Tiny heartbeats thunder at Walk for Life West Coast

In what will go down as the most memorable moment in the history of the Walk for Life West Coast,  seven pregnant women and their unborn children ascended the stage, put microphones to their bellies, and filled San Francisco’s Civic Center

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“When your time comes, it just comes”

California Catholic Daily exclusive. Saturday’s 14th Annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco left organizers and attendees walking on air. Tens of thousands turned out, the weather was clear and the commitment of President Donald Trump to the pro-life cause,

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Walk for Life West Coast Saturday, January 27

California Catholic Daily exclusive. As San Francisco’s 14th Annual Walk for Life West Coast approaches, pro-life pilgrims are heading to the City by the Bay from as far away as Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, North Dakota, and even the island of Fiji. Nine Catholic Bishops and

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Pro-life pioneer Joe Scheidler will receive award at Walk for Life West Coast

Pro-life pioneer Joe Scheidler, who has often been described as the “grandfather” of the American pro-life movement, has just signed on to speak at the 14th annual Walk for Life West Coast on Saturday, January 27, 2018. He will also be honored with the

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San Francisco parishes host pilgrims to Walk for Life West Coast

California Catholic Daily Exclusive: On January 21, 2017, tens of thousands of Catholics and members of other faiths will gather in San Francisco at the 13th Annual Walk for Life West Coast. The event is the second largest pro-life event

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David Daleiden to headline at Walk for Life West Coast

From its beginning in 2005, San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast has been defined by both its diversity and its youth. The 12th Annual Walk on January 23, 2016 will feature two international stars of the pro-life movement as

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