Declining enrollment at Sonoma County’s Catholic and Christian schools

Bishop Vasa cites large increase in charter schools as reason

The following comes from a March 28 Sonoma News article by Robert Digitale: School choice and financial recessions are cited as reasons for the sharp decline in enrollments among Sonoma County religious schools in the 21st Century. Catholic schools have seen enrollments decline 28 percent this year from the 1999-2000 academic year, according to data from the California … [Read more...]

Don’t panic. I will not insist on a door-to-door campaign this year.

The following was posted on the blog of Bishop Robert Vasa in late May. Since becoming the ordinary for the Diocese of Santa Rosa, I have done a fair bit of driving along our roads, and I am continually amazed at the rugged beauty of the countryside. Additionally, everywhere I go in the diocese, I typically find a warm group of people, eager to serve the Lord, eager and … [Read more...]