San Rafael church won’t be forced to pay “special tax”

In a case that could benefit churches statewide, the Pacific Justice Institute convinced the Marin County Superior Court to declare a voter-approved local property tax unconstitutional as applied to a local church. On October 9, PJI attorney Ray Hacke represented

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Settlement protects religious freedom in senior community

A court case that tested the application of civil rights protections to Bible studies and a worship service in a senior community has been favorably resolved through a settlement. Pacific Justice Institute represented the leadership of four religious groups that

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Chinese Christians sue San Francisco

Earlier this year, the City of San Francisco renovated Dolores Park. The renovation included an open-air urinal, which in this case simply means a sheet of plastic affixed to a semicircular wire framework above a hole in the ground. The

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Pacific Justice Institute asks federal court to block abortion speech mandate

The following comes from a November 17 email from the Pacific Justice Institute: Sacramento, CA—Attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute are asking a federal court to block implementation of a law that would force pro-life pregnancy clinics to point women toward abortion. Last month,

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Planned Parenthood bullying in Vacaville thwarted

The following comes from a Sept. 1 email from the Pacific Justice Institute. A Northern California judge ruled that a lawsuit by a pro-life pregnancy clinic can move forward. The clinic is represented by Pacific Justice Institute. The suit alleges

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Schools, students plan to celebrate killer as role model

  The following comes from a Sept. 30 email sent by the Pacific Justice Institute. A pro-parent group is alarmed by upcoming plans for schools across America to celebrate several highly questionable individuals as heroes, including someone recently released from

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