Stanford University to remove saint’s name from some properties

California's Stanford University will strip the name of 18th-century Franciscan friar, St. Junipero Serra, from some of its properties but keep a street named after him. Stanford University announced the changes Sept. 13, saying in a statement that the saint,

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Palo Alto’s secret gift to the Church

Exclusive to California Catholic. By Roseanne Sullivan The St. Ann choir  has continually performed the Church’s traditional music for 54 years, starting before radical changes to Roman Catholic liturgy and music occurred after the Second Vatican Council. The choir’s schedule

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They can’t make California history go away

Stanford University is in a bind between political correctness and historical fact. Two dorms; an academic building; a street (Serra Mall) that fronts Stanford’s historic Main Quad and is the university’s official address; and a major road running through the 8,000-acre

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Junipero Serra impasse at Stanford University

After repeated delays, a committee assembled by the University in early 2016 to establish principles for renaming campus buildings and landmarks expects to release its conclusions by the end of fall quarter. However, in what the committee chair describes as

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Stanford seeks input on renaming streets, buildings named after St. Junipero Serra

The following comes from a May 16 news release from Stanford University: The Stanford committee working to establish principles for reconsidering and renaming such campus landmarks as streets and buildings is inviting members of the university community to offer their suggestions about

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