Illinois bishop bans abortion-supporting lawmakers from Holy Communion

The Bishop of Springfield, Illinois, has decreed that state legislative leaders may not be admitted to Holy Communion within his diocese, because of their work to pass the state Reproductive Health Act. The bishop also directed that Catholic legislators who

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Nancy Pelosi invokes scripture to support Democratic proposals Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) politicized faith at a rally in Los Angeles on Sunday. Pelosi used Christianity as her defense for Democratic proposals during a political rally about ending childhood poverty. Pelosi mentioned that it was Palm Sunday, the

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Kaine’s bishop rebukes him on gay marriage

The following comes from a September 13 Washington Examiner article by Paul Bedard: Sen. Tim Kaine's Catholic bishop in Richmond, Va., has an answer for the Democratic vice presidential pick's prediction that the Vatican will change its opposition to same sex

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