San Rafael church won’t be forced to pay “special tax”

The case could benefit churches statewide

In a case that could benefit churches statewide, the Pacific Justice Institute convinced the Marin County Superior Court to declare a voter-approved local property tax unconstitutional as applied to a local church. On October 9, PJI attorney Ray Hacke represented Valley Baptist Church of San Rafael in a civil trial against the City of San Rafael. The trial concerned the … [Read more...]

Settlement protects religious freedom in senior community

Home Owners Association was taken on to protect religious meeting rights

A court case that tested the application of civil rights protections to Bible studies and a worship service in a senior community has been favorably resolved through a settlement. Pacific Justice Institute represented the leadership of four religious groups that had been suspended in late 2016 by their homeowners’ association (HOA). The suspension followed a complaint from one … [Read more...]

Chinese Christians sue San Francisco

California Catholic Daily exclusive: group calls open-air urinal offensive

Earlier this year, the City of San Francisco renovated Dolores Park. The renovation included an open-air urinal, which in this case simply means a sheet of plastic affixed to a semicircular wire framework above a hole in the ground. The city maintains the urinal was needed because men were unable or unwilling to control their bodily functions. The urinal is right next to a … [Read more...]

Church wins right to meet

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church will finally be able to use the LA property they purchased 8 years ago

The following comes from a March 10 newsletter from Pacific Justice Institute: After a small church had been turned away and tried for years to get approval to use its own property, Pacific Justice Institute got involved and won them the right to hold worship services.  Praise God! St. Mary’s Orthodox Church traces its roots to India.  Believers often face intense … [Read more...]

Pacific Justice Institute asks federal court to block abortion speech mandate

Pro-life clinics forced to advertise abortion in blatant violation of freedom of speech and religion

The following comes from a November 17 email from the Pacific Justice Institute: Sacramento, CA—Attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute are asking a federal court to block implementation of a law that would force pro-life pregnancy clinics to point women toward abortion. Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 775, which would require pro-life clinics to … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood bullying in Vacaville thwarted

Solano County court overrules landlord’s demurrers

The following comes from a Sept. 1 email from the Pacific Justice Institute. A Northern California judge ruled that a lawsuit by a pro-life pregnancy clinic can move forward. The clinic is represented by Pacific Justice Institute. The suit alleges that a landlord breached its lease with Alpha Pregnancy Clinics in order to protect a Planned Parenthood facility in the same … [Read more...]

Be wary

Pacific Justice Institute sounds alarm on attempt to criminalize critic of Supreme Court marriage decision

The following comes from an August 13 Pacific Justice Institute press release: Supporters of traditional marriage remain wary after a city councilman called for one of his colleagues to be censored for commenting on the recent Supreme Court decision. The Newport Beach City Council voted 4-3 Tuesday night to disassociate itself from an e-mail to constituents by Councilman … [Read more...]

A win in San Francisco

How did Chinese church get city to side with them?

The following comes from a June 22 Pacific Justice email: Dear Friends, You might find this hard to believe, but we recently achieved a great outcome for one of our church clients ... in San Francisco! You read that correctly—a church … in the heart of the Bay Area … represented by Pacific Justice Institute … secured a unanimous decision in its favor from a local … [Read more...]

Bad vibrations

Planned Parenthood instructor’s tweets too vulgar to include here

The following comes from a Jan. 14 email sent by the Pacific Justice Institute. Controversy is growing in a Northern California community as parents have learned disturbing new details about recent sex ed presentations for freshmen in the Acalanes Union High School District. For months, parents have pushed school officials for answers about who was involved and what was … [Read more...]

Schools, students plan to celebrate killer as role model

Others too explicit for MTV or school

  The following comes from a Sept. 30 email sent by the Pacific Justice Institute. A pro-parent group is alarmed by upcoming plans for schools across America to celebrate several highly questionable individuals as heroes, including someone recently released from prison for manslaughter. The killer-turned-hero is just the tip of the iceberg, according to … [Read more...]