Slate writer pressures YouTube to change abortion searches

Google-owned company falls into line

The following comes from a Dec. 21 story on When you Google “abortion,” the top results are relatively staid considering the divisiveness of the topic in American life. There’s a link to information about the procedure from Planned Parenthood, a Google map of nearby abortion providers, a link to an overview of anti-abortion and pro-choice arguments from the … [Read more...]

Irony, thy name is feminism

Did current women leaders ever read The Feminine Mystique?

The following comes from a July 28 story on Feminists say one thing, but do another, and pop feminism doesn't have the intellectual grounding to notice. If you Google “I’m not a feminist, but…,” you will find many articles with lists of famous disavowals of feminism, ranging from Katy Perry (who later recanted after her divorce) to Sandra Day O’Connor. … [Read more...]

Feelings, nothing more than feelings

Culture is moving away from born-that-way narrative

The following comes from a June 18 posting on Ask a group of people today—especially high school and college students—what makes them them, and you’ll likely get as many responses as respondents. They may say, “I am what my genes make me,” or maybe “I am what I experience,” or “I am what I choose.” And soon, you’ll notice two distinct themes emerging. … [Read more...]