Alta Loma parish posts pro-life message on freeway

St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church helps pay for hard-hitting billboard message on Interstate 210

While our country continues the ongoing controversy surrounding the moral, legal and religious issue of abortion, the indisputable fact remains that an unborn baby’s heart beats after 18 days.  That is the hard-hitting billboard message that has greeted motorists driving west on Interstate 210 since early July, thanks to the work of Respect Life ministers at St. Peter and St. … [Read more...]

Bothered by Babies

California Catholic Daily exclusive: Pro-Life billboard vandalized in San Francisco

One of the most visible efforts against abortion in the country are the billboards sponsored by ProLife Across America. The billboard campaign, begun in 1989, presents a message of hope in cities and towns all across the country. Mary Ann Kuharski, President of ProLife Across America told CalCatholic: “Last year ProLife Across America sponsored over over 8750 Billboards in … [Read more...]