“A welcome and notable change is the increase in funding for mental health services”

California Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the state's bishops, issues statement on governor's revision to 2018-2019 budget

On May 11, Governor Brown released the May Revision to his proposed 2018-2019 state budget, which includes billions more in revenues than he originally projected in January. Citing strong economic growth and a low unemployment rate, the Governor is now allocating an additional $8 billion to build up the state’s “rainy day” fund, pay down debt, and invest in infrastructure, … [Read more...]

Keep the welfare programs and remove tax cuts for rich, says USCCB

"This proposal appears to be the first federal income tax modification in American history that will raise income taxes on the working poor while simultaneously providing a large tax cut to the wealthy"

Proposed tax legislation under consideration in Congress needs many changes to avoid further harming the poor, the U.S. bishops have said. “Doubling the standard deduction will help some of those in poverty to avoid tax liability, and this is a positive good contained in the bill,” they said. “However, as written, this proposal appears to be the first federal income tax … [Read more...]

California bishops: “payment of taxes is morally obligatory”

Even when the state uses taxes for unjust purposes, we are still required to pay them

During the next few weeks, the California legislature will focus on the state budget.  With a supermajority, California Democrats will be in full control of the process but it is unlikely to be smooth sailing for them. State tax revenue is coming in significantly below projections.  A recently enacted gas tax increase has put some Democrats on the hot seat.  Even within the … [Read more...]

California bishops sponsor bill to give new teachers a tax break

AB 586 would give newly credentialed teachers either a $500 individual tax credit or a $2500 income tax deduction

One of the greatest gifts we can give our youth is the opportunity for a quality education. In turn, the most effective way to achieve this goal of offering a good education is to have qualified and prepared teachers in the educational work force committed to their profession. In California, however, there is a growing shortage of qualified teachers. This difference is often … [Read more...]

The use of religion to rob the vulnerable, the naïve, and the government

The following story was sent in by one of our readers: Medi-Cal is being bilked, but it is not by the usual suspects. A system that allows personal wealth to be awarded by the denial of treatment to those in their care, is an invitation to great and chilling abuse. In Ben Afleck's startling film, The Town (2010) a group of hardened criminals dress as nuns and pull yet … [Read more...]

Nuns are major donor to initiative that would increase taxes

Change to Prop. 13 could be headed for November ballot

The following comes from a January 19 Capital Public Radio story by Ben Adler: California voters could be asked this fall to touch what’s been an untouchable law: the property tax initiative known as Proposition 13. A potential November ballot proposal would raise taxes on the state’s highest-value properties and spend the money on anti-poverty programs. After nearly 40 … [Read more...]

Going down fast

German Catholic Church losing record amount of members

The following is a July 20 Breitbart article by Thomas D. Williams: In 2014, the Catholic Church in Germany lost a greater number of faithful than in any previous year in its history for which there are records: 218,000 people – 39,000 more than the previous year. The figure is exceptionally high, exceeding even that of 2010, the year in which the German Church was shaken … [Read more...]

We don’t work for the government

Tijuana's archbishop speaks out against demand for "profits"

The following comes from an Aug. 26 story in the San Diego Reader by Bob McPhail. In unusually combative language, the archbishop of Tijuana has accused Mexico's federal government of extorting money from the Catholic Church under the guise of taxation. In an interview published August 25 by the daily newspaper El Sol de Tijuana, archbishop Rafael Romo said new tax … [Read more...]

California religious leaders endorse Brown’s tax plan

At Blessed Sacrament cathedral in Sacramento The following excerpts come from an April 25 Associated Press story. SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- About 200 religious leaders from numerous denominations endorsed Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed November tax initiative Thursday, saying they believe those who are blessed with riches should share them with the less fortunate. Brown met … [Read more...]