“Planned Parenthood is weaponizing taxpayer’s money against them”

Live Action report documents how taxpayer funding allows Planned Parenthood to fund political races

On October 30, Live Action released a report detailing how millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood are allowing it to turn around and spend millions of dollars in the 2018 midterms to elect pro-abortion politicians who will fight against abortion industry regulations and keep the taxpayer funding flowing. Taxpayer funding frees up donors to direct their … [Read more...]

Study: Clergy’s denomination correlates strongly with political affiliation

Your rabbi? Probably a Democrat. Your Baptist pastor? Probably a Republican. Your priest? Who Knows.

America’s pastors – the men and women a majority of Americans look to for help in finding meaning and purpose in their lives – are even more politically divided than the rest of us, according to a new data set representing the largest compilation of American religious leaders ever assembled. Like their congregants, religious leaders have sharply divided themselves along … [Read more...]

Tim Kaine claims Catholic Church could change on gay marriage

"Who am I to challenge God for the beautiful diversity of the human family?"

The following comes from a September 11 Catholic News Agency article: Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, a Catholic who is currently the junior Virginia senator, said on Saturday that he thinks the Church will eventually drop its opposition to same-sex marriage. “I think it's going to change because my church also teaches me about a creator who, in the … [Read more...]

Democrats could destroy the GOP — if only they would welcome pro-life liberals

A bigger tent would make Democrats unstoppable at the polls.

The following comes from a March 21 Washington Post article by Charles Camosy: Things don’t look good for the GOP’s future. Yet if Democrats act strategically, they can pick up some of the crumbling pieces of the GOP’s coalition, starting with antiabortion citizens. These voters began joining the Republican coalition after the 1979 formation of the “Moral Majority” group, … [Read more...]

Pope Francis tells Christians they must fight death penalty

Asks Catholic leaders not to hold executions during the Year of Mercy

The following comes from a February 21 Catholic News Agency article: Christians must work to abolish the death penalty and improve prison conditions, Pope Francis said on Sunday. After praying the Angelus on Sunday in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis called on all Christians and people of good will to work “not only for the abolition of the death penalty” but also to … [Read more...]

A year before the election, some Catholic bishops want poverty and environment central to Catholic voter guide

Heated debate over USCCB voter guide reveals a 'rhetoric of regime change'

The following comes from a November 17 Religion News Service article by David Gibson: The nation’s Catholic bishops on November 17 passed an updated guide for Catholic voters ahead of next year’s elections, but only after airing unusually sharp disagreements on how much they can, and should, adjust their priorities to match those of Pope Francis. More than any other item … [Read more...]

Let’s be realistic

Paul Ryan doubts Planned Parenthood can be defunded

The following comes from a November 2 Breitbart article by Dr. Susan Berry: Though the national pro-life community says newly elected House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is committed to its cause, Ryan is warning that he doubts Planned Parenthood can be defunded. Observing that President Obama is pro-abortion and the Senate’s process has been “difficult,” Ryan said on … [Read more...]

San Juan Capistrano City Council says no to Junipero Serra’s motto

“Always forward, never back” will not be inscribed on chamber walls

The following comes from an October 21 Orange County Register article by Erin Donnelly: SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO – San Juan Capistrano’s City Council voted Tuesday not to install St. Junipero Serra’s motto onto the council chamber walls. The vote was 3-2 against, with Council members Kerry Ferguson and John Perry in support. Serra’s motto is "Siempre Adelante, Nunca Atras," a … [Read more...]

Catholic groups back San Francisco housing measure

Proposition A would help fund public housing

The following comes from an October 20 Catholic San Francisco article by Valerie Schmalz: It will take two-thirds of San Francisco voters to pass a $310 million housing ballot proposition aimed at buying, rehabilitating and preserving housing that middle income residents could afford as renters or homeowners. Proposition A on the Nov. 3 ballot would also fund … [Read more...]

Claim of assisted-suicide safeguards has critics

British House of Lords rejected Oregon-style law in 2006

The following comes from an October 9 Calwatchdog article by Chris Reed: A key argument spurring Gov. Jerry Brown’s recent decision to sign a bill allowing physician-assisted suicide in California, and the Legislature’s desire to enact such a law, was that a similar law had worked well in Oregon after its 1997 passage because of its strong safeguards. The Oregon law, the … [Read more...]