Tomorrow: Silicon Valley bishop to discuss balance between technology and human person

Coadjutor Bishop Oscar Cantú of San Jose will deliver lecture at Santa Clara University on Nov. 1 on establishing right relationship between the human person and technology

The new coadjutor bishop for the Catholic diocese at the epicenter of global technology— Coadjutor Bishop Oscar Cantú of San Jose—will deliver the 2018 Santa Clara Lecture at Santa Clara University Nov. 1.  His lecture will discuss the art of mastering technology and establishing a right relationship between the human person (body, mind, and soul) and technology. The event … [Read more...]

The Vatican is wooing Silicon Valley

Under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has been courting Silicon Valley for years

Barely 100 yards away from a statue of Giordano Bruno, the freethinking friar who was burned at the stake in 1600 after the Catholic Church found him guilty of heresy, some of the world’s brightest young people gathered earlier this month for the opening of an unprecedented event: a hackathon convened by the Vatican. Pope Francis blessed it. Google and Microsoft backed it. … [Read more...]

Silicon Valley’s latest craze: immortality

Libertarian candidate for governor says he would divert trillions of dollars into life-extending technologies in the hope that Californians will eventually be able to upload their consciousness to the Cloud and experience digital eternity

Zoltan Istvan is launching his campaign to become Libertarian governor of the American state of California with two signature policies. First, he’ll eliminate poverty with a universal basic income that will guarantee US$5,000 per month for every Californian household for ever. (He’ll do this without raising taxes, he promises.) The next item in his in-tray is eliminating … [Read more...]

Smart investment by Catholic high school

Saint Francis High School in Mountain View earns nearly $24 million after investing $15,000 in Silicon Valley technology company

A high school in Mountain View, California, has made millions from Snap's initial public offering (IPO) less than four years after investing $15,000 in the Los Angeles-based technology company. Saint Francis High School was one of the first investors in the company behind the ephemeral messaging app Snapchat, having invested a small proportion of its endowment fund in Snap … [Read more...]

Bill would ban state travel based on religious freedom laws

Introduced by openly homosexual Assembly Member Evan Low

The following comes from a March 3 press release from Pacific Justice Institute: A bill recently introduced in the California Legislature takes aim at other states with religious freedom protections. AB 1887, by Assembly Member Low of Silicon Valley, forbids the state from paying travel expenses for most types of employees unless they are visiting states with … [Read more...]

Another Catholic school goes under

Silicon Valley's St. Lawrence Academy will be closing at the end of this year

The following comes from a February 2 statement from Bishop Patrick J. McGrath on the Diocese of San Jose website: It is with great sadness that I am informing you of the decision to close St. Lawrence Academy at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year.  This decision has been a difficult one, made in light of a significant accumulated deficit, declining enrollment levels, … [Read more...]

Theology on Tap reviving young adult Catholics in Silicon Valley

200 attendees each Wednesday night

The following comes from a May 26 Valley Catholic article by Leanne Ruperto: Santa Clara – Tallying in about 200 attendees each night, Theology on Tap is proving to be a successful means of gathering young adult Catholics in the Silicon Valley. Theology on Tap, an initiative originally founded in Chicago, aims to provide young adults a welcoming and casual environment to … [Read more...]