Neural changes in women linked to use of hormonal contraceptives

Study indicates there is less gray matter in brains of those who are on the Pill

The following comes from a May 2 Science World Report article by Michael Finn: Research shows that contraception is likely to modify the function and structure of an adult woman's brain. 28 young females were compared before and after the three months of a regular intake of contraceptives, with another 28 normally cycling women of the same age. The objective of this … [Read more...]

No one taking Pill wants to acknowledge the evil

The following comes from Bishop Robert Vasa's Mass of Chrism homily on April 10 (Santa Rosa diocese). Everyone is familiar with the adage, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” When I was bishop in Baker, Oregon, there was a time during the summer of 2001 when one would been well advised to reverse the phrase, for it was obvious that, “Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.” The … [Read more...]