Not a single medical cure obtained from fetal tissue

UCSD's Dr. Goldstein argues that research on tissue from aborted babies will cure Alzheimer's Disease; report says this isn't the case

The following comes from a July 19 CNS News article by Jeannette Richard: Fetal tissue has not been directly linked to a single medical cure in 90 years of fetal tissue research, according to an interim report by the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives of the House Energy and Commerce Committee released July 14. “Fetal tissue has been used in biomedical research … [Read more...]

Pro-aborts don’t like new step in inquiry of baby part sales

Special House committee seeks the names of researchers, grad students, lab techs and admin personnel

The following comes from a March 24 New York Times article by Gardiner Harris: WASHINGTON — A special House committee empaneled to investigate fetal tissue research is preparing to issue 17 subpoenas to medical supply companies and laboratories, seeking the names of researchers, graduate students, laboratory technicians and administrative personnel — and prompting charges of … [Read more...]

UCSD scientist uses brains of aborted babies for research

Failed to mention his connection to Planned Parenthood in testimony before Congress

The following comes from a March 2 press release from The Center for Medical Progress: The star witness for Planned Parenthood at today’s hearing on the bioethics of fetal body parts harvesting, UC San Diego’s Dr. Lawrence Goldstein, obtains his aborted fetal brains from Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest in San Diego, CA. Dr. Goldstein is also a long-time financial … [Read more...]

Chinese alter genetics of human embryo

Scientific community: "we feel some urgency"

The following comes from an April 24 Science magazine article by Jocelyn Kaiser and Dennis Normile: The announcement that a Chinese team had altered the genetics of a human embryo for the first time has ignited a firestorm of controversy around the world and renewed recent calls for a moratorium on any attempt to establish a pregnancy with such an engineered embryo. But … [Read more...]