Update on problems at Oakland cathedral

Legal action continues over who must pay for repair of construction defects discovered at Cathedral of Christ the Light and other buildings on its campus:

May 2018 Diocese of Oakland Dear Parishioners and Friends of the Diocese of Oakland, As I have shared with you previously, various construction defects have been discovered in the Cathedral of Christ the Light and other buildings on its campus. We are deeply disappointed in the extent of the defects, especially for our Cathedral. The Catholic Cathedral Corporation of … [Read more...]

Oakland diocese sues cathedral builders, architects

Lawsuit alleges “design and/or construction defects and damages” at $175-million Cathedral of Christ the Light

Since it was completed in 2008, Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light has been hailed as an architectural marvel, but the same design and construction that has drawn such praise is also at the center of a legal dispute over defects including cracking concrete, faulty plumbing and other flaws that have caused damage to the cathedral complex. The Catholic Cathedral Corporation … [Read more...]

Problems at Oakland Diocesan Cathedral Center remain unresolved

Water intrusion, sagging floors and issues with doors and cracking drywall

This communication is an update regarding the investigation of the design and constructions issues of the Diocesan Cathedral Center. As reported last fall, the Catholic Cathedral Corporation of the East Bay board of directors approved a plan recommended by our expert consultants for additional testing and inspection of Cathedral Center buildings. Completed in December of 2016, … [Read more...]