“I was struck by how joyful everyone was”

Student from San Jose State University's pro-life club, Spartans for Life, reflects on her first time participating in the West Coast Walk for Life

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, stretched, and popped out of bed. What would today be like, I wondered? Today would be my first time to walk the West Coast Walk for Life. The sun was barely up when our San Jose State University student club, Spartans for Life, gathered on January 27. As we piled into a van for the drive to San Francisco, the excitement was tangible. We were … [Read more...]

“When your time comes, it just comes”

Stirring oratory and tremendous hope at 14th Walk for Life West Coast

California Catholic Daily exclusive. Saturday’s 14th Annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco left organizers and attendees walking on air. Tens of thousands turned out, the weather was clear and the commitment of President Donald Trump to the pro-life cause, more a hope than a fact in 2017, has been amply demonstrated. Pro-Life hero David Daleiden … [Read more...]

Walk for Life West Coast Saturday, January 27

Nine Catholic Bishops and one Cardinal will be in attendance

California Catholic Daily exclusive. As San Francisco’s 14th Annual Walk for Life West Coast approaches, pro-life pilgrims are heading to the City by the Bay from as far away as Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, North Dakota, and even the island of Fiji. Nine Catholic Bishops and one Cardinal will be in attendance: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Bishop William Justice, and Bishop … [Read more...]

Pro-life pioneer Joe Scheidler will receive award at Walk for Life West Coast

New promo video released

Pro-life pioneer Joe Scheidler, who has often been described as the “grandfather” of the American pro-life movement, has just signed on to speak at the 14th annual Walk for Life West Coast on Saturday, January 27, 2018. He will also be honored with the 2018 St. Gianna Molla Award, which recognizes those who have made a special contribution to the pro-life cause. Over 50,000 … [Read more...]

San Francisco parishes host pilgrims to Walk for Life West Coast

Students who travel hundreds of miles to the event need a place to stay

California Catholic Daily Exclusive: On January 21, 2017, tens of thousands of Catholics and members of other faiths will gather in San Francisco at the 13th Annual Walk for Life West Coast. The event is the second largest pro-life event in America, and draws participants from all over the west coast as well as a number of western states. Making the trip to San Francisco … [Read more...]

David Daleiden to headline at Walk for Life West Coast

January 23 event to host speakers including Latin American & African pro-life stars

From its beginning in 2005, San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast has been defined by both its diversity and its youth. The 12th Annual Walk on January 23, 2016 will feature two international stars of the pro-life movement as well as one of America’s pre-eminent young pro-life activists. Walk co-chair Dolores Meehan told CalCatholic “The pro-life movement is never just a … [Read more...]

News blackout

Agenda-driven mainstream media all but ignore West Coast Walk for Life COMMENTARY By Gibbons J. Cooney Special to California Catholic Daily The efforts required by San Francisco’s major media outlets to avoid covering the Walk for Life West Coast bordered on obsession. Any event that would bring 50,000+ persons to a demonstration, any event that would cause the … [Read more...]

Break in the storm

Skies clear just in time for Walk for Life West Coast By Gibbons J. Cooney Special to California Catholic Daily Throughout the week leading up to San Francisco’s 8th Annual Walk for Life West Coast, weather forecasters had predicted the arrival of the first major storm of the season. The predictions seemed all too accurate as on Friday, Jan. 20, the storm roared into … [Read more...]

7-hour trek

TAC students attend Mass for Unborn on campus, headed today for West Coast Walk for Life News release from Thomas Aquinas College NEWS FROM THE TRENCHES SANTA PAULA -- On Sunday, January 15, in advance of the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to legalize abortion in the United States, students at Thomas Aquinas College attended a Mass … [Read more...]

Like refusing to look at a sonogram

San Francisco columnist says events like Walk For Life don’t change minds -- ignores history of pro-life converts News from the Trenches By Gibbons J. Cooney Special to California Catholic Daily According to a Jan. 17 column published in the San Francisco Chronicle, the annual Walk for Life West Coast is a big waste of time for both sides. Columnist C.W. Nevius … [Read more...]