Ordination of women is impossible, says Vatican doctrinal chief

Archbishop Luis Ladaria, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: ban on women's ordination “a truth belonging to the deposit of faith”

The prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has reaffirmed the permanent authority of the Church’s teaching that women cannot be ordained to the priesthood, in an article published in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano. Archbishop Luis Ladaria—who will soon receive a cardinal’s red hat from Pope Francis—argues that the Church is bound by … [Read more...]

‘Woman priest’ to speak at Jesuit School of Theology

Mary Alice Nolan, who claims to have been ordained a Roman Catholic Woman Priest, will participate in panel discussion entitled "Women Responding to the Call to Ministry in the Church" at Berkeley campus

Part of a series of events at the Jesuit School of Theology on The Papal Commission on Women Deacons: On Tuesday, May 2, there will be a panel discussion on "Women Responding to the Call to Ministry in the Church" at the Gesu Chapel, Jesuit School of Theology. Reception to follow. This panel features women who have heard and responded to God’s call to ministry in various … [Read more...]

Vatican journal article questions ban on female ordination

Material in Civilta Cattolica is approved in advance by the Vatican and its editor is a key adviser to Pope Francis

A new article in the Italian Jesuit journal Civilta Cattolica raises questions about the teaching of St. John Paul II that women can never be ordained to the priesthood. The essay in Civilta Cattolica carries special significance, because material in the journal is approved in advance by the Vatican. Moreover, the editor of Civilta Cattolica, Father Antonio Spadaro, is a key … [Read more...]

Catholic Church will never ordain women

Pope Francis reaffirms teaching of St. John Paul II

The following comes from a November 1 Catholic Herald article by Cindy Wooden: The Catholic Church’s insistence that it cannot ordain women to the priesthood and episcopacy is a teaching likely to last forever, Pope Francis said. After being hosted by the Lutheran Church of Sweden, which is led by Archbishop Antje Jackelen of Uppsala, the nation’s first woman primate, … [Read more...]

Pleasant Hill parish hosts dissenting speakers

Agenda not in line with Church teaching coming to Christ the King

The following is a California Catholic Daily exclusive story by Anna Rose: The dissenting speakers have not ceased at Christ the King parish in Pleasant Hill. On October 1, a self-identified Christian Meditation organization called the Hesed Community has invited the ever-dissident Sr. Joan Chittister to speak at the parish. In addition, other problematic speakers are … [Read more...]

Members named for commission that will study women deacons

Pope’s commission includes women’s priesthood supporter

The following comes from an August 2 Catholic News Agency article by Ann Schnieble: Pope Francis has instituted a new commission for the study of women deacons, the Vatican announced Tuesday. Pope Francis further told journalists during the June 26 press briefing there was no change in the works to allow for the ordination of women to the diaconate.   The … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: Let’s study idea of ordaining women as deacons

Decision made in response to questions from nuns at Vatican meeting

The following comes from a May 12 Religion News Service article by Rosie Scammell and David Gibson: In an opening with historic import, Pope Francis has said he wants to study the possibility of ordaining women as deacons, a step that could for the first time open the ranks of the Catholic Church’s all-male clergy to women. The order of deacons was reinstituted in the … [Read more...]

Is a Y chromosome necessary to preach at Mass?

Vatican newspaper essays say pulpits should be available to women

The following comes from a March 2 Religion News Service article by David Gibson: A series of essays in the semiofficial Vatican newspaper is urging the Catholic Church to allow women to preach from the pulpit at Mass, a role that has been reserved almost exclusively to the all-male priesthood for nearly 800 years. “This topic is a delicate one, but I believe it is urgent … [Read more...]