The implications are staggering

Bishops want faithful to contact legislators in opposition to bill that would prohibit sexual orientation counseling as a form of consumer fraud

Assemblyman Evan Low (D) said the practice of trying to change someone’s sexual orientation is ineffective. As a gay legislator who leads the LGBT caucus, Low said the practice is a personal issue for him. (text: The Hill/image: screenshot from Sacramento Bee video)

AB 2943 would add the vague phrase “sexual orientation change efforts” to the section of the Civil Code which otherwise permits lawsuits for misrepresentations made in connection with the sale of items like furniture, repair services, rebates and discounts.  The bill is inappropriate, too broad and unnecessary.  Urge your representative to OPPOSE AB 2493.

AB 2943 would take something completely intangible — “sexual orientation change efforts” – and add it to the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.  Regardless of views about sexual orientation therapy (the practice is already illegal for juveniles), why would proponents wish to take away the freedom of adults to seek counseling about such an existential issue? 

The only type of therapy allowed under AB 2943 does “not seek to change sexual orientation.”  People are far more complicated than that. Childhood traumas, inappropriate experiences or any number of circumstances might lead to sexual confusion. Why does healing only support one viewpoint and not what might be right for a particular person?

The broad reach of AB 2942 leaves even simple religious speech on same-sex attraction or activities open to legal action and impinges on the basic human right of freedom of religion.  Activists are always eager to find new ways to litigate for their view.  With the ill-defined ideas in AB 2943, they would now have another avenue to bring action against faith-based speech with which they did not agree. The implications are staggering but the opponents of AB 2943 have brushed them aside as insignificant.

Full story at California Catholic Conference.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Leave California before it becomes a stampede.

  2. bohemond says:

    Here’s to hoping that California secedes and then quickly absorbed by Mexico and walled off from the rest of the US.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Opponents to the measure say that sexual orientation is the result of “confusion” caused by “any number of circumstances” in childhood. But there is no evidence for that point of view. All attempts to find causes for homosexuality relating to a sense of “confusion” have failed. People who are gay are quite certain that they are gay and are not confused by it at all.

    And in a Catholic forum like this one, we should note that the Catholic Church does not claim that homosexuality can be changed. In fact, it says that quite a number of people ARE homosexual. Period.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lots of people have gone from straight to gay and from gay to straight. People have thought they were gay and then realized they were trans or asexual or bisexual.
      Most gay people spend some time in “confusion” whatever that means. So do straight people.
      It is very common now for young people to experiment; even people who know they are straight feel pressure to try same sex dating.
      I have heard testimonies of gay people who did not want to be gay and they married or had other heterosexual relationships. Maybe being gay was not confusing for you but you can’t project your personal experience on everyone.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Catholic Church does not really concern itself with the causes of homosexual behavior as much as the immorality of it.

      • Steve Seitz says:

        You’re correct. But as with theology, we seek to understand why people are that way. And the more we understand the dynamic, the easier it’ll be that people can live a life in Truth with God and avoid a future with the demonic.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hate to disagree with you, but the last sentence shows that just like the rest of us homosecuals are called to deeper holiness and change. None of us can stand still in our perfection, because we do not have it, but are all striving toward it.

      From the Catechism of the Catholic Church
      2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nobody questions a person’s call to holiness. That was the central message of Vatican II. We are all called to holiness and as a part of that, to chastity.
        The question is whether a person should be allowed to make a medical claim that they cannot substantiate. If a person held out a cure for Stage IV Breast Cancer, yet had no proof behind it, and in fact stood in the way of getting her the best care she would receive, we would expect the government to step up and call the fraud for what it is. That’s all.

        • The difference between moral sex education and the Planned Parenthood type is that truly moral or Judeo Christian education teaches the students the risks and dangerous of being permiscious and of certain behavior. and discourages them, whereas what is taught in some schools now does not, Sodomy, no matter who practices it, is dangerous to the body and highly unhealthy. That is the whole point, and some do not want it known.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anne, with all respect, that is not something you can say with a straight face – no pun intended. Sex between two women is far less dangerous than sex between a woman and a man. The risks of STDs are far less, of complications due to pregnancy and childbirth are far less, domestic violence is far less. Even if we do take the leap and say you are right — that has NOTHING to do with the notion that a medical practitioner has any method that will change someone’s sexual attractions. Consumers have a right to be protected from fraudulent consumer claims. Fraud should not be allowed. It has nothing to do with sex education or Planned Parenthood or judeo christian jui jitsu.

          • Michael McDermott says:

            Anne – the notion that mutual stimulation between two womyn constitutes ‘Sex’ is as ludicrous as claiming that procreation results from a visit by the easter bunny (or is it stork, ahem).

    • Michael McDermott says:

      There is No Confusion about the objectively disordered nature of Homo-Anal Coprophioe Behaviors – They are inherently Pathological
      The ‘confusion’ arises when GILBERT Gaystapo Propagandists try to paint them as ‘light hearted and Gaily Happy’ – which they are most certainly Not.

      Cease using deliberately sanitized and gaily misleading terminology and ‘confusion’ disappears – which is the real problem homosex activists have with ‘debate’

    • The Catholic Church will ALWAYS stand in defense of the sacredness of the union between and one man and one woman, always. No matter what any pope, cardinal, bishop, government, secular and non-secular psychologists/psychiatrist make attempts to normalize homosexuality and the declaration of being homosexual. Taking a point like, ” The risks of STDs are far less, of complications due to pregnancy and childbirth…” as if this will make it easier to swallow.
      I know you will make your usual “rebuke” in defense. But just remember who created us, and WHY. May God bless you Anonymous and heal you.

  4. The politicians have nothing else to do but promote their money source, their lobbyists, in other words the swamp.
    They forget that we are not all LGBT, and we find it as an abuse when elected officials only promote their radical roots, Maybe its time to change the California landscape and stop the progressives ravaging our political landscape.

  5. Joel Fago says:

    California is trying to outlaw free speech and morality.

  6. John Patrick says:

    Trying to make abnormal normal, is doomed to failure in the first place.

  7. Lou Cumming says:

    Folks: AB2943 passed in the state Assembly yesterday, so turn your attention to the state Senate now where it is on that agenda. Why has it taken our bishops so long to take a position on this anti 1st Amendment nasty legislation? Shouldn’t LGBTQ members of the state government recuse themselves from voting on it for they have a conflict of interest? BTW, I wrote to my state Senator yesterday but I am not hopeful she’ll vote against it for she is part of that LGBTQ crowd too.

  8. TODAY – Apr 24th is Catholic Lobby Day. WHY is this bill NOT on the list of bills on which many Catholics will be lobbying their Legislators?!!!! It may be possible that they have added an addendum that is not on their website, but below are the bills on which Catholics will be lobbying on behalf of the Bishops TODAY. If AB 2943 would have “staggering implications,” then every Catholic should be asking their bishop WHY AB 2943 is NOT on the list below?! If I was a Legislator or their staff…how would I know what is most serious and most important for Catholics?! Also not on the list – the bills attacking homeschoolers.
    AB 1862 – Immigration services: grants (Backgrounder…

  9. Next Assemblyman Low will make it obligatory. California is upside down. Never forget what Cultural Marxists are doing.

  10. Mark Miner says:

    The testimony from the Classical Tradition is that sexual orientation is indeed, “a thing.”
    Go back and re-read Ovid’s tale of Daphne & Apollo. Apollo is being used a cipher for the experience of every Roman boy. “Apollo” has had a string of early adolescent homosexual encounters. But the day comes when he first notices a girl. It happens. American Popular Culture knows this story as Cupid-on-Valentine’s-Day. But it seems to be absent from the current debate. The LGBT have always looked to the classics for authorizing models for homosexual practices. How can they then turn away from clear depictions of sexual orientation change in the classics?
    I normally recite Homer and Vergil, heroic poetry, but in our troubled times…

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