Why do the young walk out?

Bishop Barron: I blame teachers and catechists

The following comes from an Aug. 31 column by Bishop Robert Barron on the L.A. archdiocese news site, Angelus. After perusing the latest Pew Study on why young people are leaving the active practice of Christianity, I confess that I just sighed in exasperation. I don’t doubt for a moment the sincerity of those who responded to the survey, but the reasons they offer for … [Read more...]

Inconsistencies on end-of-life treatment

  The following comes from a Nov. 21 story on the Pew Forum. At a time of national debate over health care costs and insurance, a Pew Research Center survey on end-of-life decisions finds most Americans say there are some circumstances in which doctors and nurses should allow a patient to die. At the same time, however, a growing minority says that medical … [Read more...]