U.S. bishops remind author of John Paul II’s teacher at Angelicum
Charity and intelligence refute relativism

Archbishop Chaput responds to watering down opposition to abortion at Nov. 2019 bishops meeting This past week, during the general assembly of the US bishops, one bishop insisted that defending innocent life in the womb was not a “preeminent

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One third of U.S. bishops vote to soften abortion stand
McElroy and Cupich lead the charge to weaken policy

Bishop McElroy: “It is not Catholic teaching that abortion is the pre-eminent issue...." (Photo from Philly Catholic) American Catholic bishops showed Nov. 12 that the current pontificate has divided them on fighting abortion as a social justice priority, voting

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Archbishop Gomez now head of U.S. bishops
Influence of Opus Dei, John Paul II, Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Gomez in Rome in September (Photo by Daniel Ibáñez/CNA) When he became a priest four decades ago, Archbishop Jose Gomez did not expect that he would one day lead the largest archdiocese in the U.S., or the country’s

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Cordileone: family decline urgent
“So many terrible outcomes”

Salvatore Cordileone, the archbishop of San Francisco who is a candidate to head America’s Catholic bishops’ conference, said the breakdown of the family is the most pressing issue in society. Cordileone, 63, said family fragmentation, whether births out of

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Cordileone and Gomez on list to lead U.S. bishops
Elections Nov. 10-13 in Baltimore

Archbishop Gomez at Catholic University in Feb. 2019 The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has released the list of candidates ahead of its presidential and vice-presidential elections. The elections will be held during the conference’s General Assembly

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Bishops get an earful
USCCB asks lay Catholics how to restore belief in the real presence; laity overwhelmingly responds: restore traditional liturgical practices

Earlier this month, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops asked lay Catholics on Facebook for advice following the release of a troubling Pew Research survey that found only 3 in 10 Catholics actually believe the bread and wine become the body and

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California bishops stand strong against Ritz-Carlton

Consider that this week’s meeting in Baltimore was originally scheduled to take place at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Santa Barbara, Calif., a $600-a-night resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean, owned until recently by Catholic multimillionaire Tim Busch. It revealed much about how

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The Catholic year from hell

The following comes from a Dec. 28 story posted by CNN. A prominent cardinal resigned in disgrace. Grand jurors accused hundreds of Catholic clerics of secretly abusing children. A former Vatican ambassador urged the Pope himself to step down. It

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Sacramento bishop asks for prayers ahead of USCCB meeting

In a letter to the faithful of the Diocese of Sacramento, Bishop Jaime Soto asks parishioners to join him in praying for three intentions ahead of the USCCB Fall General Assembly. The following is the full text of Bishop Soto's

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