UCLA: an unborn baby is part of a woman’s body

Inquiring Minds

California Catholic reporter, Mary Rose, visits a California college each week and ask students about God, good, and evil  Kylie and Michelle are in their fourth year at UCLA and are both studying sociology. This interview took place outside James West Alumni Center on January 9.   Do you consider yourself religious? Kylie: No. My family is Protestant … [Read more...]

What does it take to be happy?

First Things Intellectual Retreat in Los Angeles

The following comes from a press release issued by First Things magazine. First Things is pleased to invite our readers to Los Angeles for a memorable weekend of seminars and lectures on The Search for Happiness. Participants will have the opportunity to explore texts alongside scholars and First Things writers and editors, discussing these ideas in small-group seminar … [Read more...]

UCLA brings in porn stars to teach students

Gave an 'inside look' at adult film industry

The following comes from an October 19 LifeSiteNews article by Father Mark Hodges: UCLA paid porn stars $2,250 for giving students an "inside look" at the porn industry. A spring "workshop" brought James Deen and Tasha Reign along with gay porn performer Colby Keller as a "Porn Panel" for students, with the purpose to "get an inside look into the adult film industry from … [Read more...]

Did UCLA grad student lie about pro-gay study?

Doubts about research rattle the field

The following comes from a May 25 New York Times article by Benedict Carey and Pam Bullock: He was a graduate student who seemingly had it all: drive, a big idea and the financial backing to pay for a sprawling study to test it. In 2012, as same-sex marriage advocates were working to build support in California, Michael LaCour, a political science researcher at the … [Read more...]