UCSB: “I feel we can’t say that there is one religion”

Dear Reader, California colleges are battlefields for student minds. Students' hearts yearn for the truth, but where will they find it? Our reporter, Mary Rose, will chronicle this battle. She will visit a California college each week and ask students about

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Religion doesn’t have to get in the way of your sex life

The following comes from a September 18 Campus Reform article by Peter Hasson: The University of California Santa Barbara has published a “Homosexuality and Religion” guide, detailing how to reconcile one’s faith with homosexual behavior. The guide, which is part

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Rowdy protestors disrupt talk in support of traditional marriage

The following comes from a May 27 College Fix article by Austin Yack: ISLA VISTA – More than 20 UC Santa Barbara students disrupted the start of a talk on campus in support of traditional marriage on Tuesday night with

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D.A. explains sentencing of UC Santa Barbara prof

The following comes from an Aug. 21 story on LifeSiteNews.com. Earlier this week Mireille Miller-Young, a professor of porn and black studies at the University of California Santa Barbara, was sentenced to three years probation, 108 hours of community service, and

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Slavery, pregnancy drove California professor to accost teen pro-lifer, say defenders

The following comes from an Aug. 15 posting on Gnomes National News Service (Original source: Santa Barbara News-Press). Supporters of Mireille Miller-Young cite the “cultural legacy of slavery” and even the effects of pregnancy to explain why the feminist studies

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Violence against pro-life Survivors at UC Santa Barbara gets fair coverage

The following comes from a Mar. 11 story in the Santa Barbara Independent. An anti-abortion ministry known for its aggressive and controversial outreach work is pursuing criminal charges against a UC Santa Barbara professor, who allegedly stole one of its

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