Why the bishops betrayed the unborn

Afraid of Catholics voting Republican

The following comes from an Oct. 22 story by Mark Gallagher in Crisis magazine. In 1973 the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion. It was projected that the decision would not just replace illegal abortions with legal ones, but that the total number of abortions would dramatically increase (it turned out by approximately a million a year). It was clear that … [Read more...]

Why I have spent ten of the last twenty years behind bars

My presence is a plea for each child in jeopardy of being killed

The following comes from a Sept. 30 story on LifeSiteNews.com. Editor’s note: Linda Gibbons has been in prison since an August 7 arrest in Toronto while she witnessed to life outside an abortion facility protected by an injunction. Her case goes to trial November 12. My intention is not an apology for the reason, cause or purpose I engage in civil disobedience against … [Read more...]