Pope Francis: Bishops should work to avoid “gossip and slander”

Calls for "change of mindset"

The following comes from a Jan. 3 story on the website of the Catholic News Agency. Pope Francis has written to the bishops of the United States calling for a “change of mindset” to restore the Church’s credibility and trust among the faithful. “Clearly a living fabric has come undone, and we, like weavers, are called to repair it,” the pope wrote in a letter to the … [Read more...]

U.S. bishops on retreat north of Chicago

Fr. Cantalamessa picked to lead

The following comes from a Jan. 2 story on Vatican News. “He appointed Twelve, to be with Him and to Send Out to Preach” is the theme of the week-long retreat that the US Bishops begin on Wednesday according to a statement released by the US Bishops Conference (USCCB) on 21 December. Preacher to the Papal Household, Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, is leading it. Pope … [Read more...]

Crux looks back on US Church in 2017

Tension in the time of Trump

NEW YORK - When Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, offered a prayer at the inauguration of President Donald Trump last January, he stressed that his role at the event was not political, but rather, pastoral. “Many people may have reservations of the president-elect and I certainly do, as with any incoming president,” Dolan told reporters before the inauguration. … [Read more...]

US bishops sign petition to end death penalty

Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto was among prelates who were first to sign ‘National Catholic Pledge to End the Death Penalty’ at US bishops’ headquarters building on May 9

Bishops were among the first to sign the ‘National Catholic Pledge to End the Death Penalty’ at the US bishops’ headquarters building on May 9. Each person taking the pledge promises to educate, advocate and pray for an end to capital punishment. “All Christians and people of goodwill are thus called today to fight not only for the abolition of the death penalty, whether … [Read more...]

US bishops unhappy with Obamacare repeal bill passed by House

Bishop Frank J. Dewane, chairman of U.S. Bishops' Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, called on Senate to strip out 'the harmful provisions of the bill'

The House passed a repeal of the Affordable Care Act and a replacement health care bill on Thursday, but one bishop warned that the new bill poses serious problems for the vulnerable. Bishop Frank Dewane, chair of the domestic justice committee for the U.S. bishops' conference, said the legislation “still contains major defects, particularly regarding changes to Medicaid that … [Read more...]

US bishops: Replace before repeal

Once foes of Obamacare, USCCB now urging Congress to ensure Americans who need healthcare are covered before law is revoked

Any changes to health care law under the new administration should not abandon the principal of genuinely affordable health care for everyone, said the U.S. bishops in a letter to Congress. In American policy, they said, “we must not see health care as a luxury, but as a necessary building block to help individuals and families thrive and contribute to the good of the … [Read more...]

U.S. bishops versus Francis

The following comes from an Oct. 9 story by Jeff Mirus on CatholicCulture.org. Periodically the U.S. bishops’ Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development issues “action alerts” urging American Catholics to contact their senators and representatives to urge them to take one position or another on various legislative deadlocks and initiatives. The latest was today’s … [Read more...]

Like cheap fiddles

The following comes from a May 25 posting on the Sancte.pater.com blog. I do not understand how it is that this isn't glaringly, beat-you-over-the-head obvious, but whatever. I'll explain it. Listen up. Especially if you have a hat shaped like the blade of a posthole digger in your wardrobe, and people actually call you "Excellency." Withdrawing health insurance (like … [Read more...]

C – Who speaks for California’s bishops?

The following column by E.J.Dionne, Jr., syndicated columnist for the Washington Post and nearly a hundred other papers, appeared on May 23.  There is a healthy struggle brewing among the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops. A previously silent group, upset over conservative colleagues defining the church’s public posture and eagerly picking fights with President Obama, has had … [Read more...]