Path to vocation varies, especially when sisters start out non-Catholic

Sister Makrina Finlay grew up in Yuba city as an evangelical Christian

Raised in an evangelical Christian family, a young California woman ventures abroad to study among the “dreaming spires” of Oxford University — and is introduced to a whole new world of faith. Exposed to the traditions of the Catholic and Orthodox churches by monks and nuns studying and living in local English communities, she realizes that she is moving toward an irrevocable … [Read more...]

Woman who saved baby girl not guilty of mother-in-law murder

The following comes from an Apr. 26 story in the Santa Rosa Democrat. Baljinder Kaur was released from Sutter County Jail on Friday afternoon after a jury returned a verdict of not guilty for the October 2012 killing of her mother-in-law. She was charged with first-degree murder after confessing to killing Baljit Kaur, 68, with an ax in their Yuba City home. Baljinder … [Read more...]