Transgender madness from Sacramento

Bill would ban pronoun usage in nursing homes; elderly residents would have to share rooms and bathrooms based on gender identity

Transgender advocates in the California Legislature have introduced legislation that would require elderly residents in skilled nursing facilities to share rooms and bathrooms with biologically opposite individuals. SB 219, sponsored by Senator Wiener, would allow a transgender individual to occupy a room and use restroom facilities based on gender identity as opposed to … [Read more...]

Don’t be afraid of the nursing home

Judge strikes law that allowed doctors to make medical decisions for mentally incompetent residents

The following comes from a June 26 Kaiser Health News article by Anna Gorman. Kaiser Health News (KHN) is a nonprofit national health policy news service. A California law allowing nursing homes to make medical decisions on behalf of certain mentally incompetent residents is unconstitutional, a state court ruled this week. The law, which has been in effect more than 20 … [Read more...]

Let’s force doctors to starve Alzheimer’s patients!

Extremely dangerous culture of death aggression

The following comes from a Jan. 22 story by Wesley Smith on LifeSiteNews, originally published in National Review. Immoral bioethical policies and practices advance toward implementation through discourse–first in professional journals, and then in elite popular media columns. That process is now gearing up regarding what I call “VSED-by-Proxy.” VSED stands for … [Read more...]

New law to avoid the Lorraine Bayless tragedy

The following comes from a September 4 posting on Catholic Online. A bill that would stop employers from having policies that forbid employees from taking lifesaving measures is on the desk of California Governor, Jerry Brown. The bill is a response to the death of Lorraine Bayless, 87, who died in a Bakersfield retirement home after staff at the home said they could not … [Read more...]