Muslims and NAACP join sex-ed fight in Sacramento
Dr. Ahmed Sobah to testify for Morrell bill on Wednesday

Dr. Ahmed Sobah, chairman of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California (Photo from YouTube) An Islamic advocacy organization and a branch of the NAACP are joining together with Christian organizations from around California to support a bill requiring

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The Planned Parenthood agenda for L.A. schools
Same-sex emphasis in videos

The third couple Cal Catholic published a story on December 13 detailing Planned Parenthood "well being" centers at 50 Los Angeles County high schools.To get an idea of what the abortion giant means by well-being, one can look at

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Sex ed reform rally in Sacramento Jan. 15
SB 673 asks curriculum to be put online

Mike Morrell:"This sensitive material needs to be transparent.” (Photo from Parental rights and faith-based organizations from around California will be gathering at the state capitol next week to support a bill that prevents elementary schools from hiding

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Battle lines drawn in Downey
Parents starting to find out re school board sex ed

Teen Talk binders.Arthur was told that because of “copyright issues” he could only look at them but not photograph any part. (Photo from Mass Resistance) Downey is a largely Hispanic community located in southwestern Los Angeles County. The residents

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Parents urged to assert their rights in sex education

Parents concerned about what their children are taught in sexual education classes in California’s public schools have resources at their disposal to assert their values. Raymond Burnell, director of education at the California Catholic Conference, said “it’s absolutely critical”

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Sex-ed guidelines approved by California Board of Education

The California Department of Education approved controversial changes to the state’s health and sex education framework on Wednesday, but removed five resources and books that some organizations called “sexually explicit,” including a book that explains sex to students as young

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State gives $240,000 to Planned Parenthood affiliate

The following comes from a May 11 Santa Barbara Noozhawk article by Julie Mickelberry, the vice president of community engagement at Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties: Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis

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No more abstinence-only education?

The following comes from a February 19 Christian Post article by Leonardo Blair: President Barack Obama has proposed the elimination of funding for abstinence-only education programs run by the Department of Health and Human Services and increasing funding for other programs.

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Sex ed now required in California public schools

The following comes from a January 13 KQED article by Ana Tintocalis: A new state law in effect this year requires all California public school students to take sex education beginning in seventh grade. For years, sex education has been

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