Robert Klein wants more stem cell money

More proof of his failure

The following comes from a Dec. 15 story on Capitol Weekly. Directors of the California stem cell agency on Thursday virtually endorsed a plan to stave off its financial death, pinning their hopes on a possible $5 billion bond measure and a private fundraising effort to bring in an additional $222 million. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, as the agency … [Read more...]

A billion here, a billion there

Calif. voters to be asked for another $5 billion for stem cells in 2016

The following comes from a July 15 newsletter from Michael Cook, the editor of In 2004 voters in California passed Proposition 71, a ballot measure which set up the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and allotted US$3 billion in funding over ten years. With California almost broke at the time, its prisons overflowing, its schools … [Read more...]

Revolving door at Calif. stem cell institute

Why can’t we be friends and share in the pork?

The following comes from a July 12 article on by John Seiler. While governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger loved to tout “public-private partnerships”; another phrase for which is “crony capitalism.” One such partnership he backed was Proposition 71 back in 2004, which allocated $3 billion to fund stem-cell research. Except that, with interest, the payback amount … [Read more...]