What does a bishop do when he retires?

Orange County Catholic profiles retirement activities of Bishop Tod Brown and Auxiliary Bishop Dominic Luong

Character. Faith. These two words come to mind when pondering the lives and work of The Most Rev. Tod Brown and The Most Rev. Dominic Luong are two men who gave so much for the Diocese of Orange. After decades of service, Bishop Brown relinquished his role four years ago, Bishop Luong just last year. They may be retired, but they are by no means inactive. Bishop Tod … [Read more...]

Bishop Blaire hopes for retirement soon

Diocesan leader celebrated 75th birthday on Thursday

Sister Ann Venita Britto began pacing at about 10:45 a.m. Thursday. The seniors who enjoy her regular holiday lunches at St. Anthony's Catholic Church were settling in for their Christmas feast, but the guest of honor had yet to arrive. The event couldn't go on without Bishop Stephen Blaire, who turned 75 on Thursday. A birthday celebration was planned, and he arrived about … [Read more...]

Bishop Rutilio del Riego announces retirement

Auxiliary bishop of San Bernardino was fixture at West Coast Walk for Life

The following comes from a December Inland Catholic Byte article: SAN BERNARDINO—Auxiliary Bishop Rutilio del Riego has retired from active ministry after the mandatory letter of resignation he submitted to the Vatican in September was accepted by Pope Francis. Bishop del Riego made the surprise announcement December 11, before the start of the 8 a.m. Mass at the Diocesan … [Read more...]

Mixed message

Honorary Committee for archbishop filled with Church enemies As Archbishop George Niederauer prepares to lay down the burdens of his episcopacy, he is receiving many thanks. On Saturday, April 28, Catholic Charities Catholic Youth Organization of San Francisco honored the archbishop at its 2012 Loaves and Fishes dinner. As soon Archbishop Niederauer arrived in San … [Read more...]