“Welcome, Your Majesty”

Text of homily by Oakland Bishop Michael Barber at Ordination Mass

(The following is an excerpt from Bishop Barber's homily from the May 25 Ordination Mass.) There are lots of nice people in the Oakland diocese. You see the fire of Faith in their eyes — the reflection of the presence of God. As a priest: They will shower you with love, respect, even reverence. I visited a parish recently, and was welcomed by some nervous parishioners … [Read more...]

Ordination Mass for Bishop Robert F. Christian

Dominican consecrated San Francisco’s 18th auxiliary bishop on June 5 at San Francisco’s St. Mary’s Cathedral

The episcopal ordination of Bishop Robert F. Christian, OP, as San Francisco’s 18th auxiliary bishop on June 5 at San Francisco’s St. Mary’s Cathedral cast the role as one of service over honor and achievement. Priests and deacons numbering almost 300 including some 100 Dominicans and more than 20 bishops joined with family, friends and women religious for the ordination of … [Read more...]

Catholic Church will never ordain women

Pope Francis reaffirms teaching of St. John Paul II

The following comes from a November 1 Catholic Herald article by Cindy Wooden: The Catholic Church’s insistence that it cannot ordain women to the priesthood and episcopacy is a teaching likely to last forever, Pope Francis said. After being hosted by the Lutheran Church of Sweden, which is led by Archbishop Antje Jackelen of Uppsala, the nation’s first woman primate, … [Read more...]