Only half of US children are being raised by their married parents

Study: "Students with stably-married parents are more likely to do well in school and less likely to cut classes, repeat grades, be suspended or expelled, or drop out”

One in two: that is the current number of children in the U.S. who are being raised by both their married biological parents throughout their childhood. “This figure is based on the proportion of 17-and-18-year-old high school students who were reported to be living with both their married birth mothers and biological fathers in 2016,” noted a report issued by the Institute … [Read more...]

Just because my son’s a priest doesn’t mean I’m a theologian

Growing group of Phoenix-area mothers whose children are discerning vocations

The following comes from a November 24 Catholic Sun article by Lindsay Wantland:. Carla Sperry never expected to be looked at as an expert in the Catholic faith. “Sometimes, even when my son was in the seminary, people would come up to me and say, ‘Oh, you’re the mother of a seminarian!’ and they would think that I would know so much about our religion.” A growing group of … [Read more...]

Do mothers matter?

It may sound crazy, but explaining why mothers matter is apparently necessary

The following comes from a May 8 Federalist article by Rachel Lu: Contrary to what your first-grade teacher may have told you, there are such things as stupid questions. “Do moms matter?” is one of them. It’s the sort of ridiculous query that actually should leave us spluttering for an adequate response. Stupid questions aren’t always easy to answer. Sometimes the most … [Read more...]

Who wants AIDS?

Bill would mandate positive spin on HIV epidemic

The following comes from a May 7 email from Pacific Justice Institute: Sacramento, CA—Parents in California are questioning why legislation making its way through the California Assembly would force schools to put a positive spin on the HIV and AIDS epidemics. AB 329, by Assemblywoman Weber, would make a number of changes to sex education, including de-emphasizing the … [Read more...]