and further away from them ever gaining sufficient graces to turn away from these sins.

      Those lost in deep sin continue to reject God’s graces. I therefore thank you for St. Francis Xavier Cabrini quote, for with unending prayers and in faith in Christ, we can move mountains and pray for those blinded by their sinful choices, that with prayer, they be set free. We are all sinners but not all choose to work daily to turn away from sin and certain sins only blind us more into deeper sins.

  9. Father Karl says:

    More babies have been aborted than Hitler killed during the Nazi era, but we seldom hear about this. The Western world has been brainwashed slowly but surely into believing that abortion is just like trimming your finger nails, or cutting your hair: in other words, getting rid of something unwanted. Our society has become a throw-away society; almost everything has become disposable, so why not life as well. Abortion is the real holocaust, but until society recognizes it as such, these evils will continue. Without God, there is NO MORALITY! Birth control leads to abortion, and western civilization has no clue to this. Bishops, get real, and preach the truth, so these mortal sins, which all Christians used to condemn, must be explained and preached against.

  10. Bonnie de Rutte says:

    This is no different than Germany during the Holocaust.Everyone in our country should see this.How can God bless America with these crimes going on?.Catholics could read the Democratic platform and yet still vote for another Hitler. Bonnie

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Bonnie, please know I am on your side when I say that there is indeed a tremendous difference between Nazi Germany and our own Nazi America Slaughter of the Babies in Wombs. At least the German Nazi’s whom we fought with all we had were grown men with great military skill, fabulous planes and fighter pilots, and a proven murderous history against innocent children and adults whom their evil minds despised for religious, political, cultural and/or racial reasons. The “army of innocents” whom we are fighting and slaughtering in this one-sided war have none of the advantages of our previous opponents: none are adults, none are educated, none are physically fit to fight us, their weapons are non-existent, and their zest for life is not based upon some twisted ideoligical zeal that propels them to risk their lives for insane hatreds, for lebensraum (room for living), or for their Fatherland. All they want is to be left in peace in their mother’s wombs. Remember the schmoo’s in Li’l Abner? So kind-hearted they’d let you beat them up and try to kill them and still be willing to love and serve their attackers? We are turning our babies into a wasteland of dead schmoo’s. Do you think God is pleased with America? Do you see our nation continuing to prosper or even retain the respect among nations we once enjoyed? Did you vote for Obama? If you did, I do not recognize you as my fellow Catholic, fired up lunatic that I am, resisting the murderous culture I see around me, unlike the fear-filled observers of the ruin of Nazi Germany.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Bonnie you are right, how can America receive God’s blessings with all this happening to our most innocent. The answer would then be NO to God blessing America but I am grateful that God is merciful because of the works of the faithful and their prayers.

  11. I remember this horrible discovery. Just as shocking today to note that this is just one snapshot of the continuing holocaust. The devil continues to dance…….and our Lord weeps at man’s inhumanity…..Jesus, Mary and Josepth save souls!

  12. This is truly a horror story. I could ask why it is not more well-known. Of course, I know the answer. The media does not want it known. And it is also true that the politicians don’t want it known, not to mention the baby-killing industry which grows fat on the destruction of babies. But what about the Church? Too many priests and bishops give scant attention to abortion, and this is true in many other faiths as well. Many mainstream religions promote abortion, as well as other abominable sins. Why is this? Life is too comfortable, vices are too available and leading a Christian life is hard. There is a popular saying that is still worthwhile to state: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Let your friends and relatives read this article and promote it. Since the election, we know where we stand. Obama will be doing even more to kill babies, and to fight against Christianity. God is waiting for Christians to take on those who encourage, provide, and enable abortions. Answer His call.

  13. The heinous death of these babies cry to heaven for vengeance. Women who proclaimed they had the right to do with their bodies whatever they chose to do had done wrong to abort these babies because they harmed a body separate from their own. The women’s body is a temporary refuge for a separate body entrusted to their care. If they had no intention of caring for the life entrusted to their care, they still have the right to refuse meaning they could have abstain from sex and never have to deal with the consequences. Once they decide to allow their body to be used, they intrinsically agree to accept the consequence which could be becoming pregnant. I pray to God that these women come to terms with their own self and realize the evil that goes with abortion. God is merciful but God is also just. The cry of these aborted babies will bring justice sooner than expected. Our own government should have protected these tragedy but unfortunately, it is condoned and even encourage through planned parenthood. This is a misnomer. A child is a gift from God. It is not something we determine when to have a child. Let us get our moral values straight and accept the responsibilities that marriage brings into our life. Let us pray for all the women who needs help now to find the right way and make proper decision.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      My own beloved mother aborted my much wanted Big Brother, it was during the depression, there wasn’t enough food for most, and my father was away with the Navy, and she probably was not even yet a citizen. She was scared and self aborted my Big Brother, but God had his plan for her salvation so she did not succeed with his twin, my Big Sister. To be honest, we did not know much about the fetus then, and my mother probably bought the lie that is was just a blob.

      When, as a result of my politicial affiliation with the late Congressman Clyde Doyle, I got involved with Padre Pio and the Pro-Life Movement, I did not know that the good God was using me to bring my mother to the full realization of what she had done. I did not know this until the day she died, and my good father never knew it while on earth. God gave her a very holy, Catholic death, God is good!

      The Chastisement has to come, and the sooner the better!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Mr. Fisher all that you do for the unborn today, is a love offering to our Lord to have mercy on your mum. God bless you and may your mum rest in peace…for She is in good hands with our Lord through your suffering and love for the unborn in Jesus of course.

  14. Interesting that the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles comes into play on this story. It is on the campus of a Boyle Heights high school that Planned Parenthood is now running a full service clinic exclusively focused on reproductive services to students and neighborhood residents. The future children of Boyle Heights women are the target of more holocaust activity.

  15. This is the most tragic story. Although I was born and raised here in the south land I was too young to remember this story as a news item and certainly never heard it from the pulpit. May eternal rest be granted to those sweet suffering souls who died so violently. May Our Holy Mother Mary comfort them in her mantel and protect all unborn babies from any harm. To those who would defend such atrocity, shame on you.

  16. I can hear some of my family members now, who have drunk of the “Choice Kool-Aid” and have stood by while this has continued to happen, that I am a kook, demented, and ought to leave well enough alone. Well, not me, and never will I stop speaking out about the horror of abortion. It is just too awful to let stand.

  17. A sad story indeed. These babies were worthy of burial and a service. A service was held a few years ago for what appeared to be a baby who died right after delivery near Truckee and was found in a refuse transfer station, while workers were sorting trash, greatly upsetting the workers.

    Let’s add another body to this pile of human life that society rejected—-the body of a 31 year old female physician who died of blood poisining in Ireland last week after Irish doctors refused to allow an abortion of a miscarrying baby when they knew, and the mother knew, that the alternative was death for both of them….which is precisly what happended. Shame on the Irish government and our Church for this woman’s death when her life was in serious peril….both entities share blame in this woman’s death.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Please answer my question as to just what your “goodcause” is. You apparently do not believe as the Church teaches. Why are you even on this site?

      The final death is the death of the soul, and you would force Catholic doctors to abandon their own souls,

      May God have mercy on your “goodcause” soul,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • The story of the 31 yr old Irish physician and her pre-born baby dying of blood poisoning because other doctors refused an abortion request doesn’t sound right. If it’s a miscarriage then no abortion (deliberate killing of a healthy, living baby) is required, so to speak, to remove the baby from the womb.

    • Yes, the death of this woman is tragic. The facts surrounding her death, however, have been used by pro abortion activists in the Irish media and elsewhere to legalize abortion in Ireland.

      So, for the sake of justice — it is crucial to know more than what is being presented in MSM. Michael Kirke’s “Ireland’s abortion furore” gives facts and background not available in any main stream media source that I have read.

      Some important statements below from Kirke’s article:

      “Neither the ethos of the Catholic Church nor the pro-life laws of Ireland would prevent any woman from receiving all the treatment she requires in order to preserve her life,” . . . “abortion doesn’t cure septicaemia and isn’t a treatment for miscarriage.” . . .”Ireland’s laws already prioritise the life of the mother.” . . . “Under the current law, doctors who fail to intervene to save a woman’s life are subject to disciplinary action for negligence. “Far from … the pro-life laws putting undue pressure to save the life of the unborn child, they put additional measures to protect the life of the mother,” . . . “the Irish Medical Council guidelines are incredibly clear, that the doctors must intervene to save a woman’s life, if they don’t they’re guilty of misconduct.”

      The shame here should be on those who are using this sad case to promote abortion in Ireland and elsewhere.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Mary oh yes I saw a partial news flash on this story and you are right. The irish woman’s story was a rare case and this by all means, does not validate abortion. I’m sure there is a lot more toe the story than what was presented in the liberal media!

        Like with all pregnancy there is always risks, we just have to see it as a tragedy in the case of this story from the Irish mum, not as a door to open to allow the killing of more innocent babies…Never.

    • Good cause, I have read a lot about this tragic case, and it seems the medical staff erred in not performing an indirect abortion, which even the Church allows in order to save the life of the mother when it’s clear the child will die no matter what.

      Another example of a justified indirect abortion, permitted by the Church, would be a tubal pregnancy, where the doctors must remove the Fallopian tube when the baby is getting so large it endangers the life of the mother. No baby can survive a tubal pregnancy, so removal of the Fallopian tube (with baby inside) is seen by the Church as an indirect abortion, permitting at least the mother to live.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Anonymous good comments, perhaps common sense was not used in this woman’s situation. Those situations are rare and sometimes the medical crew are not prepared to do what is right. With any life threatening situation that can happen, so for the media to use it as a way to legalize abortion, it is an injustice and a great evil on their part.

    • Women are known to give up their lives willingly for the love of Jesus Christ, who not infrequently can be seen in unborn babies about to die. Maybe they should show the pictures mainly on Good Friday so that we can see what Jesus looks like hanging on the Cross.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Shame on you goodcause for mentioning the tragedy of the Irish woman’s story to give a tone of a reason to abortion. The government here in the USA has legalized abortion, has legalized contraception and just because you have neglected or have not heard the media report on the many more cases where woman died due to having an abortion, woman who died using the contraception, woman who have breast cancer due to having many abortions etc etc. The list goes on…..every time we enter an emergency room, we are in the hands of the doctors and nurses there….there are many times too when they have made bad calls on someone’s health, death became the outcome…it was a tragedy!

      So with this woman’s case in Ireland, it is wrong to use her story to use if for evil, to use it to legalize abortion! It is wrong, just because the doctors did not use common sense, it did not mean that it was the fault of pro-life cause! NEVER! We are for life! ALL INNOCENT LIFE! I was in a different situation, I almost died too and my baby would of not have lived either but praise God, we acted on time, if it was done my way to wait it out, I would of died, but I was blessed to have had good pro=life priests who guided us and my husband who in desperation pushed me to stop having sonograms done because time was ticking and I could of died too.

      I didn’t know how to react, didn’t know if I was right but I was wrong when I wanted to wait another day….who knows I could of died, my baby had already died inside me naturally but at that time I didn’t know that, I would of died waiting to find out.

      These tragedies…my sister who is am OBGYN P.A. said that even when someone has been cut open to try to save their live, that anything can go wrong, even death…so the media is so stupid with confidence judging all involved just because they were pro-life!

  18. rosaryfixer says:

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming posts on this subject. We need to have this news daily to remind us to pray and work to change hearts, to educate others who do not know the truth about America’s greatest shame.

  19. California Catholic Daily is the only Catholic publication to show the brutal reality of what abortionists do. No diocesan newspaper or Internet site has ever shown such photos.

    to their everlasting credit, the Los Angeles Times did publish one photo of an abortion victim.

  20. just an old sailor says:

    Maam, we do not know how a God if infinite love, mercy and justice could allow what you describe, any more than we do why He would condemn a soul to eternal damnation. Yet he does. That is why we call it a mystery.

  21. Roberta Genini says:

    Not long after this horrendous incident, which, as one comment rightly states was merely a snapshot of an ongoing horror, newsprint flyers several pages long (if memory serves) were printed and distributed by the thousands out of pro-life groups. Strange that this 1982 incident was all but forgotten. Why? I believe that pro-life groups have by and large believed the theory that you catch more flies with honey than with grotesque imagery. Show pictures of happy babies and speak of respecting life. Sounds good, and quite socially respectable. Yet it was the grotesque imagery that convinced the world of what Hitler did. Stalin killed even more, but few photos were taken of those events.

    The little innocents whose deaths were uncovered in the incident referred to in your article unfortunately caught more “flies” than were ever caught with the “honey” of withholding the hard images.

    • Right on, Roberta. We don’t show those photos for something like why what acts homosexuals actually get up to that defines their “lifestyle” of “love, love love” are never explained, acts utterly dishonoring themselves and breaking the natural laws of our Creator. Euphemisms have ruled for quite some time now. We can’t call a spade a spade, or murder murder.

      • The devil has never played fair, Philipe. Just as the current administration is based on lies, innuendos, false accusations…the usual tricks from satan’s bag…abortion was the very foundation of the democratic party’s platform. These tiny little helpless lambs would be thirty this year, with families of their own. This is going on every day in every large city…thrown out in garbage bags, dumpsters, as though they were less than trash. Oh, but it is a very hard truth and one we that love life and our beautiful Lord and His Church find most difficult to bear. But it must be ever in our minds and it was good that CCD laid it out for us, to remind us just who it is we are struggling against. As others here have said, we must keep praying and NEVER give up!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      I remember well when Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, one of CRCOA’s Spiritual Advisors and the Founder of HLI, first printed the pictures of aborted babies. The screams condemning him were tremendous, but like a true soldier of God he just went ahead and printed more. I am sure that when Fr. Marx approached the Heavenly Gates, he was greeted by millions upon millions of those BABIES!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  22. “The ACLU filed suit to have the bodies incinerated.” Maybe they blame the world and God for Auschwitz, and are trying to get even.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Maybe we should deliver to them evidence of what happened to an innocent baby after the abortion that they so much want allowed……As I look at this picture of this dead baby, my mum instincts wants to go and hug and protect….I still can’t stop crying…this death scene is really ugly but I am glad it is exposed….the world needs to know the truth! If they still don’t care, then how can God bless this country!

  23. This story is horrifying and also fascinating due to the cast of characters involved, but essentally it’s very old news; I read all about this incident back when it had taken place in 1982, and I believe a documentary was made about it, very well known among all pro-life groups, and I think the name was “SILENT SCREAM,” which I also recall seeing a couple of years after it was issued. There’s some rich irony involved as well, in that Ronald Reagan, who provided the eulogy for the murdered unborn was the very same man who as Governor of California in January, 1967, SIGNED THE LANDMARK ABORTION LEGISLATION AGAINST THE ADVICE OF THE THEN CALIFORNIA BISHOPS all rallying against the legislation he, again, signed at the time. If Reagan as governor had LISTENED TO THE BISHOPS he would’ve vetoed said legislation, BUT HE DIDN’T, and the rest is, as they say, history, because roughly six years later this loosening of the California abortion law he signed, to LEGALIZE THE MASS DESTRUCTION of unborn preborns, was followed up by ROE V. WADE, a catastrophically bad legal precedent issued by the U.S. Supreme Court. on January 22, 1973. I don’t think we’ve ever really recovered from that STAGGERINGLY BAD LAW, the same one the LIBTARDS in the legal profession now refer to as “SETTLED LAW.” Probably those under then Chief Justice Roger Taney, a CATHOLIC, BTW, who signed into law the DRED SCOTT DECISION in 1858, and worked for it’s passage, thought pretty much the same way. But they were wrong then and those who believe ROE V WADE will remain “SETTLED LAW NOW are, i believe, also wrong. It will go down. Count on it. GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Not until after the chastisement which the Obamanation is a precursor of!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  24. Abeca Christian says:

    Abortion is evil, these pictures are proof of that, evil just like sodomy is!

  25. Abeca Christian says:

    I clicked and looked at the pictures up close…it looks like its coming from a horror movie! How could anyone do this. This is very disturbing….truly a Holocaust.

  26. We must pray our hearts out that the heinus evil of abortion is fully/completely understood what it truly is by all peoples of our nation and the world, and that they do get it. We need to pray that our fellow citizens still have compassionable souls who’s hearts can be changed to see these holy innocents for what they truly are and to stand-up, be active, and do their part in ending this tragedy of our high-tech sophisticated day and age moored with evil wretchedness of this kind, this holocaust/genocide of our youth, our once future citizens, our once future care-givers, our once future Catholics and Christians. Prayer is more powerful than all of the Planned Parenthood employees, ACLU members, supporters, atheists, and pro-death politicians, combined. Prayer can change the hearts of millions. This murdering of over 1 million American citizens alone every year is abhorrent and worse than Nazism and Communism combined. It is completely against God’s Will, Who Created these beautiful little innocents. God is punishing our nation now with an abortionist in the white house, and abortionists in the legistlature and judiciary. We will suffer in many ways over the next four years on account of our people re-hiring Obama through their votes, giving him the approval to kill tens of millions more, and with our childrens future taxes. He is providing his minnions of baby killers world-wide now with our living childrens heritage, borrowed future Americans future tax dollars. Who other than Obama as an Illinois state senator on three occasions opposed legistlation that would have required doctors to provide medical treatment to babies who survived abortions? The Born Alive Infant’s Protection Act (BAIPA) stated that a living baby born during an attempted abortion should have the rights of a legal “person.” Sin. Obama opposed the bill three times and was the only state senator to speak against the bill in 2002. It passed in 2005 after he had left to become a member of the US Senate. The Illinois version of the BAIPA was supported by Jill Stanek, a nurse who discovered that infants who survived abortions in an Illinois hospital were being left to die in soiled utility rooms. Source: The Southern Cross, San Diego Diocese, September 2008. Where are our Catholic leaders (clergy and laity) in fighting this wretched evil of our times? They should be speaking from the pulpits, teaching in the pre-adult CCD classes, and marching in the streets of all the towns in our nation. Instead we just act helpless and let the killing continue.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      yes Doug I agree…God bless you.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Well said, Doug, well said. Thank you.

      • It’s a nice altruistic thought that everybody in the world is thirsting for pro life truth. The reality is that only a few, well-placed leaders in religion and politics need be heavily influenced to make changes in laws.
        The simplist way to stop much of this slaughter is with concerted efforts to remove government funding which requires diligence in monitoring legislation and legislators. Also focusing on the Bishops each in their own diocese would help save lots of little innocent lives.
        Pray, yes, by all means, but act also.

  27. Abeca Christian says:

    If people look at these pictures and have a reaction then it is good but when people start to look at it with hardened hearts with no reaction, then that is when mankind will be near it’s doom.

  28. Abeca, your wise words remind me of the German people who personally witnessed Nazi atrocities but turned away.

    I’m not Jewish.

    I’m not a Gypsy.

    I’m not a homosexual.

    Why should I care about what the Third Reich chooses to do with such undesirables? Much better to go about my shopping and whistle a little tune, thankful that the Fuehrer is bringing ORDER to the Vaterland!

  29. Abeca Christian says:

    These pictures are horrific! I think that a lot of us regulars here are pro-life and I praise God for that…I hope that any new person passing by these articles will be converted to defend the unborn. I also wish that we can somehow get these pictures out to the public not just to the faithful here but to reach out to others who are not normally on Catholic websites. What can be done to accomplish that?

    I don’t even think that in the mega non denominational churches they show this. I know that in the more conservative ones they do, I recall before my husband converted, he use to go to a Pentecostal church, they actually had a video to show you how cruel abortion was, it really made a strong impact, there were many people from that church who became pro-life because of that video. It was the first Assembly church of God church in San Diego. I do appreciate it when other Christian sects unite with us on the pro-life cause but I noticed that many of the new Mega churches do not carry out a strong tone of pro-life efforts, and that is a tragedy to me! Without bashing any of those churches but I do care to disclose one, the one in Eastlake Chula Vista, Eastlake Community church, they are so lukewarm, a lot of fallen away Catholics go there and call it the Rock n Roll church…its a pity.

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