Unwelcome memories

Cardinal Roger Mahony withdraws as keynote speaker at fundraising dinner for Salt Lake City diocese

Cardinal Roger Mahony, retired archbishop of Los Angeles, withdrew Monday as the keynote speaker at next month’s annual fundraising dinner for Utah’s Catholic diocese after hearing of potential protests about his alleged role in covering up priest sex abuse in Southern California in the 1980s. Mahony decided to decline the invitation after recent reports of abuse — including … [Read more...]

And the turquoise goes to… Utah

Pope lifts Wester to Santa Fe

The following comes from an April 27 Whispers in the Loggia blog post by Rocco Palmer: And all of a sudden, everything was filled: at Roman Noon this Monday, in the fourth move on a US diocese within the last six days, the Pope named Bishop John Wester of Salt Lake City as the twelfth archbishop of Santa Fe, granting Archbishop Michael Sheehan's retirement after 22 years of … [Read more...]

‘Stop talking to this person, go home now’

The following came in a May 18 email from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. I spoke to Kristina, our campus outreach director, by telephone this morning. The Survivors team is on the road, traveling through the northwest. This morning they were in Boise, Idaho. Let me share some of the stories beginning with Las Vegas: Picture with me an abortion worker angrily … [Read more...]