Plans for new Catholic high school in San Jose diocese hit major roadblock

A Catholic high school has been talked about in the Morgan Hill for nearly a decade, but the Diocese of San Jose has run into a series of setbacks getting its 40 acres of land—their preferred site of the future

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“The buck stops with the bishop”

The San Jose Diocese defended its initial report of 15 bad priests, countering that the extra 18 listed by a Minnesota law firm were either not connected to the diocese or, in three cases, were sent here without warning. “The

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“This is just another one of their games”

Angry and hurt over national reports of clergy abuse that have again rocked the Catholic Church to its core, dozens of residents confronted Bishop Patrick McGrath Saturday to demand transparency as the Diocese of San Jose prepares to launch its

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Increase in vocations presents challenge for San Jose diocese

After years of declining numbers of priestly vocations, a growing group of men are answering the call of Jesus to serve as priests in the Diocese of San Jose. Last year, the Diocese was blessed with seven seminarians; this year

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An evening of prayer and solidarity for migrant families and immigration reform

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In light of the recent developments on the US ~ Mexico border with families being separated, I am calling all Catholics from our Diocese to join me in an evening of prayer and solidarity for migrant

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“Un-American, un-Christian and inhumane”

The following comes from Bishop McGrath’s “Message on Separated Families”:

 Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are hundreds of miles from the border, yet what has happened along the US-Mexico border over the past few weeks has a direct impact on

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Crowds witness consecration of rebuilt Holy Cross Church in San Jose

California Catholic Daily exclusive by Roseanne T. Sullivan. On Sunday November 16, 2014, flames began shooting up from the roof towards the front of the stucco Italianate Holy Cross Church in northside San Jose, just a few minutes after the

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“Narrow-minded gun supporters will be quieted”

The following is by Father Gerald Coleman, an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University: The impact I witnessed during the “March for Our Lives” demonstration in San Francisco, CA was overwhelming: instead of crying there was speaking, instead of mourning

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Three men to be ordained permanent deacons in San Jose diocese

For three men and their families, the journey to the Permanent Diaconate is almost complete. On May 19, at 9:30 a.m., at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph, Carl A. Bugarin, Philip Andrew McCarty and Richard M. Noack will be

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“The answer is not more guns, not arming teachers with Oozies or AK-47s”

March 14, 2018 I must begin my brief words by thanking you for this observance and for inviting me to be part of it. There is absolutely no place I would rather be than to stand here in solidarity with

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