California home to large human trafficking industry

Slavery is found throughout the state, but major hubs are focused in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco

Human trafficking is the world's fastest growing criminal enterprise.  An estimated $32 billion-a-year global industry, it constitutes one of the gravest offenses against human dignity - preying upon the most vulnerable women, children, and men who are frequently tricked or coerced into preforming uncompensated work or degrading and dangerous activities.  As Pope Francis has … [Read more...]

Sad tale of a child sex slave

Duñia Zelaya and ex-labor slave Bishan Kumar share their stories during the L.A. Freedom Walk

“I knew my life wasn’t normal,” Duñia Zelaya said of her childhood. She vividly remembers the night her mother and stepfather dressed her in strange clothes and did her makeup before driving her to a bar to work as a sex slave. She can’t remember her age, but she was probably 7. Her mother gave her a drink to “give her courage.” Her two sisters, who were older though still … [Read more...]

Hidden crime in plain slight

California is largest receiving state for human trafficking

The following comes from a December 31 Catholic Voice article by Michele Jurich: "Human trafficking has lots of different faces," said Holy Family Sister Caritas Foster, who has spent the last decade raising awareness of the "hidden crime in plain sight." January has been designated as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Awareness Month, and with the Super … [Read more...]

Off to Rome we go

Gov. Jerry Brown, Bay Area mayors head to Vatican for climate-change meeting

The following comes from a July 19 Contra Costa Times article by Josh Richman, Jessica Calefati and Ramona Giwargis: California Governor Jerry Brown and Pope Francis will cross paths this week at a Vatican symposium on climate change and human trafficking. For now, both have discerned that battling climate change is part of that mission. "I'm very impressed with Pope … [Read more...]