California to re-define family

When politicians return from summer break

The following comes from a July 28 posting by Randy Thomasson on Save This is not a family you see. These are two very confused men who were likely sexually abused as children. And now they have a boy that one or both have adopted. And this boy is now being indoctrinated with big lies about family and sex…. When Associated Press was preparing a … [Read more...]

Male and female erased from California family code

Gov. Brown and Dems unopposed by Catholic bishops

The following email came on July 8 to Cal Catholic from one of our readers. Here is another story (see Randy Thomasson's release below) to denounce Gov. Jerry Brown for signing (I think it was yesterday, July 7) Mark Leno's SB 1306 which is to embed "same-sex marriage" in the California Family Code  -- -- in spite of PROP 8's 14 words  "Only marriage between a man and a … [Read more...]