Discovery of 16,000 fetuses comes up in Daleiden trial
Attorney for defendant Albin Rhomberg describes a gruesome Woodland Hills incident

Autopsies on the unborn babies at LA Coroners office In her opening statement on behalf of defendant Albin Rhomberg in the trial of Planned Parenthood vs. Center for Medical Progress, attorney Catherine Short brought up a little-known horror

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16,433 aborted babies in a dumpster

By Kristina Garza In 1982, the remains of 16,433 aborted fetuses were found in a repossessed storage container in Los Angeles. The storage container had been purchased by Malvin Weisberg, who originally housed the storage container at his Woodland Hills

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California: 12% of the population but 29% of America’s abortions

  The following comes from a Dec. 24 story on by Dave Andrusko, the editor of the National Right to Life News. The commentary covered the recently passed AB 154 and AB 980 expanding abortion in California. The 12%-29%

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