Vandals target largest Catholic church in Los Angeles

Demonic symbols were painted on the doors, statues and signs

The following comes from a November 30 NBC4 story by Conan Nolan and Jason Kandel: Vandals targeted a Roman Catholic church in Lynwood, painting demonic symbols on the doors, statues and signs. The vandals struck overnight Saturday or early Sunday morning at St. Emydius Church, at 10900 California Ave. "It's unacceptable," said Lynwood Mayor Jose Luis Solache. "We will … [Read more...]

To Hell with Halloween

Ex-occult member advises Catholics what they should do on Halloween

The following comes from an October 28 National Catholic Register article by Trent Beattie: Twenty-four years ago on Halloween, 42-year-old David Arias began a journey to hell. After nearly four years of engaging in extraordinary evil in the pursuit of power, Arias had enough and slowly began to turn back to God for salvation. After an initially grueling conversion, Arias … [Read more...]