Pope declares St. Anne Melkite Catholic Church a cathedral

Byzantine church mostly serves parishioners from the Middle East

The following comes from a June 12 Angelus article: A Melkite Greek Catholic church will be elevated to the title of cathedral in Los Angeles, making it a co-cathedral with the Eparchial Cathedral of the Annunciation in Boston. The Eparchial Bishop of Newton, Nicholas J. Samra, will celebrate the solemn inauguration of the soon-to-be-cathedral, St. Anne Melkite Greek … [Read more...]

How do you get people in church?

Marin’s action plan on disengaged Catholics

The following comes from an April 29th Catholic San Francisco article by Christina Gray: After a full year of discussion, Marin County parishes are getting closer to announcing a collective action plan this summer for revitalizing the Mass and reversing the dwindling numbers in their pews. On April 25, parish leaders from 11 of Marin’s 13 churches met at St. Sebastian … [Read more...]

Russia moving toward banning abortions

De-funding first

The following comes from a Nov. 14 story in Russia Insider. This article originally appeared at Pravoslavie.ru, the largest Russian Christian website. Russia's Civic Chamber, a top legislative body, will be holding hearings on stopping state funding of abortions A year ago deputies of the Samara Regional Duma submitted a bill to amend article no. 35 of the federal law, … [Read more...]

Jewish law on abortion

What about the Tay-Sachs child?

  The following comes from an Aug. 31 email from a pro-life Jewish friend in Southern California. I found this back in June 2014, and feel it provides a concise review of rabbinical opinions among Jews who follow the written and so-called Oral law (i.e. Orthodox, Hassidic, and Masorti/traditional). As I understand it, Conservative Jews follow the written law, but … [Read more...]

Dying Orthodox monk will be buried at Castro Valley monastery

    The following comes from a Mar. 26 story on NBCBayArea.com. A 76-year-old monk dying of cancer can now be buried at his beloved monastery, thanks to a bill OK'd by California's governor, who studied to be a priest himself. Gov. Jerry Brown, who was a Jesuit seminary student in the 1950s, signed a bill on Tuesday allowing Archimandrite Theodor Micka … [Read more...]