Bishop McElroy, spokesman for the disruptive church

In 1970, I took part in an early anti-abortion protest in Washington D.C. at George Washington University Hospital. It was intended to be a sit-in at the offices where hospital employees interviewed women seeking abortions. The hospital was violating the

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Cardinal Mahony spends his 81st birthday visiting with Syrian refugees

Roger Mahony, the retired archbishop of the Catholic archdiocese of Los Angeles, spent his 81st birthday on Monday in Amman, Jordan, following three days in Lebanon visiting with Syrian refugees, Filipino guest workers and other migrants. He's in a delegation

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California bishop praises President Trump’s travel ban

The following is by Bishop Bawai Soro. Soro is a bishop with St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Church in El Cajon. Critics have objected to President Trump’s executive order to temporarily ban travel to the U.S. by refugees from seven Middle

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Catholics in San Francisco organize to support immigrants

An informal organizational meeting will be held Feb. 9 for pastors at the Pastoral Center at One Peter Yorke Way in San Francisco, to build ties of hope and action between the archdiocese and parishes at a time of growing

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Oakland bishop issues statement on Trump’s orders on refugees and immigrants

Bishop Michael Barber, SJ, Bishop of the Diocese of Oakland, has issued the following statement regarding President Trump's executive orders on immigrants and refugees and responses to those orders: With all the rancor and division circulating in the media recently,

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