Not a single medical cure obtained from fetal tissue

UCSD's Dr. Goldstein argues that research on tissue from aborted babies will cure Alzheimer's Disease; report says this isn't the case

The following comes from a July 19 CNS News article by Jeannette Richard: Fetal tissue has not been directly linked to a single medical cure in 90 years of fetal tissue research, according to an interim report by the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives of the House Energy and Commerce Committee released July 14. “Fetal tissue has been used in biomedical research … [Read more...]

Should we support religious exemption for vaccines?

California Senate passes controversial bill SB 277

The following comes from a May 14 Southern California Public Radio story by Rebecca Plevin: The California Senate Thursday approved a controversial bill that would abolish the personal belief exemption and require almost all children enrolling in daycare or school to be vaccinated. Legislators voted 25 to 10 in favor of SB 277, which would eliminate parents' option to not … [Read more...]