Even if Roe v. Wade is reversed, pro-lifers would still have a lot of work left to do
Opinion piece from the National Review: reversing the precedent would have only a modest impact on the nationwide abortion rate

A new study by researchers from Middlebury College, the Guttmacher Institute, and the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health found that in “more than half of states, including the entire West Coast and Northeast,” overturning Roe v. Wade would

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Pro-lifers express hope after Justice Kennedy’s retirement from Supreme Court

The retirement announcement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has led pro-life advocates to voice hope that his successor could help overturn Roe v. Wade in coming years. Kennedy submitted his formal resignation on Wednesday, in a letter to President Donald Trump.

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Are pro-lifers about to take a run at Roe v Wade?

In March 2016, Donald Trump said “there has to be some form of punishment” for women who procure an abortion. The pro-life movement couldn’t distance itself from his comments fast enough. March for Life released a statement calling Trump, then

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Candlelight vigil in San Diego to commemorate Roe v Wade

From socialministrysandiego.com: Join us Monday, January 22, for a Candlelight Vigil at Harbor Drive and Grape Street. We will mark the 45th anniversary of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion and led to more than 59 million

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Sacramento bishop declares Roe v Wade anniversary a Diocesan Day of Reparation

Dear Friends in Christ: January 22, 2018 marks the 45th anniversary of the lamentable 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Decision, Roe v. Wade. In prayerful observance, I designate January 22, 2018 as a Diocesan Day of Reparation. I ask our clergy

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San Diego bishop calls for federal parental notification law

San Diego Catholic Bishop Robert McElroy delivered the following comments at the Fifth Annual San Diego Walk for Life, at Balboa Park, before an estimated 3,000 participants: “It is a great joy to join with you all here today because

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